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Well, meeresstern1983, that's me. I'm studying biology, but even if I'm an adult, I still like manga and anime. My favourites are Naruto, Angel Sanctuary, D.N.Angel and some others. Other hobbies include drawing, singing and playing soccer, even if I'm a female. Sometimes I also write songs or fanfics. I'm not very good at it, but because I only do this as a hobby, it doesn't matter. Perhaps I should warn possible readers of the fanfic(s) I publish here. I like alternative pairings and I've got a strange humour. You can see this strange humour in some of my fanfics, but I have not published those here yet.

My English is "transatlantic" English, a mixture between AE and BE and I am NOT a native speaker of English. So please don't kill me, if my English has grammar or spelling mistakes. My so-called "transatlantic" English shows especially strong, if I don't use a spell check... What else? Ah! I'm learning Japanese and for that reason, I WILL use Japanese terms with Japanese grammar and the direct transcription from Hiragana/Katakana into Romaji.

And I do not write Yaoi. I have nothing against homosexuals, everybody can love who he/she wants to love, but I HATE it, when extreme Yaoi-Fans decide to write a Yaoi-Story with characters that have no romantically feelings for each other in a non-yaoi story. This is simply stupid and annoying in my opinion. Okay, I'm also no saint with my love for alternative pairings, but this huge amount of Yaoi-FFs even if they are about a series that is not a shounen-ai-/yaoi-story is in my opinion very annoying and pushes my tolerance level to the end. And because I don't like it, I don't read it either. But those people who like it can still read it, I accept this. Some of my best friends are Yaoi-fans, and we still have fun with each other. This world is a modern world and tolerance is a keyword for me.

Okay, enough ranting for now. My favourite pairings are:


SakuraXAkatsuki, especially Deidara, Itachi and sometimes Sasori (don't ask me why...)



Inu Yasha:

KagomeXFluffy (also known as Sesshoumaru)

Angel Sanctuary:

MichaelXSara (DON'T. ASK. PLEASE.)

As you can see, all alternative pairings (with the possible exception of Riku/Dark) and hetero. But I am on a Naruto-Hype at the moment, so I'm currently hanging around in the Naruto-FF-area for the most time...

Pet peeves:

Why oh why are many native speakers of English seemingly not able to distinguish between "your"/"you're", "their/they're/there", "know/now", "knew/new" and "accept/expect/except"? English is not my mother tongue and I can distinguish them quite well. And for those of you who have difficulties with distinguishing them and happen to visit my profile (even if I don't think many of you will ever do that) I will try to explain the differences. If you want to hate me, go ahead.

1. "your/you're"

"Your" is a possesive pronoun. Meaning, it shows "ownership" about something or somebody. An example for this would be "In Sakura's mind" = "In the mind of Sakura", another one would be "your house" = "the house you live in". With some luck and much money you even bought it. If not, it usually belongs to your parents and you just live with them. In short: Every word that stands directly behind "your" is a NOUN.

"You're" is the short form of "you are". And if you paid attention in grammer class you should know that "you are" is the second person singular of the verb "to be". In the context of a sentence this means that every word behind "you're" is either another VERB (it usually ends with "-ing", its present progressive form) or an ADJECTIVE/ADVERB (no "-ing" at the end of the word). Two examples would be "you're drawing a picture" and "you're hurt badly". The first one implies that you are drawing a picture in exactly this moment, the second one describes the extend of your injurie(s).

2. "their/they're/there"

"Their" and "they're" have the same relationship as "your" and "you're". With one difference: It is not one person you're talking about, you talk about several people but you do not include yourself. The grammatical expression for this is "third person plural". However, "there" has nothing to do with "their" and "they're". "There" refers to a PLACE. I'll give you one example which might make it clearer for you to understand the differences between the three words: "They're playing soccer together with their friends over there." If you understood my explanation regarding "their/they're/there" you should be able to understand this sentence correctly.

3. "know/now" and "knew/new".

Why do I put these two together? The reason for this is simple: "knew" is the simple past form of "know", a verb. The corresponding noun of the verb "know" is "knowledge" which should explain the meaning of "know". "Now" is equal to "in exactly this moment". Therefore "now" has NOTHING to do with "know". "New" refers to something which hasn't been there before. If you just bought a T-shirt which you liked but didn't have before, it's a new T-Shirt. You see, "new" has as much to do with "knew" as "now" has with "know" - namely NOTHING.

4. "accept/expect/except"

One of my favourite pet peeves. Or one of my most hated. These three are words with complete different meanings and therefore SHOULD NOT be confused since you can change the meaning of whole sentences if you confuse them. And they do this quite strongly if you ask me.

"Accept" basically means that you can live with something, even if you think otherwise. A good example would be "yaoi". If you read my whole profile, you know that I'm not a big fan of yaoi, especially not if a male/male pairing does not exist in the canon of a story at all. However, if other people like yaoi I'm not someone who tells them "yaoi and homosexuality are unnatural, can you please change the pairing for me so that I can feel good?" Since I don't say that, I can ACCEPT that there are people who have other favourite pairings. I can also accept that the world is not black and white and that heterosexuality is not the only way to go. By the way, "accept" is a verb and its corresponding noun is "acceptance".

To explain the meaning of "expect", I will choose the following sentence: "I expect you to get 100 points in your next test." That is something strict parents might say to their children. Those parents do not accept it, if their child gets less than 100 points in this test. If their children suffer because of these high expectations, they sometimes don't even care. I would not force my children to always get 100 points in a test, but perhaps that's just me. What I meant to say is that "expect" is a verb which implies high hopes for someone other than yourself and that you think that this person will be sure to reach this aim. And if they don't, you're very often dissapointed with them. "Expect" is a verb.

"Except" basically has the same meaning as "but". If you want to have an example, I'll offer the following: "Everyone except Sakura went to a party." This sentence has the same meaning as "Everyone but Sakura went to a party.". That means that all of Sakuras friends are at the mentioned party but Sakura herself is missing.

It might sound cold and harsh but perhaps now you understand why these mentioned words are my pet peeves. I am not a native speaker, but I still am somebody who likes correct grammar in a story. I can still understand a story, if I find my pet peeves there. But it is still annoying. Especially since I CAN distinguish between these words even if English is only my second language. Therefore it's quite surprising if native speakers are seemingly not able to do the same. One reason could be similar pronunciation, but that is no excuse. Even native speakers of English should be able to distingish between a possessive pronoun and an abbreviation. I am pretty sure that your teachers explained the difference in grammar class...

That's all for now. By the way: I also offer to beta stories, as long as they are in English or German and I find the time to do this. At the moment, this is kind of difficult, but if a story is not too long, I can try to do this. I'm kind of a grammar/spelling freak and sometimes I stop reading a fic because there are too many mistakes for my taste. It's not a very good reason, I know, but that's, well, me... So don't hate me too much, okay?

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