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Cody Chapman or Jon MacAdome, whichever you prefer. Check out BloodyFingersInc on and/or Google BloodyFingersInc. We got lotsa stuff you can check out.

My name is Cody Chapman, I'm but fifteen years old and I live in Yuba City, California. I really like shooters and RPG's, go XBox! W00t! W00t! lol Anyways, Oblivion's amazing, Fallout 3's pretty good, Modern Warfare 2 is sick, Halo 3: Mythic is good, Gears of War 2 is beast, Borderlands is incredible. I like games like those. Games basically inspire me.

My Quotes:

We can give to ourselves as much as we feel we are endowed.

Let the weak be the steps used by the strong.

We will always be able to find something we hate about someone we don’t even know.

I can be anything I want while lost in the ink words soaked into this book.

No one knows the real reason why one is angry, other than they who are angry.


I'm working on Wargasm Book 1: Opposition Equal Time. This is the first book in a trilogy of books. The Main title I came up with outta no where because I thought, man, who wants to read a book called WAR. That's not special. That's special ed. So I changed it. And the Opposition Equal Time thing I got from a stand up comedian by the name of Steven Lynch. In between Craig Christ and My Name Is Satan, he says this line to a man he's picking on. Follow the lives of post-militant refugees in post-apocolyptic New York.

For The Before War Book 1: Sanctuary Of Blood. This went through many titles. The original book was a fan fic about Diablo but it was really good so I said, Hayl Nah, took it off, edited out the Blizzard stuff and made it my own. The name I just thought of, Hmm what sounds cool but doesn't copy Diablo? So I came up with the main title, The Before War. Eventually the plot developed in my noggin and I added The Sanctuary Of Blood and decided to make it a Trilogy.

Democus Book 1: Blood Trials is also a trilogy. This was derived from Assassin's Creed and Oblivion. The name I made up on my own--my character is always named Democus, and I don't even know what the Blood Trials are gonna be about yet. You'll have to wait and see.

To Baby. NOT a Trilogy. A love story. The title has extreme significance in the end of the story. I'm trying to make you cry with this one. We'll see...

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