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Notice to friends and readers! updated 6-28-07

Sorry but I am still in an internet blackout basically right now. I have had an RL problem that has totally cut out my internet time here, which really sucks. I love reading all the fanfics. :sob: I honestly am working on a way to get back here, but you may not hear from me very much. So if I don't review your stories right away, please don't lose heart. I'll probably have some serious catching up to do this summer.

(I am actually shocked I was able to get here today. If this isn't just a fluke, I may have overcome one obstacle impeding my return!)

I plan to keep writing my story and slip in to add the next chapter when I can, if possible. I CAN see your story alerts and any messages you send, I just can't get to this site to read stories or respond.

Who am I?

My name is Ron, I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, and I am a big fan of fanfiction. I love to see other people's ideas about some of my favorite anime characters. Personally, I have never done any creative writing before I got here, just technical stuff. My creative writing skills suck pretty badly and I make errors when I get caught up in an idea. So I have a lot of respect for the authors that do have the time and creativity to make a fun story. I created this account just to give reviews; I never expected I would actually try to write any stories myself.

However, there are so many great writers and stories here that it just got ideas bouncing in my head and I had to give it a try. If you want some examples of good writers and stories, check out my list of favorites at the bottom of the page.

As you guess, I like anime. I have way too many favorites to list, so my all-time favorites are Azumanga Daioh and Haibane Renmei. AzuDaioh lends itself pretty well to fanfics, so most of my reading so far has been in this section. Still, I have dozens of other anime shows I like, so eventually I will be checking out other sections of ff dot net.

I spend far more time reading fanfics than I do writing mine, which is why progress on it may seem slow. That is because there are so many fun authors here that I just keep on going. Some of the M rated stories have been pretty good too.

Fanfic preferences

These are just my own opinions on stuff, so feel free to ignore or disagree with the following.

Personally, I love Shoujo-ai and Yuri stories. Azumanga Daioh is perfectly built for that and honestly there aren't any pairings there that I dislike. I would have to say Yomi x Tomo is my favorite pair. Sakaki x Kaorin is the only canon girl crush, but it just seems too obvious to me. Plus, Kaorin is always getting a hard time in the series, it just seems like it should be unrequited love, although I'm always willing to read a good fanfic with that pairing. Honestly I'd love to see her get hooked up with Chihiro.

Crossovers: Why I hesitate. If I see a story that is a crossover, I usually skip by. Why? Well, unless I know both stories very well, then I am missing out on who half the characters in the story are. That's not to say they aren't done well, they could be. But how can I tell if I don't know half the cast? Part of the fun of fanfics for me is that I am a FAN of the story the fic is based on. So I might read a crossover if it was two stories I know well.

Of course, there have been a couple fanfics I have read where someone slipped in crossover characters so smoothly that it didn't really matter if you knew the other story or not. Quick example, Helpless by SephirothBeatrix aka Kagura.

Pretty much my same opinions and reasonings apply to OC's. I generally don't like them if they are used as romantic leads, but I have seen a few that are incredibly well done. It depends on the author and I am willing to give any writer a chance to take their shot. I'll read it at first, but self inserts just make me ill. Most romantic OCs seem to be exactly that in my admittedly limited experience.

Ok, enough of that. Here is the crap I have been writing.

Career Day! - Story in progress - Updated 1-27-07

This is just something to fill up a little of my brain while I am working on the second half of my main story. The first chapter is a set-up for what is to come. I don't know if I'll take it any farther than a couple chapters, but the nice thing is I can always come up with another parent to bring in. Haven't you always wondered what Sakaki's family is like, or what they do for a living? Things like that. So I could add a new parent and thus story arc any time. Just depends on how things go. I'd rather get back to my other story first.

A true story, when I was in high school we really did have a person come in for career day that had that job that I gave to Osaka's dad. And we did have someone ask the question Tomo asked.

Is This Love That I'm Feeling? - Story in progress - Update 1-7-07

Thank you for all the reviews on this story. I am a complete n00b in creative writing, so I appreciate the encouragement, and I also appreciate any critical feedback. I am doing this because its fun and I want everyone else to have fun with it too. I can't make everyone happy, some people won't like shoujo-ai no matter what and my pairings are unconventional (at this point in the story, although they could change!), but I still want to do my best. That's all I can do.

It seems the focus on my story is limiting itself to Kagura/Yomi/Tomo/Osaka. I am putting in bits of Ohyama/Chihiro when I can and Yukari/Nyamo hints as well. For those who question if I will also add Chiyo/Sakaki, I honestly don't know yet. I can say I see the appeal of the pairing and I am considering how it could be done tastefully. The harder I try to write Yomi/Kagura bits, the faster Osaka stuff seems to appear. Right now Osaka is just too damn much fun to write for.

I just finished posting up chapter 8. What is the deal with Jack? He is the only OC I have ever written that I have this much fun with. And the funny thing is that he only gets a brief mention in each chapter and he has never made an actual appearance in the story. In fact, the very first time his name came up, he was killed instantly. I have no idea if I'll ever put mention of him in the story again though, as he seems pretty much to be a joke that has run it's course.

Osaka's parents are also fun to write about and they do figure into the overall plot, what little there is. I actually invented the story of her parents before I wrote chapter one of this story, so it is one of the steady plot points I have aimed toward.

This is obviously my first multi-chapter story. When I started, I had a beginning, middle and ending in mind. That never happens to me. I get an idea but nowhere to go with it. The final scene of Ch 8 is the piece that I originally had in mind as the middle. However, I had no idea it would take me over 45000 words to get there. Every chapter just seems to get longer, with ch 8 at over 9500 words. Of course, a chunk of that was replies to reviews, which I only did this once since the email system around here seems wonky.

Here is something odd for you. I write my story in little segments. Look at how ch7 was written for example. Each "scene change" was written separately, then I piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting them together into a chapter. This way when I am in an Osaka mood, I can hammer out a few scenes of her. When I feel the Yomi vibe, I can write one or two with her in it. Also, these scenes tend to take over and conversations just flow where they will some days. There have been a few scenes I have tossed out as too boring, others that were too sexual, et cetera. When I started writing chapter 7, the first piece I wrote I actually couldn't fit it in because it required all five girls (without Chiyo) to be in the same place at the same time. That never happens in chapter 7, so I saved it and that scene appears as part of ch 8. It was the scene where Osaka talks about Chiyo-chan.

Also, I am still debating on how "hot" to make this story. I had to edit myself to keep several very spicy things out of the early chapters (although it would not have changed the story or the pace. Just more descriptive of certain people's thoughts and some scenes.) However, by the Chapter six mark, the stuff I kept in or edit out (which I did a lot of editing) will make or break the flow of this story. Chapter seven onward also has some kissing/touching/romantic stuff in it. If I have to kick it up to an M rating, I will, although I kinda prefer not to do so.

Since my story is shoujo-ai, it would seem odd if I didn't include the one actual canon girl-crush from the series. So in Chapter five, Kaorin made her first full appearance, although the chapter wasn't mainly about her. Remember, Kaorin gets a hard time in the series, she has it rough in ch5. I am currently debating if I should bring her back into the story again or spin her off into a separtate story later.

Vocation - Completed one-shot

For those few brave souls who read Vocation, this was the first fanfic I have written, ever. It is based on an actual event that I should share. My brother used to work as the administrator for a state-funded agency that helped mentally challenged people find jobs. He was helping a group of people fill out job applications when he noticed one girl had written an... odd... previous employment. When he tried to get her to change it, she explained what she really meant. Hence, this punchline has been bouncing around in the back of my head for many years.

One Monday morning I woke up having just watched Azumanga the night before and it all just clicked, like Osaka saying "that's mine!" So I wrote this for her, adding the brain surgeon joke into it because it just seemed... so Osaka. I hammered it out in about an hour and it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it.

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