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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Warning to those who are about to read this profile: This profile hasn't been updated since I was...I believe, 13 years old. It's been many years, so I have matured since, and I think of myself as a more sane person now. So...enjoy?


Okay so...We are sisters...Annabell (Annie) and Isabell (Bella) So...our parents had a sence of humor...
Bella was adopted right after she was born so my parents got to name her. Though Annie was suppose to be born a month later...they wanted twins so they both ended up getting two infants only a month in our age difference (Its complicated...I know.) But hey, everyone has their share of strangeness in a family...right?

Hiya, its Annie! Bwahaha...

Some favorite bands of mine are My Chem, Muse, The Used (my top 3).

I like reading. Give me a good book and I'll have it read within the hour! Haha...bit of an exaggeration...:P

Food...well, I like sushi. No...LOVE it! Its the most completely, awsomest, GREATEST food ever. AND calamari! ((Dunno if I spelled that right)) Love that stuff too...((its squid for those of you who don't know)) And COFFEE. Technically not food, but who cares. Chocolate and two addictions.


I am also short, insane, loves the cold, hates the sun/heat, roses are pertiful, the electric violin rocks, hate math, extremely disorganized, Dark Knight = awesomeness, mud is great, Guitar Hero Drumset...SO MUCH FUN, absolutly NOT a morning person, aaaand its too early to think of more...

Now...time to learn about me! (Bella!! haha!)

I really hate people who are just plain and simpily stupid!!

Just a misrable spectical of wrecked humanity!- thank you and good night

(We know our pro is long...but this is just a convo we had while being it if you dont have too...its totally optional...If it were me, I'd ignore it)

Mua ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa -cough-


First off! We are not short! We are just vertically challenged... :D

Annie: What the heck does that have to do with anything...?

And second, Annie is the mental one out of the two of us...

Annie: HEY!

And Bella is the smart one!

Annie: ...-sniff-

Bella: Oh, no you're not mental...your just special!

Annie: I know what that means...

Bella: Alright, you're just...different!

Annie: That I am! -smiles proudly-

Bella: ...idiot...

Annie: I am NOT an idiot! ...I'm just misunderstood!

Bella: ...ok then

Not to mention that Annie is addicted to Chocolate!

Annie: Now THAT is a true fact!

Bella: You must stay away from her when she is hyper...

Annie: And I do agree with you there.

Annie is short for Annabell and Bella is short for Isabella. (our parents had a sense of humor...) Annie is the clutzy one, also, she's not too bright.

Annie: I resent that too!

Bella: Have you seen yourself? You cant even-

Annie: I can to walk...!

Bella: -sigh- Sure...

And do we describe her?

Bella: What! hey...

Annie: HA! I laugh at you!

Bella: That is so not funny...

We are sisters but Bella was adopted as an infant and, well, that is going to explain a lot. We are the same age but Bella is older than me (Annie) by 2 months.

Also, do not question us about the way our minds work...especially Annie's...

Annie: OH MY GOD! I'm being attacked here!

Bella: Took you long enough to catch on...

Annie: Am I suppose to be paying attention?

Bella: No, it'll be too much for you to handle...

Annie: ...eeeevil I say!

To REALLY see what goes on in her mind...just read Bananas (an HP fanfiction) our first fic posted. Annie wrote it in her spare time when she was really...really really bored...

Bella is currently working on a Twilight fic, with the help of ME! (Annie)

Bella: Now I'm scared...

Annie: Hey, we work together, remember! Besides...its FUN!

Bella: ...and to think I live with her...Dont pity me. I'm use to it.

School's killin us, but we try our best to post new stuff and update our stories. Truse me when I say, they wont be as insane as Annie's "Bananas" fic.

Annie: What is wrong with "Bananas"?! So what, I get bored easily...

Bella: Yeah, and you amuse yourself with anything and everything...

Annie: I am so easy to please!

Twilight was an awsome book along with Harry Potter...which is what our fics are mostly based on.

Bella: I LOVE twilight! And New Moon!

Annie: Hey! I do too! But I bet you only like it because Bella is the main character.

Bella: ...That is not the reason...!

Annie: Whatever...But you're right! TWILIGHT IS AWSOME!

Bella: Geez! Calm down you phyco path.

Annie: You're mean today...

Anyways! Enjoy what you read!


Bella: GOD! Please restrain yourself and calm down...your scaring everyone!

Annie: ...I'm sorry.

Bella: Though, Annie is right. We LOVE reviews!


Bella: Don't start again...

And a last nice. Annie's a wee bit sensitive -rolls eyes-. But please do review!

Enjoy the fics!

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