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Hey everyone! Thanks for taking time out to read my humble bio :)

First I'd like to say I love this website! There wern't enough student signed up for creative writing this year at my highschool so this is a great outlet for me.

Next I'd like to say a bit about myself of course. I love anything artistic. Dance, acting, all sorts of music, literature, galleries, and of course, writing.

Although I love most music I'd have to say my favorites would be morcheeba, stereophonics, remy zero, tokio hotel,zero seven, marilyn manson. I really like indie and heavy metal. most people find that weird because I look... well lets just say my personal style is anything but angry lol. I dress somewhere in between Lana and Chloe, with a little bit of me mixed in! but ne ways I'm picky about country but I like rascal flatts, shania twain, dixie chicks, allison krauss... that sort of thing. I'm a fan of sad music. OHH! and evanescence! the new song "call me when your sober" is pretty much amazing.

so that brings me to some of the best songs. I like soo many but I'll try to compress.

-"call me when your sober" evanescence

-"hate me" blue october

-"mama's room" under the influence of giants

-"sexy back" justin timberlake

-"time and time again" stretch princess

-"glorious # 1" remy zero

-"idlewild" outkast

-"superman" stereophonics

-"buttons" pussycat dolls

-"the way I am" knoc turnal

-"she wants to move" nerd

-"chasing cars" snow patrol

-"wikked lil' girls" esthero

-"hide and seek" imogene heap

-"citadel" anna nalick

-"never alone" barlow girl

-"silver and cold" afi

-"nikki fm" hawthorne heights

-"your sword vs my dagger" silverstein

-"gun in hand" stutterfly

-"daterape" sublime

-"maybe" stereophonics

-"rette mich" tokio hotel

-"dried up, tied, and dead to the world" marilyn manson

-"pompeii" es posthumous

-"spitfire" prodigy

-"what hurts the most" rascall flatts

ok so maybe it wasn't compressed but I tried. there are lots more.

After reading some of my work you will quickly learn a few things about it that may reoccur.

-Chloe is my favorite, so many of my stories will put her front row center.

-I think clark is hot on red kyrptonite.

-I love description. If you like details my stories are deffinatly for you. If not I encourage you to see anyways because I try to do it in a interesting way.

-Most if not all of my stories will be named after songs and will start with song lyrics.

-Big words=fun.

I'm a fan of smallville, supernatural, buffy the vampire slayer, the oc, veronica mars, danny phantom, music video's, charmed, angel, desperate housewives, grey's anatomy, and lost.

If you resemble Tom welling, jenson ackles, david boreanez, jason dorhing(sp?), or michael rosenbaum with hair... go ahead and track me down!

I've never had a serious relationship. My friends have too much guy drama so I settle for helping them with theirs. Plus guys just don't like me like that for some reason. I have no clue why but the theory's been tested time and time over.

I'm both loud AND shy. depends on how well I know you.

I'm dance captain at my school which is neato. I'm also in advanced drama.

I go for bad boys with a sensitive side. I like guys who can be controlling, but obviously not to the extent of where they are just plain jerks.Sort of like jenson ackle's supernatural character. He's got an attitude thats sexy but he knows when to cut it out. I also like cute nerds ie george from grey's anatomy. I also like tom welling types, as in tall and musclular.

I think to much.

I would marry danny phantom were he a real person. :)

I'm obsessed with horror movies. I don't generally like chick flicks. I want to be an actress.

as I've said I dress somewhere between Lana and Chloe. More Chloe. allison mack is my idol. I like those type of "new york company" style sophisticated stuff she wears on the show. I have the same hair style as her currently (season five style) but dark brown. I love fashion and make-up.

I'm the undisputed queen of refrences. yet another similarity to Chloe. I also have some more similarities to both Chloe and Allison Mack but I won't bore you with them. If your interested check them out on the "who I'd like to meet section of my myspace" I'm not sure if my profile is set to private but add me if you'd like I will accept as long as you send a quick note saying how you know of me. It's .

I'm pretty sure I've written a whole biography but if you wanna know anything else, just msn or email me.



Favorite character-Chloe Favorite male-cross between Clark and Jason. Lex is good too lol. Favorite Episode-Nicodemous, Tomb, Delete, Vessel, Crush, transference, spirit, Jinx, crisis Favorite Pairings-Chloe/Clark Lana/jason Chloe/Kal Chloe/jimmy ... I'm also a fan of cross over pairings between smallville's Chloe and supernaturals dean. Least Favorite Character: Lana (during the last couple seasons) Hopes: That Chloe will not ever die. A good lengthy Chloe jimmy relationship.


Favorite Character-Veronica. Mac's cool too. Favorite Male-Logan, Weevil. I liked Troy before he turned out bad... Favorite episode-An echolls family christmas, Like a virgin. Favorite Pairings- Two words. LOGAN/VERONICA. Least favorite Character: Duncan, lilly, lamb. Hopes: That there will be many more cute and amazing Logan Veronica moments. For example the first time they kissed when she gave him a peck and started to walk away and he grabbed her arm wirrled her around and kissed her passionantly. More Weevil.


Favorite Character-Dean Favorite Male-um... DEAN lol Favorite episode-I'm not sure of the name. The one with the scarecrow and season one finally. Favorite Pairings- Dean and any one Least favorite Character: Creepy demon girl whatever her name is Hopes: That Dean gets to show even more of his bad boy side.


Favorite Character-Izzie, Cristina Favorite Male-George Favorite episode-Not farmiliar with names but anyone with izzie and denny Favorite Pairings- Izzie/Denny George/kallie Least favorite Character: Alex, Merideth Hopes: No more Merideth and mcdreamy. More George. An interesting Izzie plot.


Favorite Character-Anya, Willow Favorite Male-Spike Favorite episode-Seeing Red, Him, The Pack, Witch, Bewitched bothered and bewildered, Halloween, Earshot, Once more with feeling, School hard, Tabula rasa, there are porbably more. Favorite Pairings- Buffy/Spike Willow/Oz Coredeilia/Zander Anya/Zander Least favorite Character: Amy Hopes: I don't really have any considering the show is over lol.


Favorite Character- Fred Favorite Male-Spike, wesley Favorite episode-The one with willow in it and faith. Favorite Pairings- Fred/Wesley Least favorite Character-Conner Hopes- same as buffy.

so there you have it! I love reviews so drop me a line!

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