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I love to surf the net. I'm a music person. All kinds of music, pop, rock, punk, alter, rnb, you name it! And I just can't live without my television screen! I love chatting with my friends in Yahoo Messenger. I love watching WWE RAW! And I love reading fanfics about John Cena or Randy Orton...John Cena is sooo HOT! I love watching Rockstar Supernova! Tommy Lee may be 40+ but he still looks cute! I hope Dilana could win!

John Cena-I love his raps especially Don't F With Us, If It All Ended Tomorrow and Right Now. I love the message in If It All Ended Tomorrow and Just Another Day.

Nickelback-Their songs rock from their old albums til today! I love their songs, How You Remind Me, Far Away, Photograph, Savin' Me, Rockstar and Someday

Red Hot Chili Peppers-The new album Stadium Arcadium rocks! Dani California is the best movie they have ever made! I hope it wins video of the year! It has 7 nominations in the Mtv video-music awards! They gotta win!

Queen-They may be an old band and some members have died but they still rock! Love their songs, Bohemian Rhapsody...LOVE it!

Carrie Underwood-My favorite American Idol winner! Love her songs so much. It changed my mind about country songs. I thought country was all those square-dancing things but I love her! Some Hearts, Wasted, That's Where It Is and Starts With Goodbye are lovely songs!

Simple Plan-Love them especially their style! Pierre is kinda cute! I love the song Untitled and Vacation

Pink-I absolutely adore her! Her new album I'm Not Dead rocks so much! Who Knew is such a great song and Stupid Girls is hilarious!

Mean Girls-I could watch this how many times and never get bored of it

Benchwarmers-Sooo fun! I love it that they put those 3 comedians together

The Marine-It's not yet out but I love the trailer so it has to be smashin!

See No Evil-Love the movie and the ending is sooo weird and funny!

Click-Learned a lesson that I shouldn't forward my life if I get bored and tired with it

Aquamarine-So many parts in the movie that looked fake but I like the story and I love Sara Paxton's hair!

Anything with John Cena or Randy Orton in it!

John and Torrie
-I love this pairing. I love Torrie and I find her very pretty!

John and Stacy
-Stacy is very beautiful and they look cute together

Randy and Stacy
-KillerLegs FOREVER!

PS: will continue this some other time! in the mean time, i'll be doing school work

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