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Guten Tag Peoples,

First off: GO READ THE CREATION OF EYECOW BY ISEEWIZARDS!! It's an HP fic that is funny and promotes a forum site. READ THE FIC AND JOIN THE SITE!! 'Tis lots of fun!! Site =

Okay then, now that that's done with...

I will admit right now that I am not much for writing fanfictions, I set up this accont so that I could keep track of the fanfictions that I am enjoying reading

Though I did post a fanfiction on Tammy's Emelan series, not that great but it could be way worse...I think...And a DN oneshot/songfic that's kinda cute

My personal favorite things to read fanfiction about are...welll...pretty much Tammy, Tammy, and more Tammy...I'm not obsessed...I like Romance and Humor, so, obviously, I love Romance/Humor fics.

Oh tay...other

I have no life, I am a really good writer...just not fanfics...I adore reading! Especially Tamora (pronounced Tamara) Pierce, J.K. Rowling, Erin Hunter and other such authors of The Bookshelf.

An extra special Guten Tag! to my sister Lily! Full name: Lily Evans Potter Star. She writes good fanfiction, go to her. Also a shoutout to SwiftShadow and Danica Potter!

Oh'm obssesed with Okapi, it's the only living relative, you know what? I'm not even going to try, go Google it yourself. I also like squirrels...especially white rabid squirrels named Frou, but the CARE teacher dashed that fantasy...go ask Lily.

And then there's Squire...sigh...I LOVE SQUIRE!! It inspired me to learn how to use a glaive, I currently own 4,996 glaives because the school confiscated 4 because they seem to find 5 foot wooden staffs with 18 inches of fine Yamani steel and and iron shod butt dangerous...and fire, yey fire!!

Hmmm...I suppose you want to know my age and what I look like and my real name and all that stuffs right?? Tay then, I look like Luna Lovegood (hence my name) + glasses + braces. My age, yeah, like I'm gonna tell you. And my name...well Luna's part of it so that's all you need to know, Dust and Allie too.


Most Beloved Ships:

Kel/Dom-There was never anything between Kel and Neal, get over it!! And they're so cute together and Kel never stopped crushing on Dom and Dom soooo likes her back: See pages 278-279 (approximatly) in Squire

Alanna/George-Alanna and Jon would have never worked, while, obviously, Alanna and George do

Jon/Thayet-He's a king, she's a queen, they love each other, end of story

Daine/Numair-Who cares about age? They're perfect for each other!

Aly/Nawat-Okay the whole crow/man thing is kind of...odd but they love each other and work with each other, what's wrong with that?

Buri/Raoul-A good match, size does not matter


Beka/Rosto-More Cutness!!

Tobe/Loey-Extra cutness 'cause they're little!!

Evin/Miri-Once again, more cutness!!

Roald/Shinko-Cutness, cutness, cutness!!

If I come up with any other's I promise I'll let you know.

Most Hated Ships:


Kel/Cleon-He was betrothed in the first place, which is annoying, but you can't really be mad at him. You see, Cleon's actually a good person, he just wasn't right for Kel.

Kel/Joren-Hello?? They're enemies. End of story

Kel/Raoul-...You've got to be joking...ARE YOU INSANE?!

Kel/anyone but Dom-Yeah...KD obsessed and proud of it!!

Alanna/Jon-Would never, never, work...ever.

Briar/Sandry/Tris/Daja-Siblings, never anything more, BUT, if they weren't siblings, Briar/Sandry would be kinda cute...but they're siblings so DEAL!!

O Tay then, my fanfiction:

The Four Mages of Foal's Shin-The most horrible title, but I don't do titles well at all. The story of people based upon me and three of my friends as though we were to meet Sandry, Briar, Tris, and Daja. So far I fell off a bridge, May was scolded by a water soaked teacher, Cassie killed a pen, and Brian fell out of a custard barrel. Instresting...Supposivly funny and I don't quite know where I'm going with it quite yet.

Accidentally In Love- Originally thought up as a Kel/Dom fic, but Lily and I agreed that it was better for Daine and Numair. Sonfic to Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows, a oneshot about Daine and Numair, post Lady Knight, just living life after a ball, it has them and their kids, I think it's cute, but I don't count...

If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or pulled the handle on a door that said push, copy this into your profile

Even when you cant see Him, GOD is there! If you belive in GOD put this in your profile

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, so weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

Admitting you are weird means you are normal. Saying that you are normal is odd. If you admit that you are weird and like it, copy this onto your profile.

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If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile.

Nerds are cool. Nerds are smart. Nerds will one day rule the universe. If you are a nerd and proud of it, copy and paste this into your profile.

92 percent of American teens would die if Abercombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breathe. Copy this in your profile if you would be the 8 percent that would be laughing your ass off.

If you know someone who should get run over by a bus, copy this into your profile.

98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this in your profile.

If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929, The Astrology Nerd, brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, The Gypsy-Pirate Queen, Queen of Serpents, Luna Dust

Favorite Protector of the Small Quotes: (This could take awhile...)


"You sure grew into this bruiser-Oh I see, a testy pony"~Dom

"Silence insubordinant curs! Do not sully my new squire's ears with your profane tales!"~Raoul

"I didn't think, I just did what my parents told me to do, for once."~Merric

"If it's not trying to kill me, I'll look all I can"~Kel

"Mithros no-I just don't joust with him anymore. I have my pride."~Raoul

"When one of my Riders said there was a crazy woman out here with a stripey bow, I thought he was pulling a fool's gambit on his old commander." ~Buri

"Does it seem cold to you all of a sudden? I beleive I'll find a blanket."~Dom

"Incredibly, why, words simply fail me about how educated I'm getting"~Neal

"I'm sick of this, call me what you like, say I'm without homor, I don't care. I'm not getting on any more horses to whack you people with a stick."~Kel

"The glory of knighthood is lovely isn't it? The brilliance and fury of battle, the sound of trumpets in the air, the flowers, and the pretty girls-or pretty boys, in your case-climbing all over us."~Raoul

"I know my lord, you wish I were a boy. But being a girl is more fun. More fun-er? Is that right?"~Kel

"Enough. We lived and you're depressing me. Tell her about the girantess who fell in love with you that year."~Buri

"Pox-rotted, money-blinded, mud-wallowing, donkey-whipping merchants"~Raoul

"Wear it in health and victory. Now, show the nice people."~Thayet

"Nobody ever says that, even with healers, your body still adds up your breaks and buises, then gives you the bill in your mid-thirites"~Alanna

Lady Knight:

"Tobe, miss. Tobeis Boon. I think I'm nine"~Tobe

"Kel, that monster has a boy under his belly"~Neal

"You mean he's another one of your strays. Didn't that griffin teach you anything?"~Neal

"I don't care if you was drunk or mad or takin' poppy or rainbow dream or laugh poweder, you bought my bond and signed your name and paid money for me and you can't return me to ol' Alvik. If you try I'll run off 'n' steal 'n' when I'm caught I'll say I belong to you so they'll want satisfaction from you. I mean it! You can't blame drink or drug or anything and then get rid of me because I won't go--See? You forgot me already-me, Tobeis Boon, whose bond you bought tonight. I knew you was drunk or takin' a drug or mad. But here I am an' here I stay. You need me to, to carry your wine jug, an' cut the poppy brick for you to smoke, an', an', make sure you eat-"~Tobe

"Who was that? Did you see that? He just-Peachblossom! He just took Peachblossom, and Peachblossom went!"~Owen

"I shrank in my last hot bath, I'm very disheartened by it"~Kel

"I suppose 'Mudpit' is a little depressing"~Kel

"Mithros save us, they'll allow any freak of nature up here, won't they? Meathead! They sent you out with no keeper?"~Dom

"That's Sir Meathead to you."~Meathead

"So you won't be calling me the girl that gutted Breakbone, my name is Keladry of Mindelan."~Kel

"Why? Because I'm another woman, and everyone knows women are sweet and helpful with each other? Because we're all sisters under the Goddess?"~Fanche

"If you hadn't said so, however would we guess? Oh, wait, not I remember-I saw dead Scanrans lying about somewhere."~Neal

"I respect you heaps, lady knight. I'd've thrown myself off a bridge, getting this assignment. You, you're there with lists and plans. You listen to every flap-mouthed bumpkin who thinks he can do your task better, and you anwer with a smile and thanks. Why, you've inspired me to be a blessing to my fellow bumpkin, just like you."~Neal

"I can turn him into something for you, if you like."~Numair

"Mistresses, have you ever noticed that when we disagree with a male-I hesitated to say 'man'-or find ourselves in a position over males, the first comment they make is always about our reputations or our monthlies?--If I disagree with you, should I place blame on the misworkings of your manhood? Or do I refrain from so serious an insult, far more serious, of course, than your hint that I am a whore. Because my mother taught me courtesy, I only sugest that my monthlies will come long after your hair has escaped you head entirely,"~Kel

"And you're not military folk? Oh, I forgot-you're a mage. Mages think, if you can't twiddle your fingers at it, what's the point?"~Seaver

"At least let me clean it. Unless you think you'll look really dangerous with your face rotting off"~Neal

"Sergeant Domitan, tell me these children aren't the result of your squad's Scanran frolics. Though I do admit, some of them look a little old to be yours."~Raoul

"No, my lord. I disobeyed you. I betrayed you. And I'd do it again, under the circumastances, not meaning any disrespect sir. But I miss Happy."~Owen

"Not a word. For once in your life, will you take a gift without arguing that you aren't worthy of it?--She took a blow to the head, I think. It leads her to say odd things. She needs a stay in the infirmary, just until she comes to her senses."~Neal

"You're not going to yell at her, are you, sir? Because you can't."~Owen

"I'm sorry! I don't tell babies when they're allowed to get born."~Neal


ICow: A fun HP site where everyone is crazy~

That's really about it, by the way...If you have any questions e-mail me, please R & R my fanfics. Danke und Auf Wiedersehen!

~~Luna Allie Dust~~

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