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Ello ya'll it's FieryPhoenixGirl119,

I know I just disappeared for roughly a few years and up and left ya'll on some cliffhangers. For this I do apologize and hope to make it up to ya'll with some good updates, hopefully I haven't lost my touch.

About Me:

[x] Rarely get to see new anime or view manga so I might not be up-to-date on recent events or even know what's popular nowadays, though I will be thrilled to check out something new.

[x] Yes I use a lot of Japanese terms that I might or might not know the extensive meaning of (otosan, aniki, etc.) but I do it purely to prevent being repetitive (I doubt it would go over well if I said brother, Itachi, Sasuke, over and over again.

[x] I follow a general rule that the more people that review the story, the sooner I'll update it.

Contact goodies:

- I just started up a tumblr account, hoping to start networking with fans and to be more involved in the community. I don't know if this works or not but my tumblr account is under fieryphoenixgirl119, follow me for sneak peaks, fun facts, and early releases!

x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.CHAPTER 12 SNEAK PEEK x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

Itachi let Sasuke walk a bit of the way the following morning as they avoided paths to reduce the risk of being spotted. He hoped that they would come across another place that wasn’t connected to any major villages that wouldn’t feel intimidated by the attack of the sand village that would take them in. Unfortunately his position in the ANBU would make finding any safe place difficult if his identity were somehow known to the civilizations that he had done his dirty work at. He was lost in thought until he felt something tugging at his hand. “Nii-sama, I’m bored, can we practice please?” he begged with his pathetically cute eyes. He was about to reject the request when it came to him that if anything Sasuke would need to take a crashcourse in defensive and offensive unarmed combat. The elder Uchiha nodded to his younger brother, the little boy squealed a bit in happiness. His little brother had always loved spending time with him the most, absorbing information and lessons like a pint-sized sponge.

He found a suitable area a few hundred yards to the north and cleared the forest floor of fallen foliage and stones to create a sparring arena. He motioned for Sasuke to come to him in the center of the manmade clearing and began the lesson with a defensive crouching technique, trying to manipulate each position to turn his brother’s small stature to his advantage. He hated the next part of the lesson, but Sasuke would have to learn how to take a hit and stay alert. “Am I doing it right aniki?” the small boy asked desperately seeking his elder’s approval. “Yes ototo, you’re doing it perfectly. Now remember how mother would tell us not to horseplay? Well that rule is gone now. Close your eyes, I’m going to hit you and I need you to stay on your feet and immediately hit me back alright?” “Yes nii-sama.” Itachi made a flat palm and hit his brother in the shoulder, the feeling was alien to him and he felt sick as he did so but this was something he had to do, it could save their lives.

Sasuke hit the ground and clutched his shoulder, holding back tears. “I-I’m sorry niisama, I f-failed.” He got on his knees and stood up, rubbing his shoulder and dusting himself off. “It’s okay Sasuke, get ready for another, try harder to stay up alright?” “Okay nii-sama.”

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