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Author has written 4 stories for High School Musical, and Lazytown.

Name: Kirsty Jayne
Age: 19
Location: Devon
Fandoms interested in: Virginia Andrews, Recess (had a few ideas for Recess ff's before), Suite Life (same), Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Glee.

I was on here a couple years ago, but for many reasons I had no access to a PC, and I was sorting out my life. Needless to say, I'm happier now, have done a lot more growing up, and have everything I need. So the way I write may change, but I'm still the same me.

Upcoming ff's include Virginia Andrews ones (wish there were categories for more of her series!), and I haven't made any specific plans for other fandoms yet, so you just need to be patient with me, seeing as it's been ages since I wrote fanfiction. I do want to resurrect a whole bunch of old ideas I had though! :) Am probably not gonna write for LT anymore, but HSM is still an option.

Pairings that interest me are (a big list of VCA ones btw):
Pierre/Gabrielle - Landry series - I LOVED them together, and I was so sad when I was reading Tarnished Gold!
Beau/Ruby - tbh I do find them a bit too lovey-dovey but they were sweet together.
Beau/Giselle - I find them more interesting than Beau and Ruby as a couple.

Heaven/Troy - Casteel - much more interesting than Heaven and Logan; I love Troy's character, there is so much to him.
Logan/Fanny - Casteel ... don't ask why I like this one, I just do, I guess it's interesting how Fanny wanted Logan to herself for all the years.
I almost wanted to write Heaven and Cal in the sense that I just found it interesting; Heaven wanted to feel loved, and Cal was so lovely (obviously more at the beginning), and she felt so bad for Logan...not that I cared a huge amount for him tbh
Annie/Luke - I was practically screaming at the book, esp. towards the end!
I'm thinking a lot of Jillian and Cleave right now (I'm re-reading this book right now), and it makes me so sad how they are disappointed in each other so much. I don't like Jillian anyway, but I so wanted things to work out for Cleave (and Leigh); he deserved someone who wasn't a Jillian.

Dawn/Jimmy - Cutler - Again, I felt it was a bit wrong, but once you get used to it, I prefer them together than Dawn and Philip. *retches*
Lillian/Niles - I really felt like crying when I read about them in Darkest Hour, especially how Emily treats everybody.
Luther/Charlotte - I found Charlotte a very interesting character, and once you get to know Luther, he's a bit of a softie really.
Christie/Gavin - Wasn't sure what to make of them, but I liked Christie, maybe more than I liked Dawn herself!
Michael/Dawn - It was obvious, but I felt sorry for her. I wished that Michael hadn't let himself become what he had, toward the end.

The Shadows series wasn't the strongest but by the time I had finished reading it, I loved some of the characters
April/Tyler - Shadows - so lovely together, I loved how they were finding themselves, but together..if that makes sense. Even though this pairing was obvious, I still wanted them to pick up where they left off at the end
Destiny/Uncle Palaver - The real Destiny, may I add!!! - just the thought of them together, how distraught Uncle Palaver must have been :'(
Brenda/Celia - Celia was a bit of a bitch to Brenda, but it was sweet to see Brenda so happy.

One Tree Hill Pairings:
Lucas/Peyton - The love everyone wants, that brings you together in the end. It doesn't matter how you got there, what matters is that you are there. :)
Jake/Peyton - I probably liked them together more than Peyton and Lucas tbh.
Nathan/Haley - Of course!
Mouth/Brooke - from Mouth's POV of course...just thought it was sweet.
Dan/Deb - in a weird way
Mouth/Millicent - They had their share of problems but I rooted for them.
Julian/Brooke - So well suited, although I didn't like them together at the start.
Dan/Karen - When they kissed, I was happy for Karen...for some reason I never liked Karen and Andy together.
Keith/Karen - :'( I wanted them to get married
In a really destructive sense I liked Nathan and Peyton in S1

Desperate Housewives:
Susan/Mike - I found Susan very easy to relate to, and I always thought her and Mike were meant to be
Katherine/Robin - although Katherine's confusion really annoyed me, I thought she was sweet with Robin and let's face it, this pairing is better than Katherine and Mike! :)
Zach/Julie - I loved Zach, and he and Julie were so cute, I thought, even though Zach was clearly messed up.
Tom/Lynette - my favourite :) Purely for Tom, I think he's one of the best characters.
Honestly right now, I cannot decide who I preferred Bree with, it's one of those ones I must think about for a long time.

Kurt/Finn - obv from Kurt's POV

Honestly, there are more I'd like to add from every fandom mentioned - especially as I continue to read her books - but this list is off the top of my head, so I'm bound to forget a few.


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