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I figured I might as well post a bit about me on a lazy afternoon...

Name: Preacher (typed with a double dash [--] when signing something)

Aliases: Mr Bound (never a period there), and that's pretty much it.

Likes: Being anything but cold, hooded sweatshirts, good quality animé dubs, nice people, deep conversations, creative muse, feedback (non-squealing), Alto Saxophones, marching bands, really good movie soundtracks, ska, jazz, and about anything non-rap, animés that are uncut and uncensored but contain only swearwords and blood, food, food, beverages, Magic: The Gathering, people who can actually play D&D and _roleplay, writing, his word processor, Alien Dice, the smell of a freshly opened pack of Magic cards, drafting (although I'm nervous as hell about it), the sound of a drumline, company fronts, band camp, days so hot you can go through three t-shirts with sweat, baseball caps, the writing voice of Andy Rooney, cult classics, seals (especially stuffed animals), unusually strong characters in books and films, a good nostalgic memory, and that's enough for now.

Dislikes: The taste of coffee (love the smell), being cold, butchered animés, people who don't know anything about what they say/write/think/play, feedback (the music kind), rap, never having enough time, poor grammar and spelling, having to change my saxophone embouchure, people making quasi-intimate contact with me when I really didn't want them to, having to drive in any weather condition that isn't above fifty degrees and sunny, wanting to do more than I have time for and then never doing anything worthwhile when I don't have time, delays, suspense (even in my own works), not knowing if someone you care about is okay or not, unwarranted tangents, people who still refuse to do things after you've run the gamut of persuasion techniques, and the blue screen of death (although I have not seen it in a while).

Entered writing here: Way back when I got hooked on Digimon. Second season rolls around, Wizardmon shows up, and from there on out it was all downhill from there. I touched on a bit of Gundam, some Princess Mononoke (Loved the movie, the fiction never got far...but wait on that). Eventually I dropped out and went on to other things. The story does go on, though.

I recently picked up a copy of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Well, I'm now hooked on Studio Ghibli, so I picked up that old Princess Mononoke fiction, dusted it off, and rewrote it. Then I tacked on a lot more. Expect me to continue working on my After Mononoke fanfiction the most.

Favorite Website: Best webcomic ever.

Favorite Book: Does Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind count? It's really a graphic novel...

Favorite CD: Either the Princess Mononoke OST or Five Iron Frenzy things.

Favorite Character: San. Hands down. She's impossibly deep, and similarly difficult to write for.

Shoutouts: Cowgrree, my editor, has greatly facilitated my writing process by giving me much needed feedback (non-screeching kind). And of course, Lily and Diamond Rose, who have been here from the beginning.

I'll be in touch- just ask in the reviews if you need to know anything. --Preacher

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