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Hiya there!

Aashi's A:TLA spotlight

Rhythm of the Rain-


Take Zuko, Katara , some turtleducks n plenty of rain in one mega twisty potboiler soap opera plot epic n what do u get?That's right-everyone's favourite Rhythm of the Rain.A pleasantly lengthy fic with really high angst levels, mad doses of romancing, a dash of maiko n plenty of sokkaXsuki; this is a must for every zutara fan. so read n enjoy the trailer-

--"Katara!" Sokka stopped in his tracks as his blue eyes widened at the sight before him.

Standing in the center of the garden were two rain soaked figures. One draped in blue, the other in red. Limbs coiled around the other tightly. Katara's hands caressed the sides of his face; her finger tips gently grazed his scar. Her eyes were closed as her lips parted for a breath before being sealed over by another pair. One arm held her against him while the other held her face steady.

Sokka didn't know how long he stood there watching the Fire Lord kiss his sister. Or vice versa. --


My real name's kinda hard to say so lets not bother.(BTW,it means heavenly in sanskrit)

aashi is short for aashiqui(don't even try pronouncing it) which means love.


What's common to Agni, Jala, Bhoomi and the whole concept of avatar?(betcha can't figure this one out.)




Zoorhlm13 (bff)




All Zutaraians please copy


I will never betray their love!

Zutarans will stick 2gether,

We will be strong and stay above!

Kataang will never prevail, we will win this war,

And even if we're losing,

That's reason to fight all the more!"


I'm kinda having these weird premonition like thingies ever since i saw Tales of Ba Sing Se. So i thought i'd just write them down n see if they came true(hopefully b4 the season finale )

big puff of smoke- me looking into crystal ball

1. We're going to see more of Lu Ten.

2. Something bad's going to happen to iroh (i don't know why- i can just feel it in my bones)

3. Jin finds out Zuko's a firebender ( a simple one n more in the direction of he tells her that)

4. More kissing involved.( i can't seem to see between whom though)

5.The Gaang run into zuko and iroh (katara finds them first)

6. The Blue Spirit makes a reappearance.

7.More spirits involved.

8.Aang's going to master earth n water by the season finale.

9. Cabbage man makes another appearance.

10.at least one death by season end.

11. azula makes it into ba sing se.

12. Ba sing se falls= another seige.

13. ok i'm going to be superstitious and shut up.

So now i'm going to wait till the season ends n post my score. Who knows, I might be another Aunt Wu in the making?(who'm i kiddin -it's just a bunch of guesses)

p.s. is it just me or is anyone else having a case of deja vu? the formula seems to be one creepy general( zhao, long feng), one nice girl( yue, jin( though i'm not entirely sure she's not a one-shot character)) and permanently in -the -shadows rulers( ozai, earth king)

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

What's on my fav list n why?(check actual list for links- i'm 2 lazy 2 put em up here)

THATP- first ever zutara fic i read, for the most part angsty (good!) and depressing(bad ), but there are these chaps where zuko n katara fall in love that i so totally fell for - so if u want some lurve, great kisses, plenty of feeling n a good(semi-crazy) plot to boot, READ!

Zutara20- by my good friend zoor; cute little drabbles with tons of humour n intrigue. u need to turn up with a few requests to make her finish though, guys. SHE ROX!

Et tu, Katara- oneshot. split both sides of me laughing on this one!sokka being ok with zutara is a novelty worth keeping.

Hate- semi drabble fic.cos i so luuuuuv angsty stuff (despite being a katara- style sugar queen most of the time)n this one pulls at my heartstrings everytime i read it.

SLR- also by zoor, cos i so luuuuuv the way she writes- it's got so much feeling in it without being AU or having any OCs

Kiss- oneshot. cos u can't resist humour! or kisses for that matter.

Tempest in a teacup- AU fic, kinda depressing at times , but what u gotta love is the cute little list in the middle n the way the ending goes.

Culture clash- cos this is seriously the funniest fic ever!

Lotus Lake- AU zutara. i esp absolutely adore their first kiss( sigh- in the snow)

The Storm-oneshot. cos (sadly) this is how zutara( if it ever becomes canon) is most probably going to end.

Rain- oneshot. it's got zuko down perfectly.

I know i havn't updated anything in a while cos i'm busy preparing a taang set for the 50 sentences community- still have to go make a claim though. I told zoor once that i hated authors who didn't complete their fics- now i kinda sympathise with them- cos inspiration is randomness personified- slow to strike n when it does difficult to please.

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Et Tu, Katara by Emeraldadrasteia reviews
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Bitter Love reviews
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