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Konnichiwa minna-san, Watashi wa RieAn-chan desu..

My real name is Marie Angela, so my nickname is Riean. I'm a 15year old Filipina living in Cavite City Kamusta naman ang mga pinoy dito sa!.

I'm a big fan of anime and manga, so most of my fanfics are within these categories. Yaoi, for one main fact is my favorite (for those who know it, don't feel grossed).I'm planning that mostly of my fanfics be in this theme (also Shounen-Ai). TezuFuji, SoubiRitsuka, KazukiKeita HijikataSouji and etc..

Actually I don't know what to say here, so I'll go with the basics...

APPEARANCE: hhmm... chubby,cute, average height, shoulder length hair with burgundy and orange highlights, averagely developed girl's body..

PERSONALITY: I'm a very friendly person, open-minded, smart, funny, a bit hard-headed (pasaway,ahihihi), caring, thoughtful, always smiling, energetic/ hyper/ non-stop, approachable and trustworthy.

HOBBIES: reading and making fanfictions. I haven't posted yet my other works. listening to music, playing my guitar, watching TV and surfing the net.

Feel free to give me reviews regarding my stories and I won't feel anything unnecessary if you tell me something that would make me a better fanfictioner (whether good or bad reviews).

about my fanfics:


5 day adventure : After Pharaoh Atem has been sent to the World of the Dead, the four friends are living their normal lives until a transfer student from Italy came, by the name of Yumi Atematsu. On the next following days, they wouldn’t know what kind of incidents will happen next... it seems to me that nobody liked it so I didn't continue it anymore, yeah I know, it sucks...

Pleasurable Dance : KazukiKeita pair.Yaoi. Kazuki teaches Keita something that he shouldn't forget. it's a Gakuen Heaven fanfic. it's please..


Love Making : HijikataSouji.Just something about Hijikata and Souji making love right after the Gion Festival. May contain OOC Rated T Humor/Romance

Lovapalooza : TezuFuji. What if Tezuka and Fuji joined a world-record event? Kissing in front of the public? Implied OishiEiji, RyoMomo. Contains OOC Rated T Humor/Romance

I Will Love You Forever : The stoic Tezuka Kunimitsu has fallen in love with transferee Kanashimi Yuki (OC). But something is stopping their growing their love for each other. Will Tezuka be able to save the girl he loves before something happens to her? TezukaxOC Contains OOC Rated K+ Romance/Angst

Thanks for visiting my profile and have a nice day!

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Pleasurable Dance reviews
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