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Pease don't ask where I got the name Dweizlegirl. it is beyond the longest storry ever. If you want you can just call me Dweizle. That is my nickname. or, you can call me by what Dweizle is short for: Dweizle Zipple Shneidler Goldstein Jones Smith Smith Schanzer the 8th Shmik. Can you say that 3 times fast?

Name: You'll never know. Mwahaha.

Age: I'll give you a hint. Between the ages of 12-100. it's not 12, or 100.

Gender: If you are unable to figure this out, please seek help.

Looks: I have long hazel hair that goes down to my butt, stunning baby blue eyes (that can give really good death glares), a cute button nose, and a small chin with a deep dimple in the middle. Sometimes, my dad calls it "the funny hole in my chin". When he does, I chase him around the house, trying to smack his butt, telling him that if he isn't carefull, he'll have a whole in his head.

Hobbies: Reading, sleeping in late, writing, dancing, listening to music, an the list goes on and on. Oh. And skipping around the house in my undies and a t-shirt, and flapping my arms like a chicken. think im jokeing? hehehe...

Favorites: Harry Potter, cheesy romance novels, sarcasm, guys, sarcastic guys, baby feet cuz they're so soft, big roller-coasters, and jumping over big waves at the beach. The beach is my favorite place EVER!

NOT favorites: When people pick their nose or in their ears, when boys leave the toilet seat up, stuck up people, skin diseases, vinigar, racist or prejudiced people, and homework. And when you forget what you're gona say, and someone says, "well then it cant've been very important if you forgot what it was!" sheesh, some people.

My most puzzling question: Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Seriously, what does he do, sharpen the side of a bamboo stick?

TV show: I HATE TV! It rotts my head and stiffles my mind of pure creativity and imagination (Ok, maybe 'm exadurating just a tiny little bit...). My favorite movie though, is either Titanic (it made me cry. a lot.), Pirates of the Caribean, or the Disney Movies. Especialy Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Come on, you never get to old for Disney movies. I LOVE MOVIES! Cough...erm...hem hem...sorry.

Music: Everything except country and rap. It's fun dancing to pop and rock, and classical is good for tuning out. Also, old stuff like Queen is good for doing the air guitar, shaking your head around, and singing into a fake microphone.

Animal: Monkeys. once i tried climbing a fence like a monkey, and it was not succesfull. I fell off and...its all a blurr after that.

Fave color: Yellow! its so happy! doesn't it remind you of the sun? I looooove the color of yellow peppers!

Fave FanFic Story: The Parenting Class by IcyPanther, Blame it on Potter by BentReeds, Priori Incantyatem by Fellytone, all of Pratty-Prongs-Princesse's stories, The Multi- Oh for god's sake, just check my fave storries list!

Reason for Joining FanFic: To let out all the weird thoughts in my head! they're stuck up there all day with nowhere to go! I need somewhere where I can share them with the world and not sound like a phsyco. Now I just gotta get 'round to actually updating a story...Eh, I'll get there eventually.

Here are some dumb things about me you probably don't want to know, but I'm gona tell you anyway:

1. I'm deadly afraid of rice cakes. Don't ask.

2. I fall asleep in math, and still get really good grades. My math teacher told me I listen the best in the class. I totaly cracked up when she said that. It was awkward...

3. Every day, before I go to bed, I write in my journal the most profound statement of the day. once it was "I cherish my undies with every fiber of my being" and another time it was "Of course she'll yap if you go inside! That's what people do! They yap!". Yesterday it was, "Have you ever noticed that the word bunion sounds like onion?"

4. I live in London, but I come to New Jersey on vacation sometimes since my Grandparents live there. Ok, thats it for now.

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