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Author has written 3 stories for Gravitation, Final Fantasy X, and Loveless.

A clarification on the status of my stories:

Shape of My Heart: Loveless: ongoing: currently 3 chapters.
Renewing the Vows: Gravitation:ongoing: currently 5 chapters.
Angel of Mine: Final Fantasy X: ongoing: currently 4 chapters.

23/03/08: Updated "Shape Of My Heart". I'm currently working on making myself and a few fans a Loveless group on MSN Groups. If anyone is interested, please send me a note or e-mail me! I will need staff to help me out. (:

28/01/08: Updated "Shape Of My Heart". The third chapter is done, I'm just waiting for a few reviews to come in before I post it. So far, I've been happy with all the positive comments about the story that I've been getting! "Renewing the Vows" will be worked on as soon as Camy (RaaiSesshyFan) finishes up with her work. (: Thanks for the help, Camy!

27/01/08: I uploaded my new Loveless story, "Shape Of My Heart" last night, I just forgot to update it in my profile. With the exception of that fic, I will also be writing many one-shots (most of them with strong adult themes) to help clear of my writer's block. I also promise you that "Renewing the Vows" will be updated within the next few days now that a friend has offered me some help with the story.

26/01/08: Sorry everyone, but my stories are on a temporary hiatus until I finish my high school exams. I know I promised updates earlier, but... life is unpredictable. Also, my writing streak with "Angel of Mine" seems to have diminished somewhat. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning either of my current stories, however, I will be writing more one-shots and newer, shorter stories to help me with my writer's block. I have just gotten into a shounen-ai anime called "Loveless", so my new story will be based on that. As well, most of my one-shots will be of the Yuugiou genre. Sorry everyone, please be patient with me. ):

01/11/07: First thing's first... I updated "Friend or Foe" (or "Renewing the Vows", as it should be called now)! Surprisingly, this story is getting easier to write with each chapter. Finally, I'm getting an idea of what I want to happen with this fic! (: Another chapter of "Too Young To Be Parents/Angel of Mine" will be up soon. Second thing... I changed the names of both stories. They were never meant to be permanent, simply for the reason that I could never find suitable titles for them. But now I have. Live with it.

23/10/07: Changed my nickname again, however, this time I think I'm going to stick with this one. At least, I should for a while... It has meaning to me.

21/10/07: Yes, I live, and yes, I've updated! I promise I'm going to try and update more regularily now. I'm hooked on my own story, it's hard to stop writing! As for FoF... I don't want to give it up, but it's hard not to do so, as I just can't write it... I know how it's going ot end, I'm just not sure I can do everything in between. I think I'm going to write some one-shots of Gravitation and other genres to help me get back up. However, you can always expect more FFX! (:

26/09/07: I've changed my Pen Name yet again... I'm going through a phase right now, and I'm not sure who to identify myself as. I'm sure it'll all pass soon enough. Anyway, I know I promised you all each a chapter of FoF and Too Young to be Parents, as well as two new stories, but school's just started and between that, moving, and work, things have been hectic. I'm sorry, I'll try my hardest to get something up for you all to read. Thanks to all you readers who have stuck by me!

24/08/07: Updated "Too Young To Be Parents". Chapter 4 should be up soon after I move. Don't worry, I'm still planning to continue "FoF", but I'll have to do it at my own pace. ; Sorry, guys. I am also possibly thinking of making two new fics to read, albeit only one-shots for now; A Seto/Yami (challenge/request) and a Harry/Cho ficlet. Enjoy those when they're finished.

10/06/07: OMG I UPDATED "Friend or Foe"!! I'm so proud of myself. xD Finally got out of my almost-one-year coma state with writer's block. When I came down to that story, I was like a drooling vegetable. Totally stuck. Oh well, I kicked my butt into gear and now chapter 4 is up. Read and enjoy :D

09/06/07: Chapter two of "Too Young To Be Parents" is up. I started working on the fourth chapter for "Friend or Foe", but somehow got stuck in the middle... I'll try and finish it as soon as possible for you Gravitation fans out there. Also, I think I'm gonna upload a new story for FFVII, a CloTi one, to go along with my new fanlisting. Might be fluff, might be one-shot... I'll see what I can work up.

08/06/07: I changed my account, so "Too Young To Be Parents" can now be found and will be updated here. And as for "Friend or Foe"... We'll just have to wait and see.

22/10/06: Aiight, I fixed chapters two and three of "Friend or Foe", and now the story can finally take flight! All problems have been fixed! Woot!

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