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age:too young to drive

name:why should i tell you

favorite pairings:

inuyasha: inu-kag, miroku-sango, shippo-OC

naruto: naru-hina, kiba-akamaru((this is hilarious)), naru-OC, OC-OC, haku-sasu, saku-gaa, onesided sasu-naru, naru-kyuu, naruto harem, jiraiya-hanabi ((just joking!!))

legand of zelda:link-midna

sonic the hedgehog:tails-cream, tails-OC, sonic-sally, knuckles-rouge

pokemon:ash-misty, ash-latias

pong:(humor only)p1-p2, p1-p2-ball

PROFILE UPDATE:I am looking for someone to help me with werepokeism from chapter nine(9) foreward scince i have had a bad case of writers block for all my stories and i especially need some help keeping up with whatever the original authors name was's legacy. Please contact me if you would like to help goodbye.


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i am so sorry!! i am probably restarting my only fic, naruto no kitsune of konohagakure within the next month or so but i will not be continueing this version due to the fact that my cousin would kill me if he found this fic ? i also am looking for a FREE japanese translation website to look up a names for bloodlines, weapons, and whatnot. i am also looking for some good humor fics. please pm (or e-mail) me if you have any suggestions.Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929,SweetNCrazieSugarmuffin,The Komodo Dragon Phoenix, Bust_A_Groover, Tecna, Novemberscorpion110388, Pinksakurablossom, Angelgirl18647, Winter Gallowsraven, Echizen Ryoma-san, Zaara the black, HitogoroshinoKirohito, Synica, Firl Jausalmcha.

Things You'd Never Hear in Canon Naruto:

NARUTO: "You know...this headband is kinda tacky..." - Zenrai
NARUTO: during the Wave arc "Omg, You killed Sasuke! SAKURA: You Bastard!!" - Eri
NARUTO: forget this ninja crap, math is my real forte - Cara
NARUTO: (to shikamaru) Ano sa! Ano sa! Teach me how to play go! Shikamaru: eyes drop to the floor
- Greg
KYUUBI: I am the very model of a psycho individual... - Mirage
NARUTO: You killed my father! KYUUBI: You really are a neive little kit...Naruto I am your father! NARUTO: NOOOOOOOO!! - Mirage
NARUTO: "Sasuke's right! I AM a dobe! prances around and sings I'm a dobe! I'm a dobe! I'm a dobe!" - Himoko
NARUTO: I'm tired of ramen. Give me some carrot sticks! - RL
NARUTO: "I wuv u Sasuke! SASUKE:crying I luv u too!! hugs Naruto - Jenny NARUTO: hugs Gaara MY FWIEND!! Gaara: o.o!! - DNA
NARUTO: "I have an announcement to make, people, people.." scratches throat "This is very hard for me to say, but i've given up Ramen Noodles!" - Carrie
NARUTO: Forget being Hokage, I wanna be Clint Eastwood! mounts horse and rides off into sunset Yee haw! clip clop of horse's hooves can be heard horse rears Yaah! Naruto slides off thud - Kyuubi
NARUTO: "22 + 24x = 23 + 1 - 11"
NARUTO: "I give up. You win."
NARUTO: I don't want to be Hokage! I wish to be...The Lord of Dance. RIPS his shirt off, sticks a rose in his mouth

SASUKE: dancing and singing I'm feelin' SEX-AAAAAYY rips shirt off...when I hear you say my name... - SouSeta
SASUKE: to ITATCHI "Hello. My name is Uchiha Sasuke. You killed... my whole family. Prepare to die." -aks
SASUKE: farts i feel way better! - Tibbie
SASUKE: high Damn, dis shiz iz good... - CrazyAce
SASUKE: singing He's got the whoooole world in his hands- Sakura: singing He's got the whole world in his hands! Naruto: singing Damn straight i dooooo
- Atsuki
SASUKE: to kakashi alright. hand over the book! grabs it from him and walks away as he begins to read it-
SASUKE: "Screw revenge, i'm going clubbing!!" - Littoneko
SASKUE: singing loudly I FEEL GOOD... dundadundadundadun... I KNEW THAT I WOULD... - CrazyAce
SASUKE: "Sexy no jutsu!" - Kaiser
SASUKE: BUNNIES!!claps hands and chases bunnyYAYAYAY!! - Muu
SASUKE: It's best to forgive and forget! -Red Dragon
SASUKE: "Hey, Sakura. Let's go out to lover's leap and neck for a while."
SASUKE: on the intercom..."We need clean up on isle Seven. CLEAN UP on isle SEVEN."
SASUKE : to team 07 "Great job, guys! we really pulled that one off! Sakura, you really showed that Shinobi who was boss!" claps hands together

SAKURA: sasuke I just found the coolest thong let me model it for yousasuke drops dead from loss of blood Sakura: are you okay i didn't think it was that tyte - Anthony
SAKURA: Hey Orochimaru wanna go out with me!
- Kiba_Lover
SAKURA: delivers a kidnapped Sasuke to Orochimaru "Okay, now where the cash?" - CrazyAce
SAKURA: Oh, Sasuke was SO last season... Naruto's in now! - CrazyAce
SAKURA: Naruto... I don't want to be too forward... eeeh, but will you go out with me? INNER-SAKURA: HELL YEAH!!- Riana
SAKURA: "Oh, Naruto, I've always loved you! I never wanted Sasuke, I just wanted to make you jealous, did it work?" - Carrie

KAKASHI: I'm swearing off Come Come Paradise. From now on, I will only read lemon Naruto fanfics. - arctic_fox17
KAKASHI: I need a new profesion porno stardum here I come - Cara
KAKASHI:"Damn, I can't find my other contact" ITACHI:"Hey man, don't look at me like that!!" -
KAKASHI: What's under the mask... what's under the mask! That's all everyone cares about! Well here! Take a good look! (rips off mask, wearing another one) Ya happy?! -
KAKASHI: Why isn't my sharingan working!! Let me get my secret weapon.. MY MONACLE!! MWAHAHA!! - kenshinobi
KAKASHI: (Burns Come Come Paradise) This is a very bad book!! It's no Paradise! It's Hell!! - anko's alter ego
KAKASHI: lifts up headband "Damn this contact's getting on my nerves..." - swordmasterdrg
KAKASHI: singing "Do a little dance... make a little love... get down tonight! Uh, uh, get down tonight!" - CrazyAce
KAKASHI: to the kids girly voice Okay, look, I was late because I just COULD NOT get my hair to work for me, and ran out of moisturizer, and Gai stopped by to borrow my wax kit AGAIN... - CrazyAce
KAKASHI: "Hello team 7, my name is Hatake Kakashi...and I'm a porn-o-holic." - Ono
KAKASHI: 2 hours late:"sorry guys,(pointing to his "Come Come Paradise") my nosebleed wouldn't stop..." - Miyazaki
KAKASHI: Weeellll... Okay. I suppose one little strip-tease couldn't hurt. Let me just get this mask off first. - Demininja
KAKASHI: "I have been waiting here for an HOUR, you guys..."
KAKASHI : "BE FREE, MY LITTLE ONE. SWIM WITH YOUR FAMILY!" throws Iruka off the dock, crying

SANDAIME: Sexy no Jutsu! Naruto: DEAR GOD MY EYES!! - DamashiOdinToshiro
SANDAIME: Hey, Shikamaru, pass the paint! I wanna decorate the Monument! - CrazyAce
SANDAIME: Singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt..."

OROCHIMARU: I need a tan. - arctic_fox17
OROCHIMARU: "It's at times like these I think, 'What Would Gene Simmons Do'?" - Razu
OROCHIMARU:Attack my zombies! SARUTOBI:screams like a girl - Shikaki
OROCHIMARU: (adressing his mirror) Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me, who is the evilest of them all?
- Greg
OROCHIMARU: I love you Kabuto!! runs over and hugs him - branchey
OROCHIMARU: watches Gaara for his cue "ACK! It's a SNAKE! Oh! It's a Snaaaake!" see the
badger dance-aks
OROCHIMARU: "Screw the Michael Jackson look. I want to look just like Justin Timberlake. Dr, start with the tongue."
- Natasha
OROCHIMARU: "I'm not evil! I'm just decidedly inept at doing nice things..." - CrazyAce
OROCHIMARU: Forget immortality, I'm gonna follow my dream! I'm gonna be a show tune lounge singer! - CrazyAce
OROCHIMARU: "Sexy no Jutsu" - Yami Kd-Chan & Ero-Sennin
OROCHIMARU: "Anko, truth be told, I only wanted you for your body. Interpret that as you will" winks - Kaede
OROCHIMARU: "Can't we all just get along?!"
OROCHIMARU: Singing "It's so easy! Happy-go-lucky! We are the world! We did it!"

KABUTO:to Orochimaru For Kami's sake man, take some throat pills! - Greg

TAYUYA : Sakon, please tell to your brother that if he doesn't put his hand off my ass, i'll kill both of you... - +Lilith+
TAYUYA: And this one time at band camp... - Enter Clever Name Here

JIRAIYA: Me?! Write that book?! That is quite absurd i tell you!! there is no way a gentleman of my high class would have a hand in writing that intolerable and disgraceful rubbish!! puts on his manacle and walks off w/ his nose in the air - KaanaChan
JIRAIYA: "I've decided to give up writing novels and become a priest. - Yami Kd-Chan & Ero-Sennin
JIRAIYA: looks at Porno mag. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW - Asuka

JIRAIYA: I am going to give up my lecherous ways and join the clergy. - kamon13

TSUNADE: Could use some implants...Hey i'm a doctor right?:) - NamiNamiMeh
TSUNADE: during lees sugery we can rebuild him we have the technology RAIDO: no we do'nt. TSUNADE: SHUT UP.slaps with boobs - guntottinghippie

ITACHI:singing to sasuke Why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends. - guntottinghippie
ITACHI: "For the last time, this is NOT a mumu!" - Razu
OROCHIMARU : "I need no shower. I can lick myself clean, thank you." - Konohaimports

ITACHI: And so, like, I had to, like, totally kill them all, because they were just so icky! Ugh! Gag me with a spoon! - CrazyAce
ITACHI: "I've always wanted to kill the world's sexiest man. But then I realized suicide's not the way to go." - Yurimi-neko
ITACHI: Red is so dull, I think I'll buy some blue contacts! - CrazyAce
ITACHI: "Harem no Jutsu! What do you think of me now, Orochimaru?" - Yami Kd-Chan & Ero-Sennin
ITACHI: "I like doing volunteer work and mentoring my cute little brother!"

IBIKI: "Waaah, I got a boo-boo!" shows everyone his papercut - CrazyAce

IRUKA: "I hate teaching... I really wanna be a stripper!" rips off pants - CrazyAce and the webmisstress passes out from massive nasal bloodloss
IRUKA: "Look at me! I'm Free Willy!" does a dive off the bridge - CrazyAce
IRUKA: "What the heck? Kakashi, what are you doing?" KAKASHI is standing in a field "Hey! I am a scarecrow! Now be quiet!" - Uzumaki
IRUKA: "Naruto wanna prank call the hokage with me?" - Ami
IRUKA: Imitating Darth Vader "Naruto ... khuuuhh I am... khuuh your father... khuuh"


YONDAIME: I'm not Naruto's father... I'M HIS MOTHER!- Gaara Know-it-all

CHOUJI: "Sorry guys, I gotta blow off training early today, I need to go shopping at that cute new health food store..." - CrazyAce
CHOUJI: "Who's up for slim-fast shakes?" - radicalL
CHOUJI: "Ino, you think these shorts make my butt look big?"

INO: Sasuke... If you hit on me one more time, I'm gonna... - Alden
INO: walks in with a shaved head "Watcha guys think?" - CrazyAce
INO: "God Choji's so hot..." - Brett

SHIKAMARU: "Hey Naruto, buddy, I got some extra cans of paint, let's go decorate the Hokage's mansion!" - CrazyAce
SHIKAMARU: "Hurry up people. I want to do five more missions in the next hour!"- Silver Dragonfly
SHIKAMARU: "Clean up after Chouji ate dinner? Sure! where's the bucket!?" - Akiman

ASUMA: giggling "Now I know why they're called "special" cigarettes!" maniacal laughter - CrazyAce
ASUMA: "That's it, I'm on the patch now." - CrazyAce
ASUMA:Points at Kakashi: "You are my eternal rival!! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

GAARA: checks his hair hmmm...maybe I should dye it blond... - Heart Break Kid
GAARA: shivers holy sht...i see...blood...!runs squealing Temari-neesan!!
- Heart Break Kid
GAARA: Hey, isn't Justin Timberlake just fabulous? - yurimi-neko
GAARA: yawns Woaahh.. I'm going to bed now. - Yani-chan
GAARA: peels off his sand armor WEE!! LOOKIE!! I'M A GIRL!! Temari: O_O...
- Kage Nagashima
GAARA: (at hospital) "I just came by to wish Lee good luck in his surgery and ask if he'll forgive me for nearly killing him" ;) - UltraNED
GAARA: " is kind of hard...we-well...WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND,HINATA-CHAN?!"
- yurimi-neko
GAARA: to Kankuro "I feel like helping out..." puts on Santa suit and sits in a big chair Lil' Kiddies Who Came to See Santa: "RUN AWAAAAAAAYYYY!!" - DNA
GAARA:singing "oh here we are together together together oh here we are togehter in our ninja squad. there's Gaara and Temari and kankuro and sensei oh here we are together in our ninja squad! - Tsuara
GAARA: "Temari! Kankuro! I WUV YOU GUYS!" glomps - CrazyAce
GAARA: "Badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger..." like the flash show of the same name- psionickender
GAARA: shudders "Sand... In my shorts..." - DNA
GAARA: "Man this vase is heavy!" - Dani
GAARA: lecturing students It's BBBAAAADDDDD to kill people!! shakes finger Violence will NOT solve anything!! - Yukita
GAARA: "Sexy no Jutsu!"

KANURO: wearing nothing but a pair of shorts Yeah, baby, yeah! - CrazyAce
KANKURO: "Sorry, Karasu, but they rejected our job application for The Muppet Show again." - Xoni Newcomer
KANKURO: "Hey, Gaara, wanna go to the beach together?" - Xoni Newcomer

TEMARI: Uh, there is a reason why this fan is so big ... looks around nervously I tend to over hyper-ventelate sometimes... - RL
TEMARI: "Damn that Chouji's hot!" - CrazyAce

GAI: "Dammit, I forgot to wax again! KAKASHI!!" - CrazyAce
GAI: "what are you talking about?! i DO NOT bleach my teeth!" stashes bottle of bleach behind his back - VESPA Girl
GAI: lazily walks in between a fight "hey guys..." picks wedgie - VESPA Girl

NEJI: Hinata's hair is soooo pretty! I think I'll cut it short like hers! - RL
NEJI: god i suck... - branchey
NEJI: singing "I'M NOT YOUR BOY TOY... I'M YOUR SEXY BOY!" - CrazyAce
NEJI: standing before bath house "Bakyugan!" - Eadha

ROCK LEE: Why is everyone trying to get me to try out for FLCL? - CrazyAce
ROCK LEE: I'm bored of training... Hey, Chouji, wanna get some BBQ? - Alden
- Alden
ROCK LEE: "i dont realy want to be a ninja...what i realy want to do is act!" - michael pollens
ROCK LEE: peels eyebrows off - Arex
ROCK LEE : "Do you guys think my tights make my butt look big?" - Luke

KURENAI: damn, asuma is so frickin sexy! - branchey

HINATA: does Beyonce Knowles dance sings I'm feeling SEEEXXXY, when i hear you say my name... - Heart Break Kid
HINATA: Naruto... w--will you be my... bitch? blushes and fidgets - Syanide
HINATA: in a lacey outfit "Naruto can wait ... wheres shino?"- sexy bugman
HINATA: "Like, oh...MY...Gaawd!! Like, yeah, like, I am, like, SOO not a valley-girl!" titters madly - yurimi-neko
HINATA: "Kick his ass, Neji!" - Alexander
HINATA: "Neji, if you don't lose the attitude you'll be stuck sneering at my foot up your ass". -c.r
HINATA: to Sasuke "Hey baby, wanna make some fireworks tonight?" winkwink - CrazyAce

SHINO: "Bugs are good protein." - food_girl
SHINO: "How many ways can you kill a bug? Let's see... one, two, forty-five, sixty-seven..." - CrazyAce
SHINO:shouting loudly: "HEEEEELLOOOOOOO GUUUUUYS!!" - Xoni Newcomer
SHINO: "Why am I wearing sunglasses if it's midnight?" - Xoni Newcomer

KIBA: " Noooo, you can't blame me! I've been staying clear of hydrants for a week now!" - Sweet Boots
KIBA: Will you people stop staring and start scratching my ear, dangit!!My feet don't bend that way rolls over Hinata: But you have fingers! Kiba: ...Will you pweeeease scratch my ear?big chibi eyes
- Atsuki
KIBA: "i like cats better..." - branchey
AKAMARU: "Hey, I can talk." - food_girl
KIBA: "oh i'm so sorry shino i did not mean to kill that fly!" SHINO:pats his head" it is alright my friend!"hugs him"all is forgivin!" HINATA:..."dumbasses..." - Helen
KIBA: singing "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" barks "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" - CrazyAce
AKAMARU: dressed up as gangsta "Call me... Lil' Bow" - CrazyAce
KIBA: "Atchoo...! Crap, why can't mom and dad understand that I'm allergic to dogs?!" - Xoni Newcomer
KIBA: Singing "Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?"

favorite sayings:

1.Dislexics of the universe, untie! John Lieming(you need to think about it.)

2.let's see you try ta pass off a 17.6 pound newborn as a preemee. Ray Marone's dad frome everybody loves raymond.

3.Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning.George W. Bush (personally, I think george bush is a retard, but this is a funny quote.)

4.everybody down cheney's got a gun!! unknown.

5.from mogata's story, the chronicles of stupidity: (saying under renovation)

6.Sayings of synica:

6.1: As long as my will is stronger than yours, I will best you at every corner. If my will is strong enough to completely dominate yours, I can make you believe I can do anything. However, if my will faulters for even a second, I lose that edge. I will, therefore I am.

6.2: Ask me to do something, request for me to do something, even plead for me to do something, and I will consider it. However, the moment you tell me to do something or order me to do something, you lose the privledge of ever being my equal.

6.3: If you ask me to jump, I won't just ask 'how high', I'll also ask 'how far', 'in which direction', 'do you wan me to jump in any specific manner' and other questions before I might consider doing it.

6.4: I do not surround myself with 'sheep'. Therefore, I do not surround myself with over 99 percent of humanity. However, I am not above hearding others' 'sheep' to my own liking.

6.5: One of the joys of writing is I can insult people and even entire cultures through my works and they thank me for it. Humans trully are strange creatures...

6.6: If I were to threaten the governments of the world that I had a remote control that would activate all of the world's nuclear weapons, and showed it to you, claiming all I had to do was drop it to destroy the world, would you actually believe me to the point where I got international coverage, dropping it live 'on air', to reveal it was only a regular television remote that could only change channels on a 1980's television, would you believe for a second that the remote was capable of doing so before I dropped it?

6.7: Before I felt love, I was completely set in my ways. I would never allow myself to conform to others, consequences be damned. However, once I found out what love felt like, I found myself willing to change for that person. Love is indeed a strange emotion...

6.8: Apparently guys who tell their girlfriends they are 'beautiful' instead of 'hot', are a 'stayer' instead of a 'player' and introduce them to their workmates and friends are a highly valuable rare comodity. I do not believe this is true. I know quite a number of guys who're like this, but no one seeks them out because they 'wear glasses' or have 'an ugly hairstyle' or something frivilous like that. I fall into this catagory.

6.9: Have you ever taken a life? I have. Billions of them. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. How many ants did you burn with a magnifying glass as a child? How many flies have you killed for landing on you to clean your skin? How many microscopic life forms have you killed by just living? Oh I get it. You think that because it wasn't human, it's not living. Har har, you're funny.

6.10: People wonder why I beat people senseless sometimes. They punch me for seven years prior and then I snap, punching them in the face to screams of 'omg, what did he ever do to you?' It really makes me wonder how intelligent people are, considering how they saw just about every punch the other guy threw at me.

6.11: If you can admit that you yourself are not strong enough to do something alone when it really counts, you have earnt my respect. If you knew me, that would say alot.

6.12: People say I'm stupid or a freak for listening to only BGM and Anime OSTs, never giving a reason, just saying I'm screwed up. People are shallow. I don't listen to the song becuase I happen to like to listen to 'lyricless monotone' tunes. If I wanted that, I'd just listen to blues. Same six words to the same 2 notes the entire song. I listen to them because of what happens when they're used during the anime or game they were from.

6.13: I will never understand why people find a desperate need to label me and treat me as if I fit with that label. 'Retard' didn't stick, 'freak' didn't stick, 'mentally deranged' didn't fit. The only one that might even come close to fitting is 'unexplainable' or 'unpredicatable'. Then again, you don't want to use that do you? If you can't explain something, it is dangerous and must therefore be destroyed. Kind of like how the first person said the world was round. Or maybe it was the person who said that the earth was not the centre of the universe, or was it the person who said stars aren't pin pricks in the celing that let the light of heaven in...

6.14: Why do people care about the woes of love from others' lives? People buy or download albums and songs just to listen to some guy saying how he was so hard done by and woe is him, and he gets millions of dollars for it! Do you want to listen to me singing of the woes of having bowel problems? No, you don't! And people wonder why I like listening to anime/video game music when it doesn't have any lyrics in it...

\/\/@R\T\G @11 ()F \/Y 5T()RI35 @R3 ()\ -()L) \_/\TI1 I G3T /\11 ()F \/Y T-()\_/T5 T()G3T-3R, ()R I FI\) 5()\/3T-I\G T-I\G 3XTR3\/1Y I\5PIR3I\G.

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werepokeism reviews
this is a restarted version of a discontinued fic that someone else wrote. look up the word werepokeism in the search engine if you want the summary
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first story published! naruto fuses with kyuubi then finds kyuubi's half brother. what will come of this? naruhina please review
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