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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, and Gakuen Alice.


Pen name: Utsukushii-shinigami

Real name: Umi (one of the characters in my name is 'sea', n in Japanese it's Umi.)

Gender: female

Location: 1/4 year I'll be in Hong Kong, and for the other 3/4 of the year, I'll be in UK.

Nationality: I'm 3/4 Cantonese and 1/4 Japanese and have been studying in UK since the age of ten. I can speak English and Cantonese fluently and though not very fluent in Chinese and Japanese, I can still speak a little of it.

I’m quite petite, around 5’2”. Waist-length dark hair, hazel eyes which goes grey with a few orange streaks in it in rare occasions, especially under bright light in front of the mirror, you’ll be able to see it if look very carefully. It’s odd I admit, but I really like them, they make me unique.

I enjoy reading, writing fanfictions, and clubbing. But what I love most is reading comics and eating (My friends call me fatty because of it, though I'm actually quite thin, size 6/8 --UK size). I like all kinds of food but Chinese and Indian are my favorite take-aways. I love listening to pop, punk and rock/heavy metals. I'm quite Gothic in some occasions. I love Vivienne Westwood jewelery as well as some of their shoes.

My dream is to be a doctor and have the opportunity to travel around the world. I like traveling a lot; you get to meet loads of new people along the way : )

Pairings in Naruto I prefer:


Garra x Sakura

Sasori x Sakura


Deidara x Sakura

Haku x Sakura

Itachi x Sakura

Kimimaro x Sakura

Pein x Sakura

Sai x Sakura

Sasuke x Sakura

I also find Arashi (4th Hokage) x Sakura quite interesting.

Though I've read loads of other comics and anime, I find Naruto and Gakuen Alice easier to write with and can come up with more inspirations/ ideas.

To my dear reader and reviewers:

I’ve only started writing a few months ago, there’re still some mistakes in the stories but I promise I will do better next time. Thank you so much for reading my stories. For those who reviewed thank you so much for your supports, they’re what make me want to do better the next time, and act as fuel for me to carry on writing. I also have to thank you for those who kindly pointed out my slips, I will try my best to improve with my skills and correct my errors.

My current life

I'm really really sorry, but due to the amount of work I've got, I won't be updating anything for a while. Don't worry, I still wrote down loads of cool ideas down though and I will be updating as soon as I can. Sorry again, minor-san. Luv u all!!!

I've recently just moved to a new school in Wales-Boarding school again...

Anyway, I went around the place and got a few part-time jobs already (lucky). I'm now a part-time checkout, waitress and a temporary model. I've just had a few photo shoott last week, met loads of people and it's been great fun. I wish it was a every week thing but the contract it's only for a few shoott. Oh well, who knows? Maybe they will use me again and at least I've got a cool experience, lol.

oh, and p.s. being a model it's NOT that perfect. So yeah, it's fun putting on make-up and wear pretty doll dresses but you also have to act professional as in pretend it's summer time and wear only a thin dress while it's actually cold, windy and raining...god, that was hell, hahahahaha.

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Why is love so complicated? reviews
Rumour says that Tsubasa sempai is courting Mikan. Ruka flirts shamelessly with Mikan and she even flirts right back. Natsume's having trouble controlling his sexual urges towards Mikan? What will Natsume do to get Mikan to be his girl? Mikan is pregnant?
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