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Author has written 4 stories for Wheel of Time, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, and Protector of the Small Quartet.

Having posted fics in the multiple, I feel I am obligated to construct a semi-proper profile now. With that in mind, here are some works of fiction with a strong presence here on Fanfiction.net that I have some interest in:

Wheel of Time: Began reading this about 2003 if I remember aright--so a comparatively recent arrival, given the series' age. My involvement in the fandom has fluctuated up-and-down over the years: with my return to Dragonmount and my recent exploration into fanficcing, it is currently at a crest. Shipping-wise, I like basically all the canon ships, and am not usually turned away from a story by its ships unless it ships one of the Bad Guys with a Good Guy (and even then, there are exceptions), even if they depart from canon.

Tortall 'verse: Began reading about 2002. My place in the fandom was entirely non-participatory until August '10. My attitude towards shipping is as for WoT and indeed most of my fandoms (I prefer it when it's all in good fun: I cannot enjoy shipping wars). My favourite series from the 'verse is Protector of the Small, possibly because it was the first one I read.

Harry Potter: Started reading about 1999. Great series, but my feelings about it are somewhat complicated. I experienced a case of near-complete fandom burn-out a few years ago, but I may make a return to the fandom (in my usual semi-invisible role) in the near future.

Firefly: Did not watch whilst it was on: found out about it a few years after the movie. Aside from Monty Python, this is, as far as I know, my favourite live-action TV series of all-time despite its short run and some flaws. I am not, however, active in the fandom in any way, shape, or form.

Resident Evil: The video game series, not the movies (I am one of those who considers the distinction important). Started playing about 2004: finished 2, 4, and 5. Never been one to pay attention to shipping here: I spend (or spent) my fandom time doing things like arguing Red 9 vs Blacktail (Red 9, incidentally), and perhaps speculating about the plot.

The Lord of the Rings: After my mother read The Hobbit to my sister and I when I was little, I immediately tracked down LotR, and thus began my road to being an aspiring fantasy writer. As I mentioned in the last version of my Profile, I do not read fanfiction for Tolkien's world. I do not write it, either. This is one of the few fandom-related things that I know will not change.

Star Wars: I've loved all six movies since I first saw each of them, beginning a few years before the prequels came out. My relationship with the EU is, shall we say, more varied. Basically, I love Shatterpoint, Dark Rendezvous, the prequel movie novelizations, the Jedi Knight series, and the first Clone Wars cartoon; I basically enjoy the Young Jedi Knights series and The Force Unleashed, as well, and have no real dislike for the KotOR series. Aside from that...I will follow Thumper's dad's advice, and remain silent. Fandom-wise, I have been involved with a collaborative fanfiction project in the 'verse (prequel era) for the past four years. I may or may not make an attempt, in the future, to repackage this "CF" for posting here.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: I had heard about this show for some time, and used the classic method of Netflix Instant to tear through it in September '10 (watching each episode multiple times). Could be my favourite show ever.

Kingdom Hearts: Played and followed this series from the beginning. Indisputably my favourite RPG game, but I am utterly uninvolved in the fandom except as a rare observer.

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