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Author has written 5 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Vampire Game, and Naruto.

A Life of Love & A Love of Life

I think of myself, not as an author or writer - or anything of that sort.
I am... a weaver, more like, of tales. Of strands and memories and ideas and visions.
Of bits and pieces - fragments of something much more... insubstantial, and more... dreamlike.
I write to capture what I see in my mind.
I dream to bring what I write to life.
The stories I bring are flexible - on whim.
They change and shift like the tide.
It's not unusual to find a completely different plot than first expected.
Such is literature.

Such is love. Such is life.

And I, I live a life of love, sustained by a love of life.

My Writing Style:

Strange as it may seem, my writing style seems to change depending on what anime or manga I'm writing on, or if it's an original piece. Here I'll warn you all about some peculiarties that might pop up.

Black Cat - probably, at most, one or two fanfics for this series (very few, regardless); original world, continuation of storyline with Original Characters (likely one or two major, many minor).
Cardcaptor Sakura
- usually Alternate Universe; rarely will I add Original Characters, unless they are extremely minor, or I've used up all the CCS characters, little chance of that happening, as it is.
DOGS and DOGS: Bullets & Carnage - (if Fanfiction ever makes this category, if not I strongly suggest reading it - unfortunately, only scanlation now, as no English editions available) probably more random, sporadic, character/relationship development scenes.
Naruto - on the other hand, usually in the original world, and if not 'retelling' or 'responding' to a canon event through a character other than our illustrious hero, an imagined future ending to the ongoing arch with one or more Original Characters.
Skip Beat - not sure yet, but this is one of my favorite series, and I've been somewhat inspired by some other stories I read to write something, so maybe...
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - like with Cardcaptor Sakura, usually more Alternate Universe stuff, with the characters already given; both these will likely be longer stories, with many chapters.
Vampire Game - you won't see a lot of these, but the writing for this series will be similar to that of Naruto (original world, reactions to what happens in the story, elaborations of feelings, filling in of "holes", possibly an alternate ending, possibly - 40/60 chances - of a future set story...)
Wolf's Rain
and, I believe, Yugioh - probably won't see much of these, the only ones I'm actually planning are two alternate endings.

Yeah, I know. Strange tastes, but hey. I'm weird anyway and I know it more than any of you. So yeah, those four/five are the only ones I have 'planned' stories for.
But - I LOVE challenges and requests - and reviews - so don't be shy about them!

Waiting in the Wings:

These are the stories I have had on my mind, which may or may not - depending - be released soon...

"Final Moments" Vampire Game - a kind of rewrite of the volume.15, with Duzell's unheard final promise and Ishtar's true heart revealed it might end up just becoming the first chapter of "Just Another Tragic Love Story" though...
"Just Another Tragic Love Story" Vampire Game - a Vampire Game Romeo and Juliet starring our favorite vampire king and princess, reborn in Pheliosta one-hundred fifty years later
"So Much I Never Knew" Naruto - a oneshot NaruSaku in which Naruto has just left two months ago to train, leaving behind a Sakura who discovers how much she misses him
"Forgotten in Dust" CCS - a oneshot SakuraXSyaoran in which Sakura finds a box of pictures of the two of them and decides to look through them with him
"True Meaning of Paradise" Wolf's Rain - a rewriting of the ending of the anime, possibly not so much plotline as just a conclusion to the series
"Return for Retribution" Yugioh - a longer story, in which the gang fall into an alternate reality that still corresponds to the actual reality; a rewrite of the Oricalcos season an older story of mine, but might be easier to update since I already have a good portion handwritten and only need to edit
"Smile Reserved" Tsubasa - a oneshot SakuraXSyaoran in which young, because this takes place in their childhood, wonders just why he smiles more when the princess is around
"A Sorrow-filled Love" CCS - a story based on the play from the second CCS movie; need I say more?

Again, I simply adore challenges and requests, and I'll only turn them down if I am unfamiliar with the particular anime or manga, so, be sure to send me some!


1:32am - 7/30/08 - "Final Moments: My Love Will Never Change" chapter 2 is up! Writing this is driving me crazy (because of all the referencing), but hopefully the pace on this will stay steady... ; Also, a DOGS story may be on the way?

7/26/08 - "Final Moments: My Love Will Never Change", the Vampire Game waiting-in-the-wings story is finally up, with it's first chapter! I wanted to make this a one shot, but there's too much to cover to make a confession and a kiss and keep it canon with the ending! I'll try to finish it ASAP, but I've recently been on the thought train of another story, so, keep in tune...

7/07/08 - "Being Found", a slightly editted version (yeah I know, why bother? XP but I forgot I uploaded it somehow and reworked it a little). Hopefully the begin of a return, after being gone for almost a year...

2:11am - 7/09 - "Being Found", my first Naruto fanfic is up! It's a Narusaku one-shot (and fairly short, which was why it came before the update on "Kingdom" and the continuation of my Vampire Game series)... I'll try to get more updates up soon, but as I came back from vacation not to long ago and have the task of sorting through over 3000 pictures... Well, hopefully soon...

Well, enjoy!

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