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If you are reading this, I am assuming that it's because you read one of my stories. If so, then thank you so much! Writing is something that I do for myself, but it's so great to know that I may be entertaining someone else. Thank you for your interest!

And . . . thank you for your time. I'm incapable, it seems, of writing a ''short'' story. And a short profile entry, apparently.

About me:

I work. ALOT. I am lucky to have a job that requires travel. Places in the world where you might find me (in order of likelihood): Mexico, the Philippines, Argentina, the UK, Germany, and the US. I hold a US passport, but in the past couple of years, I have spent more time out of the US than in it. My actual adress is in California. In the US, I have lived in West Virginia (let's go Mountaineers!), New York, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Montana, and California.

Alot of my writing is done while I am travelling, which is good, but it can also take me forever to get something done.

Television is a great escape in which to lose oneself for an hour or two and there are so many wonderful programs out there! I love anything that is well done, though I like drama more than I like the half hour comedy format that seems to be so popular these days. Writing fan fic for me is like it is for lots of folks who write it: An outlet for a restless mind that can't help but to think, ''What if?'' and "Could there be more?'' This is especially true if a show is no longer airing.

About my writing:

I write for me. I can make hours of a long flight pass in the blink of an eye if I'm writing. It's also a great way for me to focus on something that doesn't have to do with my work. I also like the aspect of doing research for a story as needed. What a great way to learn some history or about a topic in which you wouldn't have neccessarily have any interest!

I write cannon, though I'm not above making my own cannon if gaps exist in what's already out there, especially if a show is no longer airing. I also want my cannon characters to sound and act as though they would have in the original show. If you feel that they don't, I want to know about it. I frequently re-watch shows just to check my dialogue and my characters. (Love you, NetFlix!)

Also, I am guilty of creating original characters, if only as foils for the cannon characters. If you think that my OC's are running away with the story, drop me a line. I know that I don't have the talent to write OC's that could carry a work. If I did, I'd be writing for a living. Preferably on a beach somewhere. And I know that you aren't reading to be entertained by my characters, you're reading because you're a fan of the original work.

I will beta for other people. Though, I'm only willing to do it in the fandoms in which I write. These include: The Equalizer, The Rat Patrol, 12 O'Clock High, the Avengers (of the Steed/Peel variety not the Marvel Comics ones) and Doctor Who. I like to have betas for my own work, though sometimes I admit that I publish without one. I seriously recommend them, though. Betas will make your work better, not only in one story, but in all of your future work, too. Send me an email if you'd like for me to beta for you, or, if you'd like to beta for me.

Critique makes me happy. Don't be shy about dropping me a line or a review, even if you feel that it's particularly not glowing. I like things that make me think.

I only post things that are finished. Even if I'm posting by chapter, the work that you are reading is finished. I won't leave you hanging any more than is needed. I don't publish everything I write. I only publish things that I feel meet a certain standard and I have a pile of fics that are doing nothing but clogging up a hard drive to prove it.

My Fan Fic likes/dislikes:

I like:

Stories that explore human relationships, personal conflicts (getting inside of a characters head), tough situations, mystery and drama. I also like (and I admit here for the first time): Angst and Hurt/Comfort. It's a guilty pleasure, really.

Stories in which the characters are true to cannon. Shipping is okay if it's true to cannon and not the main focus of the story.

Clever plot lines. Trampling through the tropes for comedic effect or, as a plot device if used in an unexpected way.

Online fan fiction archives. Some might say that the death of the zine was the death of good fan fic (no one is editting anyone, imposing quality control, etc.) I disagree. Online archives are a great way for everyone to enjoy fan fic and maybe even get inspired to write it.

A really well done cross over where the author knows both shows and the cross over makes sense in both show's universes.

I dislike:

Slash, especially if it's not even close to cannon. Gratitous graphic sex of all types. Gratituous graphic violence/torure. A writer has to be pretty skilled to have a story support any of the three of those things with a purpose that's not just to write about those things. If you do write them, I support your right to do so. And depending on the fandom, I'll probably read them anyway, just to see what else is in there with those things.

Stories where first you're inside someone's head in one paragraph, then inside another's in the next sentence, and then inside of someone else's head for the next three words, etc. I can't even read that without cringing.

I don't like Mary Sue's (though I confess, my first fan fics were full of them and I swear: They'll never see the light of day. My cheeks grow pink even when only even thinking about them!)

Obvious self insertion, whether it's intentional or not. Yuck! And to that end, people writing about the actors who played the characters interacting with the self inserted writer. Double yuck!

Stories that get abandoned like unwanted kittens along the side of the road, unloved and never finished.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it! Happy writing and reading!

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