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12/15/2016: I took down the blip of writing I had published on my page, here. I know I am quite sporadic, few and far between with updates. It is changing, because finally I have grasped my life the way I want. For over 6 years now, since 2010, I have been attending college full time to attain my teaching degree. I decided to finish my bachelors at school with a rigorous program - 5 to 7 years at this place to complete my bachelors, for elementary education! Isn't it supposed to be 4? Nope. I am not happy with the way the U.S. set up our colleges, they are completelynon-affordable unless you make six figures, have scholarships, or take out a stupid amount of loans. I have grow very frustrated with my program, for they keep changing classes I need, don't need, I have to get accepted into the College of Education, and not to mention the tests I must pass which are much more difficult that the bar exams. I support myself alone, I do not receive help with rent, so I must work a lot too. And as I approach 25 years old in May, I see my unhappiness. I see I have not spent any time writing, only learning, backing myself into a corner, knowing I'll regret not changing my mind. So, yesterday, I completed the last day of college classes I will take. I was getting close to the end of my program, but not close enough. It is time I do what I desire with my life.

My message here to you is that you should never, EVER give up on your dreams. When I started on this website I was free as a bird, happy, writing everything and anything into words to publish and share. It gave my great joy and it still does. Do NOT let others tell you what you should do with your life. For YEARS I fought my parents, loved ones, friends over how I didn't belong in college as a teacher, how I wanted to just get away. Finally I no longer let any of that hold me down. Those who love me and wish for my happiness still support me. It is an amazing and wonderful feeling to feel free again. Now I really can invest large amounts of time in writing blocks :) progress on my fics, catch up on anime, and churn out some new work! My friends, please follow your heart and what it tells you. Do not do what I did and ignore your inner self for years and years. Finally I am doing what I must do for myself, and now it is opening new opportunities for me. I am going to begin writing daily for my father and his business, and essentially become the face of the business. Times are changing :) writing will soon become full time, once again, as it should have been all along.

Ciao my friends, may you enjoy your day in peace and happiness

- Elle

8/2015: By no coincidence am I now finally bringing The Bang Game to an end. It just happens to be exactly 1 year after I decided to write again and get my creative juices flowing. The other night I cranked out 7 pages to make one amazing chapter for that story. Yes, ideally, I wanted to drag it out more, but I started that story years ago, and for now I need to end it. I'd love to focus on fic ideas and generating some new material. I'm thinking one shots for now, just short stories, perhaps a compilation. I MAY revisit The Bang Game and create a sequel, but for now I have no idea. I will continue to write and share it on here :)

3/8/2014: Stick around for the coming future. I am finally going to make time to write again - it was everything to me and the only thing I had at certain times in life. I can't wait to share with you! :)

My name is Elle, and I am a strong, independent 24 year old woman working her own way through life.

(I'll add more to this in the coming weeks - its time for a fresh start!)

12/10/2014: Times Are Changing: I realize I have been gone for too long. I am sure we are all aware Kishimoto has ended Naruto and has also shown us the pairings he intends for the future. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SOMEHOW SEEN IT - Sasuke and Sakura are paired and I couldn't be more excited! Besides that exciting news and the movie coming very soon, it has prompted me to come off my several year hiatus.

I will start with finishing The Bang Game, since I am still getting new fans for it even after all this time! I love writing and love that you all enjoy it so much! I hope my next few pieces will have you just as excited!

The reason I left for so long was that I lost all my work. My hard drive crashed on my old laptop and the chapter that I did have written out for The Bang Game was lost. And then life happened...

I have been living on my own and supporting myself since August of last year, and it is a LOT of work! I still go to the University full time for teaching, and I have a part time job. But I no longer have a man in my life (trust me, it's a good thing right now) and my family dynamic is changing, so seeing them really isn't an option.

I finally let go of all my stress and have started writing some small pieces. My creativity is back and I am very excited to write again.

This has always been a beloved community to me and I hope it will continue to be!!!

I don't want to set any hopes too high, but expect a new chapter in The Bang Game by the end of the month :)

I love you all!

- Elle

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Into The Shadows reviews
Though they may be half a world apart, they are still connected by the world of Ninja and the danger that comes along with it. Sakura rises to be a tough Medical Jonin, going on her first long steak out mission since the war. Little does she know, the enemy is already onto her, and there is only one person who can truly save her from a destined ill fate. Uchiha Sasuke.
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Sakura was saving herself for the right guy - she had morals, and knew everyone in school was just horny. Sure there were guys she had her eye on, but sex? Well, those morals of hers get put to the test when a certain Uchiha she likes asks her to...bang.
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