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Author has written 8 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy VII.

Welcome to...


I basically place updates for big things that have happened that affect my writing or the readers.

1/8/10 - I am on permanent hiatus, as I am working on an original. Sorry guys, but I might come back to finish my fics that I've left undone.

6/9/08 - Alright, I know I haven't updated, like, at al for my Roxas story, but it's because I'm working on a FF7 CC Story. It pretty much is the plot of the game, but I added a ton of more stuff because there was almost no down time for the characters and stuff. I mean, we knew Angeal for like ten minutes before he disappeared after a mission. So, I want to get halfway before I start posting it so that I won't make any readers need to wait for the chapters and stuff. So, that's my main project for now. Roxas fans, hang tight. After I get over my FF7 CC obsession, I'll get to you soon. Thanks!

4/14/08 - Before you spam me with "Why Aren't you writing??" emails, I'd like to say that I am making a few changes about what I will be writing. Quite a few of these stories will be on the "forever hiatus" unless I feel like getting to them someday in the far future. They are...
Of Fierce Heart
Prequel to FF7: The Beginning
Light and Darkness
Heirs of Darkness
Kakashi's Shadow

Wow, that's a lot of stories I'm "forever hiatus-ing." But, I will definitely be making a Crisis Core fic, because it's amazing. I swear, if you have a PSP, get that game ASAP!!

On another note...I've been posting on this update thingy list for a year now!! OMG, happy birthday update list!

4/4/08 - In honor of Zack, from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, I made a oneshot about what happened from the end boss fight until the end of the game. It pretty much turned out to be a drabble on what Zack thought in his final hours before facing Shin-Ra. This game is amazing, and anyone who has a PSP should get it. Zack, you are a hero!!

In other news, I'm pretty much on a hiatus for all my other stories because I'm so wrapped up in FF7 sad stuff. I'll be back soon, though.

3/1/08 - HOLY FLIPPING CRAP! I finished TRUE PAIN!! Now, my Roxas fans, I can FINALLY get to work on Even a Shred of Heart!! Man, since those Birth By Sleep and 358/2 Days trailers, I've been longing to write Roxas for a looooong time. Well, we'll begin VERY soon!

2/5/08 - I'm on hold right now, which explais the lack of updates...kinda. Well, until I get in my writing mood again, you won't be getting many updates from me.

1/13/08 - I deleted "Light and Darkness"...before you come with ptichforks and torches(or in this case, with your spam...) I'm going to let you know that I might restart the story when I finish all my other ones...just, right now, I'm really into my other stories, and I don't think I can bare to hold up that story while I work on my newest ones. I'm so, so sorry for the disappointment, but I hope you can understand...(plus, I had never planned the story out, even after almost a year of it posted, I have no idea what it would've been about...just the ending I had figured out...)

1/3/08 - I have put two new stories "Of Fierce Heart" and "Prequel to FF7 - The Beginning" on the site, however, they are merely teasers until I finish TP and ESH.

1/2/08 - I have completed 'Hope For the Forsaken' and have put 'Light and Darkness' on halt. It's bittersweet!...kinda

10/26/07 - Okay, please don't kill me for not being a good updater...I've just been sidetracked with a new school, and harder classes and stuff. But I'm coming back.

9/6/07 - Laptop was fixed...not much else to say...besides WHOOOOOOO!!

8/4/07 - My laptop broke and the hard drive is Best Buy is trying to fix it. This means I will not update a lot at all because all my stuff is on that laptop.

7/23/07 - Well, despite what I told myself, I got up a new story...but I don't plan on continuing it unless I get more ideas...its just a teaser. The story is called 'Light and Darkness' for Final Fantasy 3(DS)

6/9/07 - I am doing a joint fic with kurenai yuhi-sensei, called 'Kakashi's Shadow'. If you like Naruto, you should read it.

5/26/07 - My laptop got fixed!! YAYAY!!

5/8/07 - I deleted Heirs of Darkness!! I know, before you come kill me, I just want to say I couldn't handle it...but maybe later when I get more ideas.

4/11/07 - I have put up my new story 'Return of Nobody', but has been renamed 'Even a Shred of Heart'

4/9/07 - I have completely redone my whole know how I get bored! (Looks at giant pile of games beaten) REALLY bored!

Fun Profile Stuff!!

Name: Mr.Who2123

Age: ...

Current Location: Current Location? Are you trying to track me down or something??

Looks Like: Well, you guys will never see me so...Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, Tall

Gender: Girl(Ms.Who sounds kinda dumb.)

Fav. Food: I like a lot of stuff...

Fav. Color: Indigo!

Fav. Bands/Artists: One Republic, Anberlin, Frou Frou, Daft Punk, The Strokes

Fav. Animal: We're getting this personal? (Inner Self: You're the one typing this...stupid. Oh, and she likes rhinos.)

Religion: Mormon. That's why I don't ever swear or anything in my stories, if you were wondering. Guess what...Cam Clarke(Kratos) is mormon too :O

Likes: Getting into the good stuff. I like to play the violin, play videogames, write, read, walk and talk to my dogs, and draw.

Dislikes: Not much...

1. Final Fantasy VII(Always and forever will this game be my favorite!) And FF7: Crisis Core. This is tired with the original FF7. It's amazing...go play it!!
2. Kingdom Hearts Series
3. Tales of Symphonia
4. Phantasy Star Online
5. Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions(Weirdest Ending EVER!!)
6. Fire Emblem Series(Played all American Ones)
7. Legend of Dragoon
8. Final Fantasy 12
9. Final Fantasy 4
10. Final Fantasy 3

3. Roxas!!
4. Armos! (My Phantasy Star OC)
5. Kratos!

Hey, people, I justed wanted to say that I do MSN messager, so if you want to chat, just add me as a contact on your list.
My email for MSN is

I also beta read for anyone who wants me to. Just send a notice to my email(which should be at the top of my profile) and send the attachment of what you want me to edit, beta read, or whatever.

MY STORIES(Order of Creation)

True Pain: Well, basically it is when Kratos and Anna meet all the way until Anna dies. This story is my most popular one, yet it is my least favorite...hmmmm. I don't really have much to say about this story so, uh, read it! HOLY CRUD I FINISHED!!

Shadow: Well, despite telling myself I wouldn't write this, I wrote it...and finished it. Wow, devotion right there... Well, it really has nothing to do with Tales of Symphonia, it's just a really cool idea I had and decided to use Kratos, and by using him, I made a really good ending! It's about shadows and this prophecy, and Kratos going on a journey with this guy Leon...I won't spoil it...Read it!!

Hope For the Forsaken: This is probably my most emotional and personal story ever...and it's my least reviewed. C'mon people, even if you have no idea what phantasy star online is, it's not really about the's about struggles and friendship and trust. It's my favorite story and it would mean a lot if you read and reviewed it. I has only 150 hits, c'mon people, that's sad! Well, it's about humans needing to move to another planet through a crisis, and they meet inhabitants of the new planet, Ragol. The main characters are Kemero, a gunman forced to work with Armos, a constantly pained swordsman who is the strongest person in their world. Anyways, it leads to the crisis of their own planet...and Armos' haunted memories coming back to him while he is forced to investigate the ruin he was found in when he was a child. - FINISHED! WOOOOT!!

Heirs of Darkness: Sequel to Shadow, except this time, Lloyd gets the hard end of being part shadow...hehehe. Tribute to freakyanimegal456's idea. - Deleted

A Perfect Man: Well, this all started while I was playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with my brother. We ended up cracking up on the floor with funny ideas and I had to write them down...though they were MUCH funnier before I wrote it down...

Even a Shred of Heart: Well, I finally got that story up, though only by doing export and then copying and pasting. The Organization13 has been revived, and this time, it is up to Roxas, Axel, and Demyx to do the buttkicking. Sora has fallen unconscious as well, adding a little twist to the story.

Kakashi's Shadow: A collab with kurenai yuhi-sensei. About Kakashi finding a girl on a mission. It is on her profile.

Light and Darkness: This story is mainly just a little teaser of what is yet to come. It is for Final Fantasy 3, and it takes place after the game...I don't think I'll continue it until I finish 'True Pain' or 'Hope for the Forsaken.' - Deleted, but may be brought up once I finish TP and ESH.

Of Fiece Heart: A Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn fic. It's basically a Geoffrey x Elincia story, but more than that. A story of how distress, tragedy, and death can change all of us. On hold until my first two stories, TP and ESH are finished.

Prequel to FF7 - The Beginning: I Final fantasy 7 fic about what happened 2,000 years ago when Jenova came to the planet. About a young warrior who rebels against an evil president, and ends up saving the world. (I know, sounds like FF7, but it's original, I swear.) On halt until TP or ESH is finished.


I also would LOVE to make a Final Fantasy Versus 13 fic after I get it (in 2009 T_T) and beat it. The trailer looks SOO COOOOL that I have to make a fic of it...hehe...

Perhaps...just perhaps...I might make a story for Zack from FF7:CC. I already made a one-shot for him. He is amazing.


Well guys, I'll have to say that my FAVORITE author, and my friend, ALAIA SKYHAWK!!
She has put a character of my choosing into her current TOS story and has been a regular reviewer, even if I'm not!
She tries to help me with my stories and I'm very appreciative of her, so Thanks!

Another is...EyesoftheInfiniteGalaxy
She made me have lots of reviews in True Pain and reviewed Hope for the Forsaken and shes been a great influence!!
Thanks Lue!

An Author I am VERY envious of Her Skills Is Kasan Soulblade
She IS going to be a real author one day!
It is sooooo creepy, but SO cool! Her stories are the best and she got me on here in the first place!

I Really Appreciate All the Readers and Reviewers Out There...Even If I didn't Put Down You're Name!!

These are all of my fav. writers, so go read their stories, they are all good!!


We want Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

Tales of Symphonia is too good to be left alone. We want a sequel to quell the storm of questions in our heads. What happens to

Kratos? We NEED a second Tales of Symphonia game, and we need it NOW! Copy and paste this if you want a

Tales of Symphonia Sequel!

- Hehehe, I wrote that!

Oh, and guess what? I guess they ARE making a Tales of Symphonia sequel=D

Except, I don't think the main cast of the original will be playable characters...they're all NEW people!


Ninety-five percent of teenagers are concerned about being popular. If you are one of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list: Queen S of Randomness 016, Queen B of Randomness 016, AnimieKittyCaffe, The Gypsy Pirate Queen, That Bloody Demon, The Astrology Nerd, Shadow929, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Yavie Aelienel, Hyperactively Bored, Spymaster E, Shanny-Boo, Gem W, Brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, Bara-Minomoto, Em Quagmire, Buffy The Mary-Sue Slayer, Random Little Writer, Larxene II, Dragons Ark, freakyanimegal456, Mr.Who2123

Ninety-eight percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're part of the two percent who hasn't, copy this, and paste it in your profile.
- C'mon people. If this is true, then this is SAD!! Can't you even control yourself?

Well, Thanks For Looking At My Site, Oh, and

"Happy Writing!" - Alaia Skyhawk

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Reduced to Specimens by JaydeeGrey reviews
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