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Just call me SS, Smasher, or Dawn.

I'm doing a major sweep to my profile today on July 13, 2009. After for what's been too long of an absence, I'm getting back to writing again. Yay for me~

And btw, the profile pic belongs to http://. Give them the credit~

And there's an announcement about my fic below so...yeah. Have a look-see.

(Cleans up some more) Well, not much to say since I'm sure you all at least remember my SN. So onto my profile cleaning.

Super Smash Bros./Fire Emblem/Other

Name: Sealiah Verrine [Jun renamed]

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Half-dragon, Half-human

Kingdom: Queen of Valeria, Eternia (purely fictional)


- Sealiah has cerulean eyes and smooth red hair down to her back with soft facial expressions. She wears a necklace with a key-like blade dangling from it and also wears a fire marked red ribbon in her hair; received from Master Hand. She somehow is also mysteriously able to change the color of her eyes; the left would be silver, and the right would be red. This will only happen during certain circumstances. Above her right wrist and a little below the left shoulder is a fairly large and strange pattern, or birthmarks if you will (from her mother's side). She wears a very light blue undershirt with gold linings and white armor covering her upper body from the waist up, decorated in fire markings with golden edges and trimmings, elbow-length, midnight blue, fingerless gloves, an off-white colored boots that match her armor and reaches up to her mid-thigh, a short, white skirt of light material , a midnight blue cloak, and her sword strapped to her side.

Personality: Sealiah, overall, has a pure and meek but overly worried and restless personality trying hard to befriend others as much as she can despite their lineage or upbringing. She is wary of her surroundings and takes pleasant approaches with unfamiliar faces. She has a kind and gentle soul but a headstrong and persistent personality, having the will to fight on even when the odds are against her. She is determined and pleased to help when she is needed as she understands the predicament and also bears no ill will against being spoken out against; even if the words are rather hurtful and harsh, she maturely comes to understand them very quickly as she can see both sides of the argument (but there are times where she just can't take it and just leaves altogether). She is very loyal to her friends and constantly worries about them; willing to do all that she can to protect them; and because of that worry, she's pretty much restless, not sleeping much and all that, and at times, getting all teary-eyed. However, the other way doesn't really apply to her, as she intends to put others before herself, answering that "nothing's wrong" when it is apparent that something is afflicting her. Also, she tends to take the blame on things that aren't her fault, somehow believing that it is and accusing herself for the act. She will keep private things to herself or if someone makes some sort of point about it, will deny saying so as she thinks that any interaction with her will end badly. She also addresses everyone very politely and formally which might get a tad annoying to others, but that's just how she was raised.

Other: Sealiah is quite knowledgeable and excels the most in the field of magic, as well as elemental spelling and healing spells. And with the fact that she's very in tune with nature, that helps further enhance her abilities. She is a fire user (via pyrokinesis) meaning all of her attacks are fire-based (but mind you, she can use other elements and heal injuries as mentioned before. However her healing spells are never used on herself but for others). She uses the bow and arrow, named Hydra, but prefers her sword. Her main sword, Caelerith (name change), is a long, slender sword with a bright silver blade that looks like any other sword, except that it has 'wings' with an ornately crafted hilt, and runic-like symbols trailing down the blade. She eventually gains use of the legendary sword of fire, Clarent, twin blade to Excalibur. All in all, she somewhat works more as a type of sage rather than a fighter, due to her more powerful magical abilities. But she can fight and hold her own surprisingly well in close combat.

Name: Dawn Valdis

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Former Wire Frame made Human

Kingdom Origin: Knight of Old Castle Aventheim of the island of St. Celestina.

Appearance: Because Dawn has a more modern look, its a bit simpler than Jun's. She has changed her more innocent attire to match a more rogue-like look. Her hair has been let down to show her lustrous jet black hair. She is wearing a tight, sleeveless white shirt that reaches a bit below her waist and made of a durable material, a dark violet long scarf around her neck, black shorts slightly visible because of her shirt, and mid-heeled brown boots. Dawn has waist-length hair that ranges from the color of brown and black and she has silver eyes. She wears a silver ring upon a gold chain around her neck and a strange, intricate, silver circlet encircling her head.


(I'll get around to this one )

I have a deviant art account. Come look if you like.


Announcements and Stuffs: :P

July 13, 2009 - Nintendo Revolution - 3 Guess what? I'm starting my story all over~ So yay for a new and improved fic. I might scrap the original idea and do a new one. We'll see.

February 06, 2010 - ?? - I have decided that I'll be creating a ff hat is entirely original and of my doing. I'll most likely be posting them up on so if you want, you guys can have a looksee over there..once I update, of course. I'll have more information concerning it once I get around to it.

April 12, 2010 - Symphony of Souls has officially debuted. Enough said.

Dedication Section

I would like to mention some outstanding writers that have helped me and supported me here at .

Shining Riku - An awesome writer, and a great friend overall. I absolutely love his story 'Supremacy'! I'm sure everyone's had a chance to read some of it. It is of now, complete, and the sequel is to come soon. If you haven't read Supremacy, go read it if you ever have the chance. Or if you ever have a question or just want to hang out with a laid-back person, SR's your guy. Oh yeah, and keep a look out for news about the game he's making. 8D

kbxshadow - A very good friend of mine. My best friend actually, I'm proud to say. We get along really well and like to chat through YIM, and we both like role-playing. Her story 'Kingdom Hearts: the Smash Bros. Way' is an awesome fic as well! Read it! I don't know what else she has in store, but I just know it'll be something big. She's made several other fics, one I helped out with because of our RPs.

RoyalFanatic - Oh goodie! A friend I've recently gotten to be ... well, better friends with basically. Her works inspire me a lot and are superb. I'm sure everyone knows of her. Her fantasy series are so well-known here. If you haven't read them, you are just missing out. So go read them before I sick my deadly 'creatures' on you. :D She may not be writing much here anymore, but her stories are still there.

Zyirth - Another good friend of mine. He has a really 'dark' fic not listed in the Smash bros. section. It's in game crossovers. I find it quite intriguing. Go check it out. It has such an enigmatic auma to it. And yes, I spelled that correctly. He's really helped me change for the better. He's pretty much there for me, when I need him, heh. :3

Will update the first chapter of my new and improved fic soon. Thank you all for being so patient with me. (...3 years, right? ) If there's anything else that needs to be said, I'll update it here. Thanks everyone. (hugs and cookies everywhere)

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