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I thought it was time to change my profile a bit.

i love love love Daniel Craig, Aston Martins, 300 (acres of six packs!), war epics, That '70's Show, Dane Cook, werewolves, vampires, doing anatomical drawings, writing, reading, Edward Mckays, jazz, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and lots of music found on vinyls, and Harry Potter. I have a dog named Ginger, my goal is to have a PHD in English and History.

If you like Blood and Chocolate I strongly suggest novels by Kelley Armstrong: Bitten, Dime Store Magic, and Industrial Magic, I really want to read more of her novels, she is an amazing author!

I'm in the five year process of writing a novel about a vampire, and it couldn't be going any slower, but I'm working on developing the characters. For all you that read my fanfics you know that I like to go deeply into my characters.

I'm notorious for having songs in my chapters. I can't help it, I listen to music on my computer or on my turntable all the time while I'm writing, so if a song I'm listening to fits the mood of the chapter, I'll put it in so you lovely readers can have the same experience.

As for my fanfics I have an ongoing Blood and Chocolate fanfic. IT IS SEPERATED INTO DIFFERENT STORIES, BUT EACH ONE IS A SEQUEL TO THE LAST! This is the order:

1. "Getting to Know You"
2. "Her Angel, Her Monster"
3. "Finding Love After Loss" the bucky/jenny fanfic--yes!!! this is finally up!!!!! does anyone read it except the 6 people who have reviewed? Kyle will not appear in this fanfic.

1. Vivian going back to school, and deciding about college, will she stay at the inn or will she leave for bigger things. Gabriel would not be happy if she left, but wants her to pursue a living.
2. Vivian and Gabriel get married!!!!!!! probably only going to be about 2 or 3 chapters. Or maybe a super long one.
3. Vivian has been drugged, there has been a killing, and who is responsible? KYLE OF COURSE! This will be the end of a most despised character, please submit ideas as to how you would like him to die.

if anybody has ideas for a continuing story please send me an email

Since I'm off to school soon, it will be harder to find time to write these fanfics, so, I'm trying to get out as much as possible before mid-August

So enjoy the many fanfics that will come, and no abuse please! and of course please review my stories, it always makes my day to read your opinions!

Peace and writing-


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