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Okay...um, I'm a seventeen-year-old anime fan who just started college and is beginning to wish I flunked high school so that I could stay there longer instead of being subjected to daily academic torture at the university.

I humbly ask you kind people to forgive tense-shifting, grammar errors and nonsensical, incoherent sentences because I'm not from the US and English isn't my first language.

Oh, and my Communications teacher loathes me. (Which doesn't really have anything to do with anything...)

By the way, my AOL IM Screen Name is Yoake Hajime. I'm usually on-line coz I tend to have a lot of research to do. (Though I always end up fic-hunting.)

Anyway...I love reading fics...I love writing fics...and of course, I LOVE YUYU HAKUSHO_ (HIEI-SAMAAAAAAAA!)

Okay, that's enough babbling for now.


Hokay, um, I'm STILL a seventeen-year-old anime fan, who by now, is an incoming college sophomore (YES! I SURVIVED FRESHMAN YEAR! BWAHAHAHA!) and is wishing that the next three years would go by in a flash so that I wouldn't feel the daily academic torture at the university. Come to think of it though, I think I've grown numb...

Anyway, I'm on vacation. (YEAH!) Yeah, I KNOW I'm supposed to be writing fics but hey, it's so much more fun lying around and reading them.

Maybe I'll get around to updating before classes start--again. Although it may take a nice strong kick on the butt to get me going. :shrug:

Oh well, better stop babbling now. Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll finish my songfic by next week...Then again, maybe not.

"Shakespeare was an idiot and Einstein was a fool. One wrote of love while the other spoke of meaning, but neither of them ever found you. I'm the genius." --from someone I don't know


I now have a livejournal of my own.

Not that anyone cares. :shrug:


How long has it been? One...two years? Either way, it has been quite some time since I visited here.

I'm happy to see that FF.net is still alive and growing. This place sure holds a lot of fond memories for me. It's where I posted my very first fanfic, where I got my very first review and met my very first online friend. A lot of things have happened between then and now, but I'm happy to see that new people have read my stories and some not-so-new readers are still waiting for the next part. I left a message to everyone within the chapters of "Sometimes When We Touch" but it seems that FF.net deleted it. So I'll just repost it here:

July 9, 2003

Dear Everyone,

I believe there is no other way but to simply say it. After six years, I am finally leaving the YYH fandom.

I know that my departure doesn't really concern anyone but I merely wanted to take this chance to express my thanks as well as to apologize. I wish to thank everyone who read my fics, who reviewed them and who even took the time to write me letters. Thank you so much. You made me very happy. I however, also would like to apologize to people who might still be waiting for the continuation of "Sometimes When We Touch". I know I promised some of you that I would finish it no matter what, but I am not certain when or if I will be keeping that promise. Gomen nasai. Finally, I would like to thank everyone, even people I don't know and who don't know me, for loving YYH and for keeping it alive.

I guess that is all that is needed to be said. Perhaps I will come back someday. Perhaps not. But one thing is for certain. I loved YYH, I loved the fandom and I love all the friends I made because of it.

Domo arigatou gozaimasu. To some people, I'll see you around. And to the others, sayonara.

YYH Forever For Never,
Yoake Hajime

Suffice to say, "Sometimes When We Touch" is on hold indefinitely. I'm very sorry for any disappointment, and thank you for continuing to write me e-mails and reviews. They are very much appreciated. For those of you who might be wondering what I have been up to (aka wasting my time on instead of writing fics), you may visit the following links:

a href="" target="_blank">My Personal Domain /a>

a href="" target="_blank">My Akabane Character Shrine /a>

a href="" target="_blank">My GetBackers Forum /a>

a href="" target="_blank">My LJ Icon Journal /a>

For my other fanfiction not posted here, please visit AdultFanfiction.Net.

Take care everyone! And keep the fandoms alive!
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