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Wow. I've been a member for over ten years, and I've deleted all the stories I've ever written here. As of this writing, of course.

Before you judge, do realize that I started writing fan fiction before I could join this site, per the Terms of Service. In fact, my first fan fiction was a creative writing project from third grade. It was a narrative set in the Pokémon universe, specifically taking elements from the N64 game Hey You, Pikachu! I didn't even know that it was considered fan fiction when I wrote it.

I joined on the recommendation of a friend. I checked out her username and, while she had not written anything, all her favorite stories were from Inuyasha. I did not know that she was even into anime or manga, and she never let on that she was. Unlike my friend, I consumed and created as well, and it was glorious

After nearly losing my account due to email issues (so long AOL!), passing through several fandoms, and raising my standards, I decided that it would be best if my older works would be better off if they were lost to the ether. Maybe I'll re-write them. Maybe I should just make new.

Let it be known that I'm massively pretentious and think I'm a lot better than I actually am. My writing reflects this.