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Name: Brianna

Age: 13

Nickanme: Sakura (sometimes)

Favorite color (s): Pink and Navy Blue

Favorite Anime show: Naruto

Favorite Naruto couples: Sasuke Sakura (Favorite), Itachi Sakura, Gaara Sakura, Naruto Hinata, Neji Tenten, Ino Shikamaru, Temari Shikamaru

Ok so my stories are mostly going to be on Naruto and those couples up there are the ones I use and if you would like me to make you a story jus ask and tell em the main couple and the plot cuz i need something to do.

Also i have a Naruto fan site if you would like to visit it. There is a page of videos i made check them out plz. here is the

Here are my stories so far:

A Halloween no one will forget: Complete

Happy Sakura: Complete

Konoha High: Complete

Sasuke's Confession: Complete

Sasuke Will Be Back Right?: in progress

Some Pictures In Konoha High

This is Haruno Sakura in Konoha High the Punk version.

This is Uchiha Sasuke in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Uzumaki Naruto in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Hyuuga Hinata in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Tenten in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Hyuuga Neji in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Nara Shikamaru in Konoha High the punk version.

This is Yamanka Ino in Konoha High the punk version.

This is What Sasuke and Sakura look like in Sasuke's Confession

This is Haruno Sakura.

This is Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke and Sakura hugging.

This is What They are going to look like in Sasuke Will Be Back Right?

This is Sakura in her outfit before Sasuke left and she got captured.

This is Sasuke before he left.

This is Naruto before Sasuke left.

Ino before and after Sasuke left.

Shikamaru before and after Sasuke left.

Tenten before and after Sasuke left.

Hinata before and after Sasuke left.

Neji before and after Sasuke left.

Sakura working with Orochimaru.

Sasuke working with Orochimaru.



Tsunade before and after Sasuke left.

Uchiha Itachi.

The 3rd Hogake that died.

Jiraiya before and after Sasuke left.

Best Friends in the sotry, haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata.

Here is a poem i write in my spare time.



What is love?

Love is warmth

Pleasure with having someone in your arms

Is a consist feel you have

If you don't know what love is

then why do you live?

Love is life

Love is everything

Love is a feeling you get when you

studder around the opposite gender

When you feel like you can't stop thinking

about a certain person

When you can't keep them out of your mind

When you feel like being with them


When you love them

That is what love is

Love is wonderful.

Well hope you enjoy my stories!!

-Sakura The Meic Ninja-

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Sasuke's Confession reviews
This is about Sasuke confessing his true feelings to Sakura. T.j from my school wanted this story so i dedicate it to him and he nothing more then a friend. plz R&R! Rated K [one shot]
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Sometimes pranking somone on Halloween isn't a good idea becuase it can kill them. Well Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru be enough to stop him or will they die. Rated T for language. My first fanfic so no flames plz. finally finished!
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