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Hey all, 'tis Bad Luck Bree. Why is me name Bad Luck Bree? Because my Pirates fic, Bad Luck Bree, was my first fic on this site as well as the first and only fic I've completed so far. However, I have many other fandoms besides Pirates, and many of them are far more precious to me than Johnny Depp's money-maker. So here goes the epic listing, sometimes ranting, about meself.

Well, the first thing ya better know is that I AM A DAVY JONES FANGIRL. YES...I LOVE HIM. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOOOOOOVE HIM. AS IN I WOULD MARRY HIM IF POSSIBLE. Think I'm a freak yet? Too bad, it ain't changing. He's the only reason I saw Pirates 2 and 3 because the rest of the story was complete crap (apologies to Will or Jack fangirls. I HATE THEM BOTH...)

Second thing - I am a HUGE nerd. As in I've read just about everything by Tolkein and love history and fantasy and literature of all sorts. I'm a Classics major so I kinda have to be this way. I also LOVE gore. Just a warning.

I'm also a Southern spitfire. PLEASE NO SOUTH BASHING. The Civil War is a very delicate area with me, and I hate it when people start abusing me for my heritage when they actually have NO IDEA what the war was actually about. So please, don't jump on me and I won't jump on you. Same with political views (I'm a conservative. I consider myself a Republican but foremost a conservative.) and faith (I'm a Baptist. I don't care what your religion is, just don't bash mine.)

Also, quick note on OCs - YES, I AM GUILTY OF CREATING AN OC FOR EVERY FANDOM I OBSESS OVER. Why? Because I am of a nature that desperately wants to be part of whatever it is I love. Half of the time I write fanfics solely for the sake of writing. I'm not really looking to please anyone, though I hope the stories are enjoyable and at least acceptable. I like to create a character and then see how they react to a pre-set situation and pre-invented characters. It's almost like an excercise. And while I admit putting an OC into a canon story is for some people an automatic mark of Mary-Sueism, I try hard to keep them from being Mary Sues. Yay me. So basically...if you dislike OC stories, fine with me, I understand. I just do this because I love to write.

OKAY, now for light-hearted stuff! (I promise I'm not a jerk, but I'm of Norse Berserker descent and can kinda lose it when angered *fondles broadsword*) Here are my fandoms and shipping loves!!
Lord of the Rings: YUS I LOVE DEEZ BOOKZ. Children of Hurin and the Ring Trilogy. My favorite culture? The Dwarves and the Eorlingas (aka Rohan). My fics will be either bookverse, or a mixture of bookverse and movieverse, because the book comes first. My shipping favorites? Well, I LOVE the Turin/Niniel/Brandir love triangle, and I'm a big fan of Eowyn/Faramir (yet I'm sometimes a closet Eowyn/Grima fan...mostly the unrequited stuff) and Eomer/Eowyn SIBLING RELATIONSHIP. *RANT TIME* I HATE Eowyn/Eomer sibcest fics!!!! I do not condemn those who write them. I read one once that was beautifully written and a real masterpiece, but the very thought of incestuous love between Eowyn and Eomer makes me PUKE. I'll tell you why. I have an older brother who I love very much, and I always thought the relationship between Eomer and Eowyn mirrored my own relationship with my brother. So to see this relationship EVER cast in a sexual light offends me on a personal level. Just my way, folks. I ain't sayin' don't write 'em or those who do so are hell-bound, but I personally DO NOT SUPPORT IT...AT ALL. *RANT OVER* I also enjoy Aragorn/Arwen romance, but not quite as interested. I like angstier relationships better.\

Redwall: I LOVE REDWALL!! I've read all of them and will continue to read them as long as they come out. You'll notice I don't have any actual fanfics for it up here, but that's because I can't decide which characters I'd want to use!!! I like oneshots best for this fandom. My favorite characters include Mariel, Ranguvar Foeseeker, Ambrevina Rockflash, Doogie Plumm, Lord Brocktree, Boar the Fighter, Constance, Basil Stag Hare and Bucko Bigbones. I automatically love all the villains...specially Cluny, Badrang, Slagar, Ungatt Trunn and Gulo. YUMMY...

Moby-Dick: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK!!! No OCs are even necessary if I were to attempt a fanfic for this! There are so many characters already!!

A Song of Ice and Fire: I'm new to this fandom. I'm currently awaiting Dance with Dragons. My favorite characters? - Arya, Jon, Brienne, Sandor Clegane, Tyrion, Davos, Ser Barristan, Ser Jorah, sometimes Jaime, Bronn (I'm sorry, he's hilarious) and many more. My ships? Durp, yes, I has ships for this - Sandor/Sansa (LOVE!!!! Hound and Little Bird = MWAH!) Ser Jorah/Dany (I can't help it...The Bear and the Maiden Fair is like Cliffs Notes IN the book) and Brienne/Jaime (they would have superbabies...SUPER...BABIES) I will most likely NOT be writing fanfiction for this one, based on Mr. Martin's adamant stance AGAINST fanfics. I understand his position, and while I don't agree with it entirely, I respect his opinion that young writers should explore their own creativity and not someone else's...of course C.S. Lewis encouraged a young fan to write his own sequels to the Narnia books, but that was a different matter. First off there isn't any incest in Narnia...Anyway, out of respect to Mr. Martin I will abstain from fanfics in this fandom...though seriously, with so many interesting characters who DON'T have POV chapters, he's just beggin' us to do some character exploration. I WANT TO DIG INTO THE HOUND'S SAVAGE MIND! YUS, I WANT TO DIG.


Pirates of the Carribbean: As I've already mentioned, I'm a Davy fangirl...which means I'm committing the sin of OC pairing. Duh. Yes, my OC for this fandom is a bit of a self insert...which means she's automatically repulsive, like me XD Anyhoo, the only Pirate fanfics I'd have up here are Dutchman and Davy fics. I'm currently rewriting Bad Luck Bree to be less cheesy and Hopefully? As for other pairings? I don't care. I like OC pairings best, mostly amongst my fellow Davy lovers' OCs who are either paired with Davy or a Dutchman crewmember. YAY!!

Jaws: HA!! I love this movie. Yes, I want to write a fic. No, I would not use an OC...maybe.

13th Warrior: BEST MOVIE EVER...Yes, the fic I have up right now and probably won't ever finish contains an OC...big sin. Yet I wouldn't pair her with anyone because...well, basically everyone dies in the movie...but I just LOVE big Norsemen...*sigh*

Lonesome Dove: As a Texan, this movie is like the Bible in film form. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT, GO WATCH IT NOW!!!! Great story, AMAZING acting, and awesome dialogue that is so easy to quote. I had a fic for it up here but removed it, partly because it was stupid and partly because I've decided that, if I ever write another one, I'm NOT featuring an OC. Prequels are great, though. Oneshots, I likee.

Phantom of the Opera: Erm...I don't like this movie, but I have a fic for it. Why? Because I hate the musical even more. However, I LOVE the novel. There, put the rocks down, Erik fangirls. I plan on writing fics based on the novel, but the one right now was written before I read the book. I'm a diehard Meg/Erik shipper. I hate Christine. HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER...HATE HER. Sorry if you're a Christine/Erik shipper, I just think the little slut isn't worth all that suffering the poor guy goes through.

I LIKE ALL THINGS DISNEY...ALL THINGS...even though I haven't seen all the classic Disney movies...haven't seen Little Mermaid (Mom wouldn't let me watch it) or Hunchback of Notre Dame (I read the novel...HOW DID THEY MAKE THAT STORY KID FRIENDLY? SERIOUSLY????)

I also write A LOT of original work - as in completely original, NO FANDOMS. Yay me.

So, after my ranting, hope you enjoy my stuff. Just look at it as...the product of a crazy girl's freetime. Namarie, y'all!

~ Bad Luck Bree

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