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Okay so there are 3 people on this account. Yeah. I'm Amy, and I'm probably the most active person on this account. But Kyra and Mew (His real name is Creg. He just hates the name so he calls himself Mew.) will show up every now and then. So I'm twelve, Kyra's twelve, and Mew's thirteen. Yup. We are the three main active people in our club, the LGCHC. The LGCHC's main site is my piczo site. Ask me if you want the adress ;)


Food: Anything that is edible that won't make me puke. XD

Drink: ... stuff. Like coffee.

Past-Time: Asking random people personal information.

Color: Dark dark dark green. I don't know why. It's just awsome.

Show: Elfen Lied or Fullmetal Alchemist.

Musical instrument: Kyra's darts. They make music if you try hard enough.

Thing: Watermelon :3

Thing on my computer: Stepmania. If you ignore the fact that my right arrow button doesn't work. XXD


"So then Ms. Anatta just freaked! I hate that bitch! She's so stupid!" "No, what I think it stupid is how you can put candle wax on your taco without noticing."

"I wish I were gay." "I can grant that wish! "Mew, if you kiss Tim, that chair over there will becon for me to hit you with it."

"I like cheese! Do you like cheese?" "Fuck you. Fuck the world! How could I get stuck doing the fucking dishes!" -Smacks Mew over the head with a pan- "What the hell?" "What? I've always wanted to do that and here I was, a pan in hand and a swearing cat-like person beside me! Perfect chance!"

"Okay so this is my cat, Lilium, and my other cat, Battery, and my other cat, Oxxy, and my other cat, Beethoven, and my other cat, Lucy, or now also named Nyuu. And these are my dogs, Salt and pepper." "My cat's name is Buuyo." "My cat's name is Yaoi-Sex! -smiles-" "It's true."

-is copying Kyra's test answers- "Hey, what does this say?" -looks over- "NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU TIM!"

"Hey, you stupid fucking teens are so fucking into yourself. Fuck you all assholes!" "Hey, kid. Your 5. I'll step on you!"

-is using laptop during a school assembley. Everyone is quiet because it's the three minutes of silence for rememberance day. Suddenly, Kyra hits her mouse accidentally on a porn site and a whole bunch of sickening sounds come from her computer, which I might add is hooked up to the speakers. You had to be there. It was so funny!-

Chatroom Quotes

Amy= BakaSppeed

Mew= FancyFeast

Kyra= Kyyraa

Tim= TimmehTitteh

Jake= Skill_mummeh

Jessii= pretty-pink-giant-forhead-killer

Al= upholdthesilence

Andy= Cupman

Seerat= simpleplanner

BakaSppeed has just logged in FancyFeast: AMY! Tim's being stupid and he's climbing that tree again! BakaSppeed: And you are doing what on the computer? FancyFeast: Oh, you know, the regular. Hentai, anime, and music. Nothing special. BakaSppeed: ... Tell me more about Tim.

BakaSppeed has just logged in. Kyyraa: AMY Cupman: AMY Timmehtitteh: AMY BakaSppeed: pwnz you, pwnz you, pwnz you

BakaSppeed: They call me The Enforcer! Cupman: And why do they call you that? BakaSppeed: Call me what? Cupman: You just said they call you the enforcer! BakaSppeed: What the hell are you talking about? Cupman: ... BakaSppeed: Ah, yes. Life is sure dandy as the enforcer! Cupman: I thought you said you weren't the enforcer! BakaSppeed: Of course I'm not! Are you on drugs or something? Cupman: OH MY GOD .

Other information


Name: Amy, Ammerz, or Ahmeh

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Hair color: Blonde. With Lime green streaks

Eyes: Blue

Pets: A cat named Buuyo

Favorite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite anime character: Lucy/Nyuu (Elfen Lied)


Name: Kyrali, Kyra, Rali, or Ky

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Hair color: Burnette, black, white, Lime, blue, pink, and red.

Eyes: Brown

Pets: Cat names Yaoi-Sex

Favorite anime: Gundam SEED Destiny

Favorite anime character: Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Name: Creg, Mew, Kitty, Freakish cat-like thing

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Hair color: Lime green

Eyes: Hazel. The look kinda golden though. And he wears cat-eye contancts sometimes.

Pets: Cats named Battery, Lilium, Lucy/Nyuu, Oxxy, and Beethoven, and dogs names Salt and Pepper

Favorite anime: Elfen Lied

Favorite anime character: Nana (Elfen Lied)


Paper Flowers: I have like 20 more chapters to go.

I asked you: Finished

Clouded Desire: Finished

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