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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Name: Katie

Quick Bio: I love writing...lmao!

Harry Potter Ships I LOVE:

Hermione/Sirius: Where do I start...-drool-...gotta love them!!!

Draco/Hermione: Because their just way too hot, not to love!

Hermione/Severus: There's just something about the them...I don't know what...but, I like 'em together!

Hermione/Blaize: After a couple ff reads, I got hooked. (Also, I like them as friends)

Ginny/Blaize: I just figure: Cute Couple.

Ron/Blaize: I know, eww...Slash!? But, after reading an ff I was laughing my...arse off, with how gay they were it was hilarious! Blaise would kiss Ron, Ron would blush. LMAO!

Hermione/Lucius: Just plain...HOT!

Hermione/Remus: The Muggle Born and the Werewolf...What's not to love?

Lily/Severus: Because she cared...And I think Severus' might be Harry's real and my wishful thinking...

Lily/Remus: Just cute to think about!

Lily/Lucius: Same with Hermione/Lucius...Just plain...HOT!

Ginny/Draco: Cute and yet bad at the same time...

Harry Potter ships that I HATE!:

Ron/Hermione: Hate...Hate...Hate! I can only see them as friends and that is it...nothing else! Plus, they bicker to much...

Harry/Hermione: Totally a sibling relationship there, it'd be like dating your brother or sister! GROSS!

Harry/Ginny: I know, I know...I wrote were their together in one of my fics, but still I can't stand them! Only person I see Harry with is Luna and that's it!

Harry/Cho: Holy Gods in Heaven, who would put them together! I know, they were slightly together in the Books, well more like one book, but still I just can't see them together. She was Cedric's gal, not Harry's!

Ron/Harry: This seems like a really funny ship, to me, but I kind of want to throw up with the thought of them together.

Draco/Harry: Draco gay! Never! I can see Harry eyeing his own, but never Draco! And if Harry was looking at men, I really wouldn't know who to put him with...Blaize perhaps...

Lily/James: Yeah, yeah...I know...They were Harry's parents...whoop-de-do! I still think that Harry is somehow Severus' kid!

All other slash couples: Gross...

Twilight/NewMoon ships that I LOVE:

Bella/Edward: Because they were made to be together! And if Edward would think straight they could be together FOREVER!

Carlisle/Esme: Too cute...

Alice/Jasper: Gotta Love 'em!

Emmet/Rosalie: I like 'em, but Rosalie could act a little better.

Bella/Jasper: I know, what the hell am I thinking, right? But, I could soooo see them together is Edward was out of the picture. Or if Edward ran off with Alice...Ohhh that would be an awesome fic!

Bella/Carlisle: Hey, to love the doctor! LMAO!

Twilight/NewMoon ships I HATE!:

Bella/Jake: No, no, no, and NO!

Bella/Mike: Never!!!!!!!!

Bella/anyone else: Don't think so!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel ships I LOVE!:

Spike/Dawn: Just have to love them...the vampire and little bit, lol...

Spike/Willow: They had there moments, like in season 3 and season 4. Plus, HOT couple!

Spike/Faith: They both have a knack for the kill...

Spike/Dru: They had so much chemistry! They were the hot vampire couple!!!

Spike/Fred: hehehe...just too cute.

Spike/Darla: hehehe...

Angel/Buffy: They were ment to be together!

Angelus/Faith: Hot!

Wesley/Cordelia: I wish there was more between them, other than the looks and that one kiss. It would have been awesome to see them together, more...

Wesley/Faith: Hey, Watcher/Slayer kissage...what could be better?

Wesley/Darla: I don't know what it is, but I would have loved to see them together...

Wesley/Willow: They were just two smarties, it would have worked out wonderfully, like two peas in a pod!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel ships I HATE!:

Spike/Buffy: At first I loved them, but Buffy was just using him and that makes me a little mad. So, I don't like them together anymore!

Spike/Anya: NO! NEVER!

SpikeSlash: YUCK!

Angel/Darla: Bad, bad, and bad!

Angel/Drusilla: Ugh...

Angel/Cordelia: I just do not get them, at all! Angel loved Buffy and thats that!

Gunn/Fred: Fred is Wesley's!

Willow/Tara: I can only see her with Spike or Wesley! And Oz us just out of the question!

Wesley/Lilah: BAD!

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