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Good morning gents, my name is Rosa, please tip your waitresses as they have become strippers because of the economy.

Name?: Rosa, Rose, BTR, Sandwich, Rachel, God, whatever you want.

Gender?: I am of the feminine species.

Age?: I have decided to be seventy-three today.

Currently?: Doodling. Writing.

January 21, 2009; an update: LOL remembered my password, might actually write something if I'm not bored.

November 5th, 2007; An update: ASKGHAS. I'm still not dead, okay? I'm working, lovies. But school is smothering me. Also, my sense of humor has gone through some sort of horrible inappropriate puberty (thanks a lot, Colbert/Scrubs). So my writing has gone wacky. But if you still read my stories I love you. =D


What's with your name?: Uhh, you mean the Emo-ness? That was for POTO. It was originally SnickerDoodleRose, because I wanted a funny name, but I changed it for funsies. Since I knew I was going to write for POTO, I wanted a POTO-kind of name. Since I am Rosa I changed it to PinkTippedRose. But that didn't seem very phantom-y, so it got changed to BlackTippedRose.

Why not change it?: I'm semi-known now. (GASP!) If you type BlackTippedRose in on google, the first things you hit is my account, a recomendation to read me...and two hate blogs xD. And I like BTR. People remember the name and find me. But if I could change it, it would be LOLOLOLOLOLZROSE.

Are you going to write more Cameo Phics?: HECK YES :D Write now the only thing I am writing is Stairwell, which will probably be one of my only phangirl/anti-phan-free continued stories, but as soon as a good idea hits me...bring on the phangirls!

Why are you on fanfic?: Because I want people out there to get on this site too. I am talking to all the people who don't write for fanfic. I was once one of you, and I started writing just so I could be funny and put non-writers in my stories. I absolutly love people who do that, and now I'm one of them!
And for the funsies.

What the hell do you do besides write? Fail school, apprently. And theatre, mmmmmmmmmm I love theatre. I'm in a musical group, currently in Peter Pan (as Nana the Newfoundland, and I'm very proud of this don't even laugh xD) and I go to rehearals three times a week. I lovelovelove it.


These are a few ownsomely ownsome authors who's stories will have you in stiches or the fluff will be so rich that it makes you float.

Supergirrl: DEM I LOVE THIS GIRL LIKE, SO MUCH. All her stories are awesome, but you gotta read Cape Swooshing 101 (a phangirl cameo story!), which is very funny, and Frai Du Diable, which is plotful, funny, and one of the only Erik child story I'll read.
(I'm writing a parody with her! Click Parody of the Century!!)

GeriksLover (Used to be known as Kloolk): You gotta read Unmasked Love. It's both amazingly funny, and fluffy! Plus, she's a very nice person. xD Read it!!

WanderingTeen: I actually havn't read any of her stories incredibly heavily, but I hear she is amazingly funny and an awesome parody maker. Everyone says she's one of my compition.

PhantomOfTheBasket: She has a story, called Interviews With The Phantom Of The Opera Cast, and it is completly and utterly spectacular. Heavy on the fop-bashing, heck, heavy on the everyone-bashing. Except Erik. She seems to be unable to bash Erik yet. That's my job. But anyway, please, please, PLEASE, go read Basket's story!

Broadwaygirl257: Alright. I'll say this once. I looooove this girl's stories. They make me giggle uncontrollably, and you must check her out. She's hilar.

As you leave here, you will forget all I have babbled as I say always love.

~ Always Love ~

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