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Wow people. I just read my profile and I am SOOOO embarressed. The words YOUNG and DUMB spring to mind.
It's nice though because it shows just how much you've changed over the years. One thing's stayed the same though: my interest in music. A lot of things have changed about me. As I've grown up I'm no longer the immature, self-centred teenager I was all those years ago...(Fine, I'm NEARLY not!!) My thirst and eagerness for learning has stayed the same, although every year I seem to stray slightly and find it hard to narrow my focus down onto a single subject, until now. I've only been studying science for not even a year but it's so interesting it's managed to keep me hooked right from the very beginning. I first came across the Professor Layton games by chance. It's the most brilliant thing I've ever done. Those puzzles are genius and I can't thank them enough. I'm hoping to go into criminology, which is the study on why criminals commit crimes (basically tells ya in the title) and well...that's it really.

Haha. Amazes myself how I can change in a year! Never finished my science course, and as for crimininology--really?! Am back doing my nursing, and already it's boring me. Hmm wonder if I will stick it out this year?

▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ LOUDER !

► Play. ▌▌ Pause. ■ Stop«

ツ - ~Caz~ - ツ

You wanna be, a loser like me!

I don't know if any of the above graphics will be displayed but i hope it does as I like stuff like that!!

I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy and have been playing it since I was about knee high. (celebrating my 20th B-day this summer!! 21st in 2012!) I love going to school because I am very eager to learn things adn enjoy the company of my friends! In my spare time, I like to just chill out, read, write, solve. Meh. I also like sitting on my skinny ass all day watching TV crime shows like CSI (soooo predictable), one born every minute (birth is not THAT traumatic...) Glee (I'm such a GEEK!!) and well...whatever's on that's worth watching really.

If I could describe myself, I would say that I'm an idiot. I can do some of the most stupidest things that you would never imagine. For example, I walked into a mirror in a shop and appologised, even though I could clearly see my own reflection, the words "I'm terribly sorry" came out my mouth...cringe...

That's it really. Want to know anything else? Like where I got those amazing six inch heels from (jokes!), then drop me a line!

Can I also just say, that I absolutely hate writing about sex stories! it's one of my worst areas. (Please note, I AM sexually active, and have been for a damned good while!) I get so pissed off when I'm reading other people's stories and they go on about the girl being a virgin, and it hurting and her crying, blah, blah blah, PLEASE!! give it a rest already, if sex was done properly (and I cannot stress this enough!) it shouldn't hurt! uncomfortable, yeah, and damned well awkward, but far from sore!!
GRR! Rant over LOL!

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