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-- Look, it's me!!

Real Name:
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third... but you can call me Dot (tee hee).

Yes I was

37 (blushes)

A fair bit



(What? You were expecting more detail than that? Awww!)

Muslim, and a pretty moderate one at that. I've been following Islam for just over sixteen years now.

Marital Status:
Married - we've just celebrated our sixteenth anniversary! No kids yet, but here's hoping...

Current Projects

Which is Witch?: Part 6 of my 'Musa and Tegryn' series, charting the adventures of Majix's favourite couple! During their little student-exchange trip to Cloud Tower, Tegryn learns it's not a particularly good idea to annoy witches on their home turf. Just what do Morgan and Noir have in mind?

Miranda's Secret Diary: It's like the title says - it's Miranda, it's her diary, and it's secret (which is obviously why she posted it on Want to know what life's really like for a shapeshifting schoolgirl / spider thingy? Want the real scoop on the Knights of Vengeance? Do you fancy reading about whether the Guardians have any embarrassing secrets they rather weren't broadcast to the world? Then Miranda's your girl!

Character Guide

I've introduced quite a few of my own characters into my fics over the years, so here's a quick run-down...


An Earth guy who found himself in Majix courtesy of his lousy sense of direction. He soon forms a deep bond with Musa (who was conveniently single at the time), and they are currently engaged. Thanks to his legendarily lousy sense of direction, he's been wandering for most of his life and has no idea where he was born, although he is coming close to the truth and his new friends have helped him rediscover where he spent his childhood. Unique in that he is the only male pupil at Alfea, he has developed some excellent magic skills, but his many years on the road means his personal skills need some work as he tends to find it difficult to control his emotions... and the less said about his corny sense of humour, the better. He's also pyrophobic (afraid of fire), which is rather inconvenient as one of his best friends is a fire fairy.


Tegryn's bonded pixie. Polli is a Pixie of Truth, and can instantly tell if someone is telling a lie. Painfully shy, she will only speak to Tegryn (and selected others if she's feeling really brave) by whispering in his ear.


A fairy from the Dream Realm, Anyuna has the ability to share other people's dreams and feelings. She's also recently gained the ability to read people's thoughts thanks to some special tuition from Principal Griffin. Tall and attractive with long black hair, she's had more than her fair share of admirers but the only guy she's ever had feelings for is Tegryn - she's done her best to bottle her feelings up, but a girl's heart can be a fickle thing...


A fire fairy from the planet Nahri, and one of Tegryn's closest friends. Intelligent, petite and timid, but a whole lot tougher than she looks - her homeworld's harsh climate has made her extremely resistant to high temperatures and almost invulnerable to fire.

Mimi and Nini

Twin sisters from Musa's homeworld, Mimi and Nini are identical except for their hair - Mimi has coloured hers blue, while Nini's is green... or is it the other way round? Like Musa, their magic is based around music and sound, but being twins they can bolster their skills by combining their powers - everyone knows music sounds better in stereo! They've found fame on Earth as the Melody Sistas, the hottest DJ duo ever!


The older of Flora's two younger sisters, Delphi (full name Delphinia, but don't let her catch you saying that!) is more boisterous and tomboyish than her mild-mannered sister. Her magic also revolves around nature, but is more focused on wildlife - she's particularly fond of butterflies.

Morgan and Noire

A pair of freshman witches at Cloud Tower, Morgan and Noir idolise the Trix and have quickly carved out a niche as the Tower's top pranksters.

Morgan (first names Fair Lady, but don't ever call her that to her face) is the more hot-headed of the two and makes great use of dragon and fire powers.

Noire maintains a quieter, calmer, more intelligent demeanour than her comrade, and is very adept at manipulating gravity and generally screwing with the laws of physics. She recently confessed her love for Tegryn, although she later claimed she was only joking to mess with his mind.


Tegryn's adopted younger sister from central China, Mei is pretty, bubbly and friendly. She's also her village's champion fighter and is fiercely protective of her family and anyone else she cares about.


An old woman from central China who adopted Tegryn as her grandson when he managed to find his way there many years ago. Wise and very perceptive, she was able to instantly recognise that Tegryn and his new friends had magic inside them. She has taken a particular shine to Mirta who reminded her of an old witch she once knew during her childhood - she gave Mirta an artefact known as the Spirit Rod which has enabled her to tap into some immense spiritual powers.

Pui Yin

A girl from central China and Tegryn's ex-girlfriend - the problem is, they never officially broke up (he got lost one day and didn't find his way back home for many years, during which time he fell in love with Musa). Although she acknowledges that Tegryn now loves someone else, she still carries intense feelings for him. Unsurprisingly, she's not particularly fond of Musa and will do anything to get him back from her.

Sien Ko

A five year old girl from the same village as Mei, Jun and Pui Yin. Sien Ko is extremely adorable and affectionate, with a real fondness for odd hairstyles. Her favourite people in the whole world are Riven, Miss Faragonda and Stormy (or 'Sleepy Lady' as she calls her)!
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Musa & Tegryn, Part 6 : During a student exchange trip to Cloud Tower, Musa's fiancé Tegryn learns it's not a particularly good idea to annoy witches on their home turf. What dark secrets will the witches' prank reveal? How will Darcy cope being the object of Musa's affections? And will Tegryn ever figure out bras?
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