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Well, I'll tell you now; I am a writer, and I write little things in my spare time. I'm actually working on a project, but it's not FanFiction, it's a story of my own. It's taking quite awhile actually. Bloody writer's block.

Basically, I'm here because of writer's block. I'm also here because I like to critique stories. Helps me figure out what's wrong with mine. Don't ask me how, but it's working and slowly (very slowly) but surely my writer's block is dissolving. Anywhoo, I read your stories and I act as a critic. I've read some really good ones, too. Par example, Basketcase by Attica, and her sequel was and is extremely good. I suggest you read it, it's long but v. v. worth it. Attica's writing was very well developed and her Hermione character and her Draco character were so believable I almost thought it plausible for them to get together.

But I digress.

My favorite pair is Draco and Hermione. And, yes, I know the evidence for Ron and Hermione is so blatant and so hard to miss a blind person could see it but, hey, I can dream can't I? And besides, putting those two is like twisting fate. You know, kinda like playing "God". Who doesn't want to do that?

The whole Harry and Hermione ship thing just kinda makes me nauseous. It's too weird, but some people like it. Whatever.

I have been convinced to write a FanFiction. I started one, but it had no where to go but up Cliche Avenue. Um, ew. So, I have a new one that I'm UBER excited about. Yes, 'uber' is in caps. You love it. It's called Shakespeare Told Our Tale and it's loosely based on "Hamlet", except it's mostly in Hermione's point of view. Why? Because in "Hamlet" we see Hamlet's mental process, and hardly any one else's. So, I started a bit in Draco's and now I'm going to present the play (kinda) from another character's. Well, not the play, but my take on it.

Where was I?

Oh yes, I read and critique, therefore I read a lot of stories. Mostly, Draco and Hermione (you caught me, I'm obsessed) so if I read yours I promise not to flame it (Although, it is hard with some of these stories, that are so terrible that I can't stand it) and I will write things to make it better. If I follow a story to the end, prepare yourself for practically an essay on my analysis of it. Thanks to English.

So, that's it. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading. Maybe one day I can be a critic for Entertainment Weekly, or some other form of media publication that critiques books.

Hope to review you!

(And I hope you read my story)


P. Freakin S. I didn't tell you about myself...silly me.

I'm a senior in high school, and I am swamped with college applications and the like. Updating--and I promise I will--won't be consistent. Sometimes I'll have two in a week, and sometimes a month will go by before I update (yes yes, STOT ((that's my ridiculous abbreviation for my story)) is one of these). I am so sorry.

Aaannndd, I'm not against reviews...hint, hint. :D

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