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Author has written 26 stories for UFO, X-Files, Space 1999, and Game of Thrones.

New UFO stories on the way . Watch this space.

We'll update unfinished ones as often as we can. General health issues prevent us from writing as often as we used to. I hate people who abandon their work. I've had to do it a couple of times and regret it.

We'll always be respectful of Commander Straker. We guard Ed Bishop's memory too.

To you X files fans that treasure Mulder and Scully together, we do too. Trust that we just borrowed the incomparable Dana Scully and that she's in good, loving hands.

I'm always grateful for feedback. We both are. Be mindful we don't write straight canon, and this is our interpretation of Straker and his world. I've seen Straker butchered in possible story ideas and even in stories. So no matter how much you agree or disagree with our interpretations, don't be a troll.

I write UFO with the same care and technique I would use for a story that wasn't fanfic. My husband does too.

I try to improve, too. As does he. The day a person decides they're an expert is the day that announces to their readership they don't know a thing about their craft.

So enjoy, readers. And thanks.

And thank you, Commander Straker. Where would we be without you?

Just an update. When I like an author's work I'm usually curious about them. So a little about us. I make no secret about suffering from mental illness both because of my genes and because I was severely abused by a schizophrenic mother. I'd been physically well aside from hypertension in spite of it. Then in 2004 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and later, arthritis. Recently blood tests showed me to have first stage kidney disease. On February 15 of this year I took another blood test. Then on February 22, a urine test. That day my husband accompanied me to the kidney doctor. She told me that I was the healthiest patient she'd seen all day. She said my kidney function was normal. This meant that my kidney wasn't failing, that either my hypertension meds or my intake of otc pain reliever had caused the jump in my creatine. My husband broke down and cried and he was overjoyed, he isn't in great health either and he's my writing partner. I was just in shock. Now they start me on a hypertension drug which more or less is like what I was taking, and we see if the creatine rises again. Then we'll know what causes it. My heart is slightly enlarged because of hypertension, so a bp drug is essential. But I always have believed in miracles. I intend to hang around a while. I intend to go on writing about Commander Straker, with the respect that he deserves.

Despite these damn birthdays that keep piling up, and certain people who don't exactly have any respect for anyone else but themselves.

I go on honoring Ed Bishop,and his family and his friends I go on cherishing his family's gifts to me. Gifts of Mr. Bishop's belongings and clothing. I am honored.

I am blessed.

So that's a little about me.

My husband? He's great. He's so like Straker, its spooky! No more needs to be said.

Ed and Amelia

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