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I LOVE anything Harry Potter, but the books are my favorite. My favorite Harry Potter book is Prisnor of Azkaban as no one died in it. I fully believe that Severus Snape is an absolute creep, because a) he had that wierd obsession with Lily when she was MARRIED to someone else, and b) because as stated by Quirrell he swooped around like an overgrown bat, thereby implying that he is a sadistic vampire, ( and not the kind from twilight)

All my stories will be all over the place. Some might be Harry/Hermione, Harry/Tonks, or some other pairing. I will not however, pair Harry and Ginny together. They have nothing in common other than Ron. Also, Ginny is kind of creepy. I mean she was like stalking Harry all through out book 2. Ron and Hermione is also a stupid pairing as Ron never showed any interest Hermione or girls in general up until 4th year, and that was because of school sponsored event and Ron was just jealous that Hermione went with Krum. And Hermione never showed ANY interest in Ron up until 6th year. And that was only because Ron was dating Lavender. For those of you who saw the movie, the scene with the animated birds in the tower when Harry and Hermione were alone together, you think, is this the moment we’re they kiss? Is this the moment in Harry Potter were things start making sense, relationship wise? Nope! J.K. Rowling countinued to keep pairings as insane as possible. Whew! Had to get that out sorry about the long winded rant.

If I forget to post a chapter in any of my stories, then that's because I forgot. If forget, then I almost guarantee that it will be up in the next few days after the the date I said I would post on.

Message to all the haters: if you hate on everything and write nasty reviews and ruthlessly flame everyone, then they will be discouraged, and no longer want to write their fan fiction. Haters love to hate. If no one is there for you to hate on anymore, then you can only blame yourself. What you love, will ultimately destroy you in the end. Take the advise and keep all hateful comments to yourself.

Other info: The fith chapter of Forgotten Twin should be up in a few days. As for Fates Destiny, whenever I come with ideas for. Writers block sucks! ‘Till then!


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Harry Potter and Forgotten Twin reviews
This is fanfic is completely AU. It features Alive!James and Lily, Independent!Grey!Harry, Confident!Neville, and Young!Tonks. The pairings are as follows: Harry/Tonks, Neville/Hermione, and James/OC (Lily and James get divorced) Read it if you want to. Just no hateful reviews. Thank you!
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