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Hello, ma'am or sir, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Probably. I don't know you, you could be a jerk. On the off chance that you're not a total turdball, however, I extend to you my warmest greetings.

My name is Serac, and I am a young man of an indeterminate age and incredible handsomeness. I can be likened to the bronzed, chiseled idols of any myriad of super hot gods. I mean, the Greek pantheon was totally full of those, right? All ripped and posing and stuff. Eating grapes. Maybe with, like, a sweet chalice nearby. I want a chalice... Hm. Or maybe for the more practical among you, I could be likened to Johnny Depp. Yeah, that sounds good. Actually, forget all of that other stuff I said. Let's go with Depp.

I currently live in the United States, a place where I have somehow still not become the leader of. Which is probably a good thing for me. I would probably get assassinated after, like, twenty minutes. Things would be super different for those twenty minutes, though. Here are some of the changes I would enact, invoking the fury of practically everyone!

1. All high schools would have to enforce a uniform policy. The dudes would all have to wear blazers and ties with matching pants, and the ladies would all have to wear sailor uniforms with just above the knee skirts. There would also be no seasonal exceptions! I don't care if it's 110 in Phoenix or -20 in New York. We're all gonna look good, and we're all gonna like it, dammit. ...Oh, wait, I'm being sued? ...Heatstroke? ...Frostbite? Don't try and confuse me with your made up words and things!

2. I would gradually introduce and implement the metric system. I'm pretty sure we're the only people left who don't widely use it. I recently asked fifty different people how many centimeters were in an inch, and only four of them knew. Two of the four were engineers, one was a nurse, and I don't remember the fourth one. Gotta step up our measuring game, America!

3. I would raise the federal minimum wage. Here is an example that most of us can understand. Papa John's pizza would need to raise the prices of its pizzas by one quarter to offset the cost of raising its employee's wages to ten dollars an hour. I would happily pay one quarter more for my pizza to ensure that they get paid that much. I know a bunch of people feel the same, but I know that there are some of you who think that's an awful idea. You're the turdballs I was referring to at the start of my profile.

4. I went to a gun shop today, and it was totally sweet. I don't think they have to be taken away or anything, but there should be some sort of psychoanalysis before I can buy one. Because I don't have any questionable history of any sort, I can go in there and buy a gun and have it in my house on the third day. I will have a badass revolver by the end of the year, but it shouldn't be so easy for me to get one. That's just not very smart...

5. I would set out initiatives to phase out automatic transmission cars, and gradually get everyone to drive manuals. It sounds like a pain in the buns right now, but trust me. You'll all feel smarter and cooler once it's over. Dude, trust me. Your girlfriend will love you, like, three times more. Your boyfriend, ladies, will actually let you drive his car sometimes because you will be able to. Oh, and he'll love you more, too. See? I care about you guys. You're gonna make it, you crazy kids.

6. Corporations would no longer be allowed the right of 'personhood'. That's a bunch of crap. That is probably why I would get assassinated.

7. I would put forth legislation to legalize gay marriage. Because why hasn't that happened already? What a dumb thing to fight over.

Those are the first things that come to my mind. ...I probably should have rearranged it so that the uniform one was not number one. I swear, I am as pure as the driven snow!

To those who actually came here to find out real stuff, I have little of that to offer. Oh, I somehow got addicted to this electronic music stuff. I don't know how it happened, but my brain is full of dubstep, chillstep, and glitch hop. So yeah, share that stuff with me, playas. Also, I wound up turning into one of those douches that spends too much time at the gym and thinks they look better in the mirror than they actually do. I don't have any bathroom selfies yet and, God willing, I never will, but there's something about working out that makes you want to do it... As far as writing goes, I am working at a steady clip. Or at least as steady a clip as I am likely to. My current projects and ideas are as follows...

(A) Fetish? What's A Fetish? - I have resumed working on this story as of 3/3/15. I have made surprisingly good progress, but so far the plan is to finish the story before posting any of it. Many years ago I had a similar burst of inspiration, only to stop after three or so chapters. I wouldn't want to repeat such a shameful thing.

(B) Fate/Dusk - I love Fate/Stay Night more than any other anime/VN/manga. That being the case, it only made sense to really tackle this project carefully. If you have read any of my other works then you know that I have a tendency to rely heavily on dialogue and use humor as a crutch to prop things up when there isn't much else to do so. With Fate/Dusk, however, I will not be doing that. I plan to really set myself to task on writing this, and will do the best that I am currently able to do. I absolutely would love to hear from readers, as the story is still evolving and taking shape as I write it. The plan is to update every other Friday. I sincerely hope you'll join me for the ride.

(C) Baka And Test - I have this really weird desire to write a romance/comedy story for Baka And Test featuring Akihisa and Shimada. Of course everyone would be involved and there would be ridiculous over the top stuff happening like crazy, but that would be the ultimate pairing for the story. Would anyone be interested in this? Or, if there is already a story like that, can someone point it out to me? I don't have to write it if it's already been done, but I thought it would be a lot of fun.

And for now that's it. If any of you homies know of excellent stories in the below mentioned series, feel free to share them with me. I am a good reviewer, generally, and not nearly as critical of other's works as I am my own. So be not afraid, ye women and children! I'll not destroy you. Dudes, you know we're cool already. *Brofist* Now for the series I am mostly interested in reading about right now!

Fate/Stay Night

Baka And Test

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Panic


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