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Hello there! I'm just a random interloper here to write some stuff that I like and hope you will too and maybe, if I'm lucky, what I write may turn out alright.

I play a lot of Splatoon (2 to be exact, but I have played the first one's story mode some time before selling my Wii-U), so those will be the types of stories I write. It's possible that will change in the future though depending on what game series I'm really into at the moment.I want to improve, so feel free to criticize me when you think I need it.


My First two Fanfics will mostly be somewhat close to the canon plots of the games while bringing my own spin on things to introduce the characters I will be using while having a decent story to go off of. Afterwards I will go more into my own stories with more crazy stuff happening.

For example:

  • Most agents will at some point have an unofficial ".5" who helps them out and sometimes cover for them when they have serious business elsewhere or just to give them time off from watching the Octarians. I decided to do this so that, in a way, both gender options for the agents are canon. 3, 4, and 8 will be female just like in the game's canon, but their .5's will all be male. If they're taking over for an agent, they will be referred to by that agent's code name. They'll also have their own adventures from time to time.
  • The underground Metro leaves after a test begins and testing applicants have to wait for the metro to come back after finishing a test because the metro has a busy schedule there are other people on the train with places to be and they don't have time to wait for you to move the 8-ball into place. That wouldn't make much sense.
  • Octolings obtain their full humanoid form at age 12 instead of 14. Octolings obtain their full forms 2 years earlier because they have 2 less limbs to develop (yes, that's my explanation, but tell me that doesn't sound like one Nintendo would make). This is mostly done since Agent 8 is supposed to be around Agent 4's age (14-15) and heard the Inkantation 2 years ago (at age 12-13) and I doubt the Octarians would press Octolings into service before they could properly change forms.
  • I will be changing how some missions play out (and ignoring most) since most of it is inconsequential to the main story (it's mostly go in, splat the octos, grab the Zapfish, get out). I decided to write my own mission events for the sake of the story and to get a little creative.
  • Works (And recommended reading order)

  • An Inkling's Adventure (Complete)
  • The Octoling's Trials (Complete)
  • Life In Inkopolis (In Progress)
  • Story Timeline

    An Inkling's Adventure

    The Octoling's Trials

    Life in Inkopolis



    The first 4 based on how I'd make my in-game characters look. Agent 3 and her .5 look mostly like the amiibos. There are more characters than these, but these are the major ones I made. Minor characters won't be shown on here. That may or may not change in the future though.

    Sarah Ligo:

    Age: 14

    Sarah is an inkling with short yellow hair, tan skin, and red eyes. She's very energetic and an overachiever who borderlines on perfectionist with a bit of an ego, but can be air-headed at times. She lived in a mostly cut-off rural area before coming to Inkopolis, so she hadn't heard of the Squid Sisters before her arrival. She heard "Off the Hook" on the train ride over and instantly became a fan, buying a CD player and their latest track upon her arrival, which left her with no money. Fortunately, Mr. Grizz was kind enough to hire her on the spot and rescue her from potential poverty (at least that's what she says). Eventually she spots a strange squid in a kimono and follows her down a drain.

    Likes: Battling, increasing her rank, Off the Hook, Mr. Grizz, Brushes, showing off.

    Dislikes: Salmonoids, Octarians (even Octolings at first), her lack of friends, losing, how gullible she can be sometimes.

    Otis Ligo:

    Age: 16

    Sarah's older brother by 2 years. He resembles his sister down to his eye color. He used to tie his hair back, but has changed in to a fresher, spiky hair look (from the box art). Loves battling as much as his sister, but is more easygoing and isn't concerned with increasing his rank as much as just having fun. He becomes the unofficial agent 4.5 after finding out what his little sister's been up to. He's been around since the Splatoon 1 days, so he has more experience than his little sister and likes to give advice when he feels she needs it. He's a huge fan of the Squid Sisters, but doesn't fault Sarah for not hearing of them since they both came from the sticks.

    Likes: Battling, Rollers, The Squid Sisters, hanging with his friends

    Dislikes: Salmonoids, Grizzco's seemingly unnecessary shadiness, awkward situations (even if he's not the one in one), ranks in general.

    Mei Argo:

    Age: 14

    Mei is a slightly darker tan than Sarah with green eyes. An Octoling trapped in the underground, all she remembered was a magical song, being attacked sometime later, and then waking up to an old squid in her face. She speaks in a very polite manner and is more reserved than a lot of the other characters. She learns to toughen up during her time in the underground and becomes much more open to others.

    Likes: Octoshots, Octarian wresltling shows, adorable things like the mem cakes, experiencing the surface world

    Dislikes: Octarian leadership, being alone for too long, being used by others, when friends fight

    Guyver Wolfi:

    Age: 14

    Guyver has pale skin and grey eyes. An Octoling also trapped in the underground, he has idea how or why he's there. All he remembers was that he was attempting to fight a frighteningly strong Inkling and then waking up in a school of fish. He's pretty sure he's searching for someone, but he doesn't know who, and rides the metro to hopefully find answers. He is somewhat devious at times due to his experiences with a particularly manipulative drill sergeant.

    Likes: Brushes, engineering, sweethearts, battling

    Dislikes: Octarian leadership, his parents, himself sometimes, brainwashing

    Beth Danae:

    Age: 16

    Beth is an inkling girl with orange eyes, light skin, and green hair. She became Agent 3 after following a creepy old squid down a pipe to see what his deal was. A very serious squid, she's dealt with incompetent team mates, unbalanced Salmon Run rounds, and scheming Octarians enough times that she just wants to get the job over with, rarely giving her opponents a fighting chance. She likes to keep herself busy to the point that she often neglects personal hygiene. Despite her borderline edge-lord demeanor, she does have a soft, caring side if you dig deep enough, but she isn't really a people-person, in fact, she mostly likes to spend time by herself. She had a rivalry with an inkling named Arnold back when Inkopolis Plaza was the popular place to be.

    Likes: Captain Cuttlefish and the agents, Crabby Cakes, Ink Theory, Splattershots, her cape.

    Dislikes: Octarians, incompetent teammates, showoffs, wasting time.

    Arnold Illex:

    Age: 17

    Arnold is has dark skin, yellow eyes and his purple hair tied back. The unofficial Agent 3.5, Arnold was picked by his rival Beth to cover for her sometimes due to his skills with a splattershot and his ability to keep secrets when needed to. A pretty serious squid, but so much as to wear an edgy cape like Beth does. In fact, he is fairly easygoing outside of battles and work all things considered and is more likely than Beth to give Octarian opponents a fighting chance. He's also more likely to be seen joking around with random people. He's very suspicious as to why Grizzco wants to send inklings into certain danger to collect eggs and doesn't trust Mr. Grizz at all. Pretty dependable, but can be easily duped sometimes.

    Likes: Battling, fair fights, agent work, Splattershots, Chirpy Chips, Crusty Sean's.

    Dislikes: Grizzco, Octavio's scheming, cheating, manipulation.



    Age: 23

    Cass is an Octoling Elite who beat down Sarah after playing a cheap trick on her. She resembles a typical Octoling soldier with her only defining trait being her bright blue eyes. She's a devious, manipulative, vulgar, backstabbing liar who'll beat you to the ground and make you remember that she's better than you. The moment you turn turn your back, she'll take the opportunity. However she became an Elite, it definitely wasn't because of her combat skill. Despite her reputation for trickery, she's actually very good at it. In fact, if you've never met her, she could convince you she was a completely different person and you'd be none the wiser. Few know this, but her obsession with being better than everyone else stems from a massive inferiority complex.

    Likes: Winning, getting ahead in life, any weapon that's best for the situation, asserting her dominance

    Dislikes: Losing, being humiliated, the Splatoon and its agents, "weak, pathetic runts"


    Age: 15

    Sharp is a Male Octoling sharpshooter who has green eyes blue rings on his hair-tentacles. He wears Octoleet Goggles and a bandanna with a smile on it for some reason. He probably wishes he'd been born an Octosniper since he's obsessed with chargers and prodigy in his field. In fact, the charger he uses in a Custom E-Liter he built himself and he refuses to use any weapon he didn't personally make. He treats every weapon he makes like as if it were his own child and freaks out if anything bad happens to them. He is also a member of Cass's squad. He doesn't like her all that much, but does what she says because he's a professional. Cass likes him because he keeps to himself, follows orders, and doesn't give sass, not like he can anyway considering he's a mute. When he does need to communicate, he does so by tapping code on his transmitter, texting on a phone, or the occasional hand signals.

    Likes: Chargers, assembling weapons, working by himself, quiet places

    Dislikes: His weapons getting damaged, large crowds

    Name: ???

    Age: ???

    A member of Cass's squad. Seems to have a lighthearted, joking demeanor.

    Likes: ???

    Dislikes: ???

    Name: ???


    A member of Cass's squad. Seems to be involved in medical fields.

    Likes: ???


    Name: ???

    Age: ???

    Sector Commander of Octo Gorge and Cass's commanding officer.

    Likes: ???

    Dislikes: ???

    More characters to come...

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