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Author has written 19 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Death Note, and Prince of Tennis.

Name: You can call me whatever you want to. Xiana, Asuka, Xia, Xi... It really doesn't matter to me.

Age: Kind of old

Personality, in Prince of Tennis Terms:

10 Percent like Sengoku... Because about every 10th word that comes out of my mouth is "Lucky!"
40 Percent like Jirou... Because 40 percent of the time I should be awake, I'm actually sleeping.
20 Percent like Atobe... Because 2 days out of 10, I am completely awed by my own prowess.
15 Percent like Shinji... Because I could rant on and on forever about nearly anything, but only succumb to the urge about 15 percent of the time.
5 Percent like Kabaji... Because in a random conversation, my favorite phrase besides "I think..." or "Lucky!" is "Yes," "Usu," or a variation on the theme, making up approximately 5 percent of the conversation.
5 Percent like Eiji... Because I say Nyaa in about every review I submit, and since I only review for about 1 in 20 stories...
3 Percent like Sanada... Because I often want to slap people to get them to shape up and build their character! but restrain myself until they cross the line... which happens approximately 3 percent of the time.
2 Percent like Taki... Because I only have the tennis skills to be on the regulars for two percent of the series, but I can cheer for Hyotei like none other, and do so on every possible occasion.

Fav. Shows: Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note, Prince of Tennis, Sukisyo, Bleach, Ouran, Cardcaptor Sakura, .hack, Bobobo, Blood, Naruto, FMA, InuYasha, Scrubs (non-anime! w00t!).

Fav. Games: KINGDOM HEARTS! (1, 2, CoM), Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda,Tales of Symphonia, Sonic, DDR, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja.

Favorite Pairings:

Kingdom Hearts

Marluxia/Larxene (Marlene)
The whole SoRiKai triangle
Roxas/Naminé (occasionally)

Death Note

L/Light/Misa triangle
Matt/Mello/Near triangle

Prince of Tennis

Silver Pair XDDDDDD
Golden Pair
Dirty Pair
Atobe/Shinji :D
Yukimura/Marui :O
Tezuka/Oshitari Kenya (It's a really long story.)

Almost any other pairing that doesn't mess up my darling SP... -;;

Things I Have an Irrational Love for:

Train stations. Subway type or railroad. Whenever there is a train station level in a game it makes me very happy.

Newsweek. It is the best magazine :D Although I rarely read past the first 15 pages or so.

Stealing pen-chans from hotels. I wonder if anyone ever notices? Ah, well, they're free.

Airports. They are like so cool and stuff. I think I like traveling mostly because you get to go to a lot of train stations and airports.

Baseball. I don't know why I like it. A lot of the time it might not be very interesting. And I'm not very good at it, except when I'm Atobe-mii. (Please note that tennis is not on this list because there is a very rational reason for me to love tennis and that is Silver Pair.)

Oshitari Kenya. You know, I'm not sure I've ever even seen him play a match... Can someone direct me to one of those? I also have the irrational belief that he is completely obsessed with his cousin Oshitari Yuushi. When you are saying Oshitari Kenya's name, you have to say the whole thing every time. You can't say just "Kenya." It's illegal.

Anderson Cooper. You know, the CNN anchor. He's dreamy. I have my own Anderson Cooper 360 t-shirt that I got from the CNN store in Atlanta and it is really cool.

Washington, D.C. I would totally live there. I especially like the Lincoln Memorial, as far as touristy things go, and... yeah. It's irrational, I don't have to explain myself.

Post-apocalyptic/survival/horror stories. Yumm~

Current/Completed Stories:

Your new nickname: There will never be a sequel, second chapter, anything. Sorry. You can write your own if you want...

It started with a scary movie: Almost done, I just need to finish with the bloopers.

Jingle Bell Carol: Totally finished, dude.

Kingdom Hearts: Reflection: Temporarily on hiatus.

Not Quite Achluophobia: Finished! I'm glad you liked it, Setsunta.

Of Cliches and Courtships: There should be another chapter, and it's part of the way done, but don't expect it for a while.

The Hymn of Shattered Mirrors: It was written for my sister... I actually like this one quite a lot! It's kind of descriptive and also not crack, which is slightly rare for me. People think it's confusing, though.

Hikari to Yami: Death Note 100: This one I'm going to be working on for a while. I definitely need to write this one more, but I have to be in the right mood for it.

The Line: A Tale of the Afterlife: My current focus. It's going to be over 20 chapters long, probably.

Challenges: A completely adorable Prince of Tennis story. Pretty much the best thing I've ever written.

Salvation: More PoT yay! Also very good! This one might actually have some depth to it!

Spring: Yeah no depth in this one. Sorry. It was for school, so what do you expect?

The 'S' Word: This one was pretty funny, I thought. A slightly different take on the "misheard conversation"!fic, that turned out to be all right. Good if you want Hyotei humor with slight shonen-ai/yaoi-ness.

Inclement Weather: It was the first story I ever composed entirely on the computer, and I was proud of myself. It was based on a good conversation about Sanachi and his shrine to Atobe. I'm entirely to blame. Mostly.

Songs that remind me of people/pairings

Blue October: Into the Ocean- Reminds me of Zemyx. I don't quite know why, cuz it's a sad song and Zemyx should be happy and fluffy, but...

Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars- My official Akuroku song. It sounds Akuroku-ish. And it's my favorite song, and Akuroku is my OTP, so... Logic wins again!

Story of the Year: Anthem of our Dying Day- Roxas. No question. That's so obvious. I wanna make a video for it!

The Emo Kid Song: Reminds me of Zexion, of course. Because he's emo. I like the lines. Especially the beginning part and the end.

The Peaches Song: Reminds me of Demyx, because I made him sing it. Other than that, it doesn't remind me of him at all.

The Macarena: Reminds me of Luxord. Why, you ask? Because I have an amazing CD! And always I played Kingdom Hearts 2 while listening to it. And always, whenever I got to that song, which is the last song on the CD, I would be in The World That Never Was fighting random enemies in the place where we killed Luxord and that general area. Which, by the way, is why I always think of Saïx when I hear songs by U2.

Snow Patrol: Chocolate- Another song I definitely like. And if you listen to it, it is all about L. From Death Note. Seriously, all of it is! I love Snow Patrol...

Snow Patrol: It's Beginning to Get to Me- This one would definitely be like the song about the relationship between L and Raito. Not even in a romantic way, just the whole "I'm Kira," "I know you're Kira," "We can't do anything about it" thing. Like the second part of chapter 8 of HtY.

Shishido and Choutarou: Brand New Days- You might think this is obvious. It is. But it's such a ridiculously cute song and they're such a ridiculously cute pair that it's just so fitting for them to have it as their love duet song to each other! And they played it in one of the episodes! ZOMG Canon! (Although, really, they are the most canon pairing in TeniPuri, if only because you can pair GP up with different people and you can't really do that with Silver.)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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