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Name: Shari Cooper pen name

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Location: You tell me...I'm still lost.

Religion: Atheist

Love Life: ...Jim Carson. That's all I'm going to say...But he's most likely going to become my love life. (It's sad, I'm 24 and haven't gone on a date since I was 14. That's when I started taking school seriously, and ended my social life.)

Job: DVM vet/owner of a long line of vet clinics

Favorite Singers/Bands: nick lachey, the wreckers, brooke hogan, boa, m2m, jang nara, se7en, chris daughtry, and many, many more.

Favorite Songs: 'this i swear'- nick lachey

Favorite Food: Kim-Chee and Rice or pizza

About Me:

I'm 24 years of age, graduated from a Swiss boarding school yeah, I'm one of those girls, and have a long line of vet clinics. I live in South Korea, but am always traveling, I never stay in one place for long. My main office is in Seoul, South Korea. I speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Italian all fluently. I speak a few other languages, but not as well as the ones stated. I love cyphers and cryptic messages, and am constantly playing around with them. My father is a well known cryptographer, who works with the government (no joke, I refuse to use my real name, for this reason). How I got interested in I'm not quite sure, I stumbled upon the site, and fell in love. Since then, I try to get on here when I have free time, which seems like never. Leave me a message if you would like. I most likely won't answer for a while, I get busy and never really check my other e-mail accounts, other then my work ones (which I usually don't give out to the public).

Personal Quote: "Lifes like a movie... only with a lot less sex..."

Contacts: (Please only contact me if you have questions or appropriate comments. Or any fans are welcome to message me and chat!)



Favorite Shippings:

Angstshipping-Malik Ishtar & Ryou Bakura

Arrogantshipping- Seto Kaiba & Mai Valentine

Blindshipping- Pharaoh Atem & Yugi Moto

Kiddyshipping- Mokuba Kaiba & Rebecca Hawkins

Polarshipping- Joey Wheeler & Mai Valentine

Puppyshipping- Seto Kaiba & Joey Wheeler

Puzzleshipping- Yami no Yugi & Yugi Moto

Siblingshipping- Mokuba Kaiba & Serenity Wheeler

Silentshipping- Seto Kaiba & Serenity Wheeler

Timidshipping- Yugi Moto & Serenity Wheeler

(I know all the shippings, if you want to know a certain one please e-mail me with the subject being "Shipping", and just tell me who you want and I'll either have it or know it. Also please use the Japanese names, it's easier for me! Thanks.)

Favorite Pairings:(In order of how much I like them)


Seto Kaiba and Serenity Wheeler

Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler

Rebecca Hawkins and Mokuba Kaiba

Serenity Wheeler and Mokuba Kaiba

Yami and Yugi Moto

Yami Bakura and Yami Marik

Ryou Bakura and Marik Ishtar

Seto Kaiba and Yami no Yugi

Tea Gardner and Yami no Yugi

Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

Zane Truesdale and Alexis Rhodes

Chazz Princeton and Jaden Yuki

Pairings I dislike:

Tea Gardner and Seto Kaiba (You've got to be kidding me. You only go out with Tea if you are a very inscure person and need pep talks through out breakfast, lunch, and dinner.)

Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba (Oh Ra... they're brothers for pitty's sake!)

Serenity Wheeler and Joey Wheeler (Once again they are family sister and brother -covers eyes- ick.)

Alexis Rhodes and anyone other then Zane Truesdale (They almost have Zane say he likes Alexis...don't ruin that.)


"Falling In Love With You (All Over Again)"--Finished

"I'll Be By Your Side"--Not Finished

"Love You"--Finished

"Trip Me, I Want To Fall For You"--Finished (Maybe...I might be adding more, since people seem to like the story.)

Stories That Have Not Been Posted Yet:

Well I should be working on "I'll Be By Your Side", but I'm not. I've been working on other stories. I'm having writers block when it comes to IBBYS...So when that goes away, I will post another chapter. Until then I will work on other stories.

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