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Hey all!

This is what I do when I'm really bored--update my bio. Does anyone really read these things anyway or am I just talking to myself? No matter, I'm good at that...^_^'

Anywho, I'm proud of myself for writing/updating at all recently. Maybe I shouldn't be...I tend to write when I should be doing other things, like homework. -_-' Luckily, I have an excuse for that! I call it my good friend senioritis! Huzzah!

Well, to the real point of this, for those who are looking for any new stuff from me...(reviewers! *sniff* you all rock my world) Right, right, here we go:

NEW STORY!!* Song of Sadness--a very short thing I wrote for Faye. Somewhat angsty (well, it's after the series after all...), but mostly I think it's kind of random. Anywho, I'm a bit uncertain about it--it was one of those stories that I have no idea where it came from...but I hope everyone enjoys it! Don't forget to review, friends!

When Worlds Collide--14th CHAPTER POSTED!! At loooooong last I've updated! *cheers* The second to last chapter is now up, and I admit, the ending not even begun. I'll get there... eventually...-_-'

The Pianist--the only other story I'm currently working on. Anyways, this is NOT on hold, though it was for a while. (After only chapter, I know, I know...) My excuse: I was busy creating a plot. -_-' But now I've got it figured out, so look for a new chapter soon!

And now here's a little fun stuff *kinda* about me! We'll call this a...*Sort Of* Bio ...Don't read it as truth! (But who would?!)

Name: CronoCat...why are you looking at me like that?! I swear it's my name! Honest!


Mom: Oh look at our baby!
Dad: Let's name it, dear!
Mom: Okay! How about...CronoCat!
Dad: Sure...wait...What?
Mom: CronoCat! yup, this one's defintely a CronoCat
Dad: *big smile* well, whatever you say, Dear!

lol...or something like that...on to the next question! quickly!

Gender: "Male, female, what's the difference? Power is beautiful and I-"
Me:FLEA! What are YOU doing here?!
Flea: eh...hehe...toodles!
Me: grrrrrr...*runs off to strangle Flea*

Forgive my randomness; it can't be helped.
~CronoCat =^_^=

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