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Author has written 4 stories for His and Her Circumstances, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Shobo's Page =

There's not much to write. Bleh. I'm a student who doesn't usually ever have time to come on but does it anyways. That would explain some of my grades, hmm..Oh, and I'm often wasting my time on gaia online, sadly enough ;o I'm only a teenager so you can't be like, your work sucks! Haha. No. Seriously, you say something like that, you won't like what will happen.

Favorite Quotes Ever:

Dude, have you seen my balls?

-Nashya [girl looking for her bouncy balls and asking a complete stranger

Stefanie, you are the only one who would make a pros and cons list about pregnancy


~Why are there no pros to getting pregnant(Danielle)

~Because there is none (Stefanie)

~What about having the baby?(Danielle)

~No, that’s having a baby. I’m saying pregnant (Stefanie)

Don’t judge me by the drugs I take!

-Matt (Joking, I hope)

Stefanie is so weird. Oh, hello Stefanie!


~Who would you rather kill? Michael or Shannon(Stefanie)

Michael gives Casey a sad look

~Ugggghhh…Shannon! Michael’s just so cute looking(Casey)

See? This is the thing that makes us different! While everyone else feels bad for someone tripping on the ground, Stefanie and I laugh about it!

-Michael (Finding common ground)

Augh! The overalls are freakin’ wet! They’re getting my skirt wet! I hate you, Brett!


May come off a little innapropriate

Let’s make a sand boob(Brett)

What the hell, Brett?...Wait oh my gawsh! It’s a cigarette! Eew(I forget who…)

Brett picks up cigarette

Oh good! That can be the nipple(Brett)

See Stefanie?! You shouldn’t have said hi in the first place!!!

-Nashya (yelling at Stefanie saying hi to a guy in a Chinese restaurant. The guy offered whisky to Stefanie and she told him she was a minor which made him respond by saying he knew and walking away)

-Wait? What to Jews speak?!


-Isn't it Jewish?

-Um no.

-The hell! That's so confusing!

(Stefanie and Sarah)

I learned that Stefanie is a beast!


-You buy things from airplane catalogues?



(Stefanie and Skyler)

Don't look at me! I'm stupid, remember?


God! You're so stupid!


Girls are so confusing...



She's a maaaneater!...


-I'm gonna stab you!(Ben)

-That's my pen!(Stefanie)

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