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I have changed my penname, DRag0ness to DRag0n3ss

Those who are interested in knowing a little bit about me, please scroll down, those who aren't...SCREW YOU! And also for those who aren't interested, press the little button in the top right corner with the X on it. Thank you for your co-operation.

My Name: Call me by my pen name

Age: Why the hell do you need to know! Actually, I'm 13

Me: Scroll down

Favourite anime: Naruto, Tsubasa Chronicles, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, but my fav is BLEACH & OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB RIGHT NOW!

Favourite couples:

Gaara x Sakura Temari x Shikamaru

Ino x Sai Asuma x Kurenai

Neji x Tenten Genma x Shizune

Hayate x Yugao Syaoran x Sakura

Eriol x Tomoyo Matsumoto x Gin

Ichigo x Rukia Inoue x Ishida

I also love KakashiXOC 's and ByakuyaXOC's but there arent many so if you know a good one, tell me! Everyone always makes the characters too perfect which bothers me a lot so if there is a good one, you know what to do.

Least Favourite couples:

Orochimaru x Sakura (WRONG!)

Sasuke x Temari (EVEN WORSE)

Gaara x Anko (shudders)

Extra Note: I also hate all gay couples, couples with a big age difference and my sister. I'm too lazy to write down all the couples. I also hate crossover couples and my cousin. Its not that I have anything against gay people, its just that I dont think all the characters in the mangas are made to be gay.

Favourite Authors:

Hammy Uchiha, Wings of Jade, Videx, NoCareChakara,Princess-Tsunade,CrazyGirlofManyNames,desolate butterfly

Now for me...

Favourite singers: BoA Kwon, Ai Otsuka, Namie Amuro, Jang ri in

Favourite band: i dun have one

Favourite colour: PURPLE!

Hobbies: Writing fanfics, playing computer games, talking to da "Gang" on msn, listening to music, ruining my sister's life. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Favourite Quote: Act your age, not your shoe size.

Favourite Songs:Nanairo no Ashita, Amaenbo, Your Colour, Amazing Kiss, Jewel Song, Bidama, Milky Way, Meri Kuri, Planetarium, Key of Heart, Waiting, Winter Love, Girl Talk, First Snow, A Song With no Name, Double, Spark, The Love Bug, Moon and Sunrise, Queen of Hip Pop, Timeless, Heroine, Discovery, Put' em Up, Shine More, Can't Sleep Can't Eat I'm Sick, Feel The Same, Endless Sorrow, Etude,Candle Light (check these out at youtube!)

Favourite Fanfics: Gai-sensei Nightmare and Forty Ways to Scare a Ninja (Everyone has to check these out! The funniest stories on in my opinion) Also check-out Flower of Konoha, i gaurantee you will love it cause its the best story in whole world compared to the trash that I write!

Also, I would like to announce that my story "I Need to Scratch My Head " Chapter 2 is actually based on something that happened in my science class! Thats how I got the idea for the story, but there was nothing about a meeting in the bathroom, so yeah, you get my point right? My class is so funny ...hehehe. I think I should base another story about something that happened in my class or another chapter about it...thank you Robert for the idea!

I'm going to delete my first fanfic and rewrite it cuz i din really like it...actually, i might not even post it up again. I am also going to rewrite Go Away! because it was the worst story ever! It will have a new title and story line and I'm changing some names yadda yadda yak yak.

OMFG!! Kakashi didn't die! I thank God and Naruto for saving his life!!! I LOVE KAKASHI!!!!

Well anyway, if you want me to write you a story, I can write you one for free, you can ask for a million and they are all free, as long as you send me a message about how you want it and i'll write it. Just send me request through email, not through a review. And if you wanna know how long it will take me, it will take at least a week.

Special thankies to:

1. dragonfly454

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5. Da Bitchy BitchSlapin Kunoichi

x2 6. To.Love.a.Panda.Chan.

Special thankies to VioletNatalia for all the reviews you gave me!!

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x2 10. ramon19923

Special thankies!!!!

I'm not telling you why I chose these names but you will find out one day because everyone finds out about these type of things one day

Thankies a million times! THANKIES TO Y'ALL!

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