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Whats up everybody ! This is DreadNation, you can call me, DreadNation, DN or by my real name, Michael. I have no problem with you guys if you know my actual real name. So to be really honest, I am not a special guy. I am just on ordinary Teenager, which thought, it will be cool, to join FanFiction and express my ideas, thoughts and other wise.

Now to start things off, I am new here. Pretty much a newbie on this site, and on writing or telling stories. So if I make any mistakes, just go easy on me. If I ever do a mistake, forget and forgive me. And I'll do my best, to learn from those mistakes and never do them again. To be clear, everything I am doing. I am doing it for you guys, to entertain you guys, with my FanFiction's that is if I do any, I am still thinking on that part. Or to support you guys.

Now I pretty much, want to thank T8E.CR34TOR, because of him. I have discovered this site, I now like to read, and write. And I really enjoy his FanFictions. My favorite stories from T8E.CR34TOR are: Rio Restart, Restart Forever, Rio New Kind Of Story. So go to him, and show him some amazing love and support.

Now I decided to write more about me. So let us start with, with what I actual like to watch. Franchises/Sagas/Trilogy. If I mention some films, which do have a sequel know that I like that sequel as well. So lets begin, shall we ? :)

My Favorites

Movies: Rio, Rio 2, Avengers (All of the MCU Movies so far), Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy, James Cameron's Avatar, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Kung Fu Panda Trilogy, Predator, Predator 2, Aliens Vs Predator, Predators, Gladiator, Star Wars, Goodfellas, Casino, Madagascar Trilogy, Back To The Future Trilogy, Gran Torino, Inception, The Prestige, The Judge, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes Trilogy, The Notebook, Maze Runner Trilogy, X-Men Trilogy, Wolverine Trilogy, Terminator 1, Terminator 2, Pulp Fiction, The Matrix Trilogy, Flight Movie (The guy which flew an upside down plane, ring any bells ?) Jurassic Park Trilogy, Jurassic World Trilogy, Two Brothers, Life Of Pi, Fight Club, Troy, The Lion King, Man Of Stell, Wonder Woman Transformers Trilogy (Michael Bay's Universe, I know ya'll thing, but they are an okay movies) Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising. How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, The Mask Of Zorro, The Legend Of Zorro, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump.

TV Shows: Transformers Prime, Star Wars The Clone Wars, How To Train Your Dragon (All Seasons), Samurai Jack, Young Justice (Season 1 & 2), Iron Man (1994-1996) The Spectacular Spider-man (1994-1998) Spider-Man: Unlimited, Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness (All seasons), Samurai Jack.

Favorite Food And Drinks: Pizza, Hamburgers, Soda, Mango Cocktail, Banana Cocktail.

My Favorite Characters: Optimus Prime (TFP), Megatron (TFP), Soundwave (TFP), Wheeljack (TFP), Arcee (TFP) Ultra Magnus (TFP), Darth Vader, General Grievous, Blu & Jewel, Carla, Bia, Tiago (Rio 1 & 2), Toothless (HTTYD), Iron Man, Thanos, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Batman (TDKT) Superman (MOS) Spider-Man,

Video Games: Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed Origins, Star Wars Republic Commandos, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005), Dark Souls, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Transformers War For Cybertron, Transformers Fall Of Cybertron, Minecraft.

Music: Eminem, 21 Savage, Cardi B, 6ix9ine, Migos, John Jackson, Five For Fighting, Elvis Presley, Little Richard,

Favorite Songs: Return To Sender, Jailhouse Rock, Blue Suede Shoes, Ain't nothin' but a hound dog by Elvis Presley, Long Tall Sally, Tutti Frutti by Little Richard, Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, Earth Angel by The Penguins, Hot Wings (I wanna Party) by Rio Movie, What is love by Janelle Monae, Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, 100 Years by Five For Fighting, Fly Love by Jamie Foxx from Rio Movie, Upside Down by Jack Johnson, Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing by John Legend, Southern Night by Glen Campbell, I want you back by Jackson 5, T-Shirt by Migos, 7 min Freestyle by 21 Savage, Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, Rap God by Eminem, Kooda by 6ix9ine.

My Favorite Animals: Cat, Macaw, Snake, Tiger, Cheetah.

My Favorite things in life: Family, Friends, Music, My Lego Bionicle Mocs, My Jordan shoes, Technology.

My Favorite Actors Of All Time: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Paul Walker (RIP), Tyrese Gibson, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Scarllet Johansson, Robert De Niro, Morgen Freeman, Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson.

Things I don't like (If I can mention them)

Okay lets get down to business, I don't want to be involved or see anything Blasphemous, taking the lord's name in vain and worse, swear at the lord. Here you and I respect the Bible, like your very own life depends on it. Also I don't like a toxic comment section. I don't want you guys to be mean towards each other, and most importantly don't be mean to me. If I make any mistakes, or anything. Like I said, I am new here, I hope I won't make any mistakes but if it happens, please forgive and forget and go easy on me. I hope we can all get along with each other, I want our community to be respectful, every one is entitled to there own opinion. Just don't say it in a mean way, you can say multiple things in 100 millions of ways. I prefer for you to say it in a good way. Also I don't like when people swear at me or curse me even worse then that. With no actual reason, I don't like that. Keep true to my rules, and we all should be cool with each other. Cool ? So cool :)

If I use any swearing in my FanFiction is because to make the scene funny, dramatic, tragic or other wise. Either then that, no swearing for I want to keep my FanFictions that is if I do any, PG-13 well at least to the max PG-13. Also I won't be writing any lemons, for I heard you can get in trouble. So I am not going to post any lemons. Because I deem it is not necessary for the story to progress, I won't post any lemons what so ever.

Favorite Parings (With other people OCs)

Blu & Jewel

Carla & Renaldo

Bia & Miguel

Tiago & Lisa

Roberto & Liz

Alex & Ivory

Optimus Prime & Arcee

Po & Tigress

Rafael & Eva

Toothless & Light Fury

Hiccup & Astrid

Note: Some characters don't belong to me. They belong to there respective owner. One of them being Alexriolover95. So go to him as well and show him some love and support him.

Favorite Siblin/Friends Pairs

Carla, Bia and Tiago

Alex and Blu

Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead

Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus

Favorite Hero Vs Villain Pairs

Optimus Prime Vs Megatron

Primus Vs Unicron

Blu Vs Nigel

Wheeljack Vs Soundwave

Bulkhead Vs Breakdown

Arcee Vs Airachnid

Luke Skywalker Vs Darth Vader

Batman Vs Joker

Superman Vs Lex Luthor

Snake eyes vs Storm shadow

Samurai Jack Vs Aku

The List Of My Friends on FanFiction, I suggest you also check them out, because they have amazing stories too


Don't worry if I did not added you, the list will keep growing as the time goes by.

Plus everyone who added fav/follow's to me and stories

Now I was serious, please check out this guy, for he has amazing Stories. And T8E.CR34TOR was and is very friendly to me, and I have been supporting him, since I have read his stories of Rio. So go to him and the others, which I will add if they want to be my friends. Go and show him and others which are going to come, love and follow and favorite there stories, and keep supporting them.

Also I have something to say, for all you haters of Jewel in Rio Franchise, all the credit goes to Alexriolover95.

A message for those who claim Jewel is an unfaithful mother and mate!

To all of those who claim Jewel is a very bad character, I have some things to say!

All of you trolls who say that Jewel should die, you are the ones that need to die. All of you say that Jewel is a... (bad words that you guys probably know) and yet, you have no proof whatsoever!

I bet you trolls didn't even see Rio and Rio 2 if you say such things because the evidence is there! Basically, Jewel never showed one second of disloyalty towards Blu and her kids! In fact, she is the perfect role model for mothers and wives around the world, who want to be a better mother and wife to their kids and husband!

So to all of you Jewel haters, let me make one thing clear!

You will never, ever win because for every one of you there are, there are many more of us who will fight you and keep you in check!

Again, if you believe in this, than you have my permission to copy and paste this on your profile!

Favorite Quotes and Lines Of All Time

  • "Gotta keep it spicy! You gotta puff out that chest, swing that tail, eyes narrowed, like some kind of crazy love hawk!" - Pedro (Rio)
  • "I'm not gonna let you go! We're chained-to-each-other birds, remember?" - Blu (Rio)
  • "Yippie-ki-yay, monkey-man!" - Pedro (Rio)
  • "Pedro: Ain't that the bird from the cage?" (Rio)
  • "Nico: I think our love lessons went down smooth." (Rio)
  • "Pedro: You work fast!" (Rio)
  • "Nico: Baby got big!" (Rio)
  • "Pedro: You was locked up and now you're rollin' up with a hot wing! Woo! I wanna be like you!" (Rio)
  • "Blu: Oh, no, no! It's not what you think. We're just uh... chained together." (Rio)
  • "Nico: Hey, I'm not judging you." (Rio)
  • “But I love my family much more, and that’s a choice I made with this. Not with this.” - Rafael (Rio)
  • “Happy wife, happy life.” - Rafael (Rio 2)
  • “The price of freedom is high, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay.” - Steve Rogers (Captain America: Winter Soldier)
  • “We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.” - Steve Rogers (Captain America: Civil War)
  • “You’re not brave. Men are brave.” - Batman (Dawn of Justice)
  • "Birds of Blue Feathers, have to stick together." - Blu (Rio 2)
  • "Hasta la vista, baby." - The Terminator (Terminator 2 The Judgement Day)
  • "Don't talk like one of them. You're not! Even if you'd like to be. To them, you're just a freak, like me! They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve." - The Joker (The Dark Knight)
  • "Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight." - James Gordon (The Dark Knight)
  • "Why so serious?" - The Joker (The Dark Knight)
  • "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)
  • "Swear to me!" - Batman (Batman Begins)
  • "Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."- Alfred (The Dark Knight)
  • "Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!" - Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)
  • "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
  • "My Mama says that stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
  • "My Mama always said, dyin' was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn't" - Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
  • "Tony, I'm glad you're back at the compound. I don't like the idea of you rattling around a mansion by yourself. We all need family. The Avengers are yours. Maybe more so than mine. I've been on my own since I was 18. I never really fit in anywhere, even in the army. My faith's in people, I guess. Individuals. And I'm happy to say that, for the most part, they haven't let me down. Which is why I can't let them down either. Locks can be replaced, but maybe they shouldn't. I know I hurt you, Tony. I guess I thought by not telling you about your parents I was sparing you, but I can see now that I was really sparing myself, and I'm sorry. Hopefully one day you can understand. I wish we agreed on the Accords, I really do. I know you're doing what you believe in, and that's all any of us can do. That's all any of us should. So no matter what, I promise you, if you need us…if you need me…I'll be there." - Steve Rogers (Captain America: Civil War)
  • "One shall stand, one shall fall." - Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • "There's more to them than meets the eye." - Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." - Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • "You didn't betray me. You betrayed yourself." - Optimus Prime (Transfomers: Dark Of The Moon)
  • "Wisdom can not be granted. It must be earned. Sometimes at a cost" - Optimus Prime
  • "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing" - Optimus Prime
  • "We can all be Heroes in our won lives, every one of us, if we only have the courage to try" - Optimus Prime
  • "You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves, from here, the fight will be your own" - Optimus Prime (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon)
  • "Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity Starscream!" - Megatron
  • "Revenge will not bring back those we have lost" - Optimus Prime
  • "The greatest weakness of humans is their hesitancy to tell other, how they love them while they're alive" - Optimus Prime
  • "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? " - Dirty Harry
  • "Go ahead, make my day" - Dirty Harry"
  • How to reach me ?

    Just simply PM me (Private message me, if you don' know what PM means) anytime you want. Though, because I live in Europe. I won't be exactly ASAP there to answer, do to the fact, that in Europe it is a different time line. Though I have some rules.

  • I want our conversation to be friendly.
  • I won't be talking to you guys about your private life or mine. Only if I know you guys really really good. And trust you.
  • The reason why, I won't be talking about your private life's, is just because it isn't any of my business, and vice versa.
  • No conversation, involving cursing or swearing words or anything blasphemy either.
  • No conversation about drinking problems, you might ask yourself why ? Because you can go to therapy and there are more qualified people better then me, to talk about such things.
  • Also, I won't be having conversation about my ideas, because I don't want for it to be stolen.
  • Please, keep our conversations civil, respectful and friendly.
  • We can talk about, things which I like and you like, maybe we have something in common. We can talk about theories, ideas for movies and all that.
  • If you want my skype. Fine, I'll give my skype away in PM conversation, to talk about anything. Rio, Pirates Of The Caribbean all that good stuff, which we all like.
  • And please, I beg you, keep our conversation friendly, civil and respectful. Okay ? Cool ? So cool
  • Where I come from ?

    Ya'll are going to be surprised about it, but I am not an American or a British person. I come from Romania, and live in Europe. That is all you guys need to know. After all I don't think it matters, where I come from. Just know this I won't be giving my age. Just be pleased with this. I am an just a Teenager from Romania which his name is Michael.

    My Wishes

  • One day, to meet my Jewel, to my Blu
  • To raise a Family (two daughters and one son) hmm wonder if that is familiar Blu & Jewel hmm ? 2 daughters and one son ? Ah just coincidence :)
  • To be the best man, husband and father to my family and in my life
  • One day, I want to look like. Hear me out on this one. Big as Dwayne Johnson, slick like Jason Statham, to look like Chris Hemsworth, muscular like Vin Diesel, charismatic like Robert Downey Jr, and funny like Ryan Reynolds. Yeah I have a lot of work to do :))
  • I wish for my Girl, not to be jealous what so ever. Because there is no way in hell, I will cheat on my girl. I want my girl to trust me, and vice versa.
  • Make me the happiest and most trustworthy man, husband, father on earth and in the entire universe, and vice versa of course ladies ;)
  • Love the things which I love. There is always room to make compromises :)
  • And be lovely and carrying just like Jewel. (Okay that sounds over the head but, well Jewel is a good idol to try to be like her, oh and righteous like god)
  • Yes I am a christian, a hardcore christian, and I wish to my girlfriend/wife, to be a christian or to convert being a christian, come one man. You know Jesus is the way, and you know I am right, and you know Jesus is right. :)
  • I thought I'd make a list of the upcoming movies that I plan to see, but anything that is striked through, is a movie that I have seen. All from 2018-2020, and beyond that.

    Rio 3 (Of Course it is the first movie I want to see, duh)

    Avatar 2 (James hope you are finished, cause I can't wait anymore)




    Captain Marvel

    Avengers 4 (No title yet...)

    Green Lantern Corps

    How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

    The Predator

    Spider-Man 2: Far From Home

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Transformers 6 (Or the new reboot)


    Minecraft: The Movie

    The New Mutants

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3

    Star Wars Episode IX

    Kung Fu Panda 4

    The Flash

    The Batman

    Wonder Woman 2

    My Account And Final Thoughts

    Yes I do have a YouTube Channel its called: Official DreadNation

    Here you have the link to subscribe if you want to : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzaKdYTW2CBV2Gy6OuPeDUg?view_as=subscriber

    I can post everything you guys want. If you like Lego like me, then go and see my latest video. I make Mocs (My Own Creation) and post them in a slideshow with some epic music in the background to enjoy. So if you want you can go and subscribe to my channel.

    So now about my FanFiction, like I said, I am a newbie at writing stories. I am not joking. But I won't allow that to stop me from trying it out. Now if I ever decide to do a FanFiction story. Just know this, it will have elements from the Marvel Universe into the Transformers Universe. I might take some elements from Marvel, and make a Transformers story. It will be different, it will be its own universe. Now till I finally decide when I am going to publish it, I will be reading other people's stories. And learn how to write much better and with every single significant detail. I might not be a pro at my first try. But that's why I will have you guys to support me. Please leave your constructive criticism, and help me improve much more in the future. Now that was it. I'll see you guys, when I finally decide to write the story. Till then, Have a nice day, see ya :)

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