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Well, this is my profile. I suppose if you took the time to bother and visit this, I suppose I should say some things about how, and who, I am. Revamping two years worth of information; what a mundane task!!

Name: Brooke

Preferred Name: Nyx...Koi, if you're a very close friend.

Age: 17

Hair Color: It varies. Many tell me that it looks auburn, even when I dye it a lighter color than normal, so you may go with that.

Weight: 103 pounds, the last time I checked. Aren't I a foe to fear?

Height: Unfortunately for me, I hold the unlucky title of being the youngest and shortest out of all my friends. 5'1...and a half, to be precise.

Ambitions: I wish to be a writer that can captivate my audience with flowing sentences and an engaging storyline. Can you tell that I still have a long way to go, in those regards? Your support towards my efforts on this website are very much appreciated and you have my thanks.

Likes: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Loveless, Strawberry Panic, Sukisho, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, Trinity Blood, xxxHolic, Elfen Lied, Kingdom Hearts, .hack//G.U., anything to do with Interview with the Vampire...And much more obscure titles that you'll likely find most uncouth...

Hates: I have harbored the delusion that I am a very tolerant and peace-loving person for quite some time. Let us just say...only a select few know the extent of my malice and general ill will.

Favourite Pairings: Give me a strong emotion, be it hatred or love. Add in a hearty dash of character strength and weakness. Stir in that ever so elusive element known as gender. And, if you must, dump in a huge helping of plot. Really, I'm not that picky. ;)

Quotes: You will find the majority of these little nuggets of...insanity on Media Miner's profile. She, being my partner in crime and penning accomplice for close to six years now, has taken on the faithful task of recording the majority of our funny instances throughout middle school and the beginning of high school. I look to continue this task, so keep a close eye on this section. I sincerely hope that one or two will seem so familiar as to make you smile for me.

"So, the moral of this story is...to simply keep the undead in your basement and feed them regularly to avoid a familial uprising?" (~Myself, after watching Pet Sematary)

"Oh goody, I do so love a villain with a literary upbringing and a raging temper." (~Myself, regarding any villain who catches my eye. ;) )

"If I do anything destructive, I'm ignored. If she happens to be around, she always gets the blame. She's a best friend and a scapegoat!" (~My friend Samantha...in regards to myself...)

"What would Wesker do?" "You mean, what would a God-complexed and nigh immortal man with the eyes of a snake and a voice to match do?" "...Sounds like Voldemort." "Oh my, there's a terrifying combination." (~Myself and Kay, during a random conversation...somewhere that I cannot recall.)

"Pass me a pencil." "Why?" "I'm performing a scientific experiment." "...With a pencil?" "Let's just say that it involves the pointy end of this pencil and the soft, squishy neck of the redneck sitting in front of you." "Have I ever told you that you're the love of my life?" (~Myself and a certain muse; he is the epitome of all my violent scenes, as you may be able to tell. :) )

"When you gotta go, you gotta go!" (~My younger brother; isn't he a doll?)

"This is stupid! I want a show where people are beating the shit out of others or getting the shit beat out of themselves!) (~My mother. I agree completely. :) )

"I will never...enjoy my favorite TATU song again..." (~My first sentence after finally managing to view The Fly, in correlation to the aforementioned song, which is titled: Fly on the Wall. Most horrifying...)


It is my firm belief that, in order for progress, many changes must be made to one's perspective. I have made many prospective attempts to sow the seeds of my immature and lacking stories in this website, hoping for a kind comment or guiding criticism from an equally hesitant fellow/madame. I have been somewhat successful in that regard, as the tally count of reviews and views on my previous stories can attest. However, I do believe that it is not right for me to display the new machinations of my imaginations in an atmosphere where so many of my flawed and somewhat embarrassing works are clustered. That is why, and I do so apologize to those of you from the past who found my previous stories to be engaging and even just interesting, I plan to delete all of my previous writings and enter in only my most recent work. Know that whatever I send in here from this point onward is carefully scoured by myself (And a peer or two, for measure) for errors and inconsistencies. Concluding this, do not fault me for my writing or my grammar. I am still mired in that awkward transition between childhood and adulthood, but that will not stop me from putting forth my best effort for all of you that enjoy to read my work. Thank you for your patience. And, look forward to my future projects.

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