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Yo, I’m En Raconter which is French for:

“To tell tales”

Which is exactly what I am good at _...at least I hope.

My favorite fandom is Naruto, most of my stories and drabbles are from it. Most of the time I prefer one-shots to chapter stories, but occasionally I might come up with a really good idea that requires multiple chapters.

I love Yaoi/Shounen-ai/BL (boy love, because Shounen-ai is an outdated term in Japan), and if you don’t, then I suggest you don’t read most of my stuff. I do not appreciate flames at ALL, because it is rude and just plain annoying. I would like reviews though, and maybe constructive criticism here and there.

I. LOVE. Crack couples. I’m not just talking about Kakashi/Sakura, Orochimaru/Sasuke, and other rather common pairings, because to me, those are not crack pairings. To me, on Ffnet there is a major lack of crack.

Here are my favorite Naruto crack couples:

Het pairings for:


Deidara/Tenten (He was totally checking her out when he fought Team Gai)

Sasori/Tenten (They both use chakra strings _ heheh)

Itachi/Tenten (If there’s Itachi/Sakura, Itachi/Ino, and even Itachi/Hinata, there should be Itachi/Tenten darn it!)

Kimimaro/Tenten (They both like sharp, phallic objects. They’d get along well.)

Kankuro/Tenten (This is common, but Tenten wouldn’t be able to resist him without his hood and makeup!)

Tenten is my number one favorite girl character overall. She’s strong, down-to-earth, and she has WEAPONS! I think it’s unfair how people are like, “Oh she lost to Temari she must suck let’s all hate her for dumb reasons and not appreciate any good things she does” That is just beyond stupid. She’s the only one of the girls who actually expressed having a dream and goal. I know Hinata and Sakura said that they want to get strong and all that, but Tenten said that she wanted to be like Tsunade all her life. She really devotes herself to her training. Heck, why do you think Neji spars with her all the time?


Gaara/Ino (This is rather common, but he needs some sunshine in his life!)

Kankuro/Ino (If there’s Gaara/Ino then there must be Kankuro/Ino!)

Lee/Ino (I actually think once Ino got to know him, they’d be a nice couple)

Hayate/Ino (Just think, “they fell in love during the Chunin Exams”)

Tobi/Ino (I think Tobi’s the sort of naive guy that would fall for Ino’s charm)

Deidara/Ino (They look alike, you know? I think that they would both wander into a cafe or something, compliment each other on their hair, and be making out five minutes later)

Ino is my second favorite out of the 4 Konoha genin kunoichi (although they’re Chunin now). I like her because she isn’t like Sakura or Hinata (not that I don’t like them). Both Sakura and Hinata needed time to “bloom”, while Ino was confident from the start. She’s not the kind of person to let people push her around, and she’s not afraid of the competition, no matter how powerful. She’s not going to let people trash talk her or other stuff like that without a fight. She is proud of herself and believes that she is an independent Kunoichi in her own right.


-no one-

It’s not that I don’t like her...it’s just that I think she should be with Sasuke and no one else...plus...she’s sort of annoying. But actually, I'd be fine if she went with Neji, but only if Tenten got Sasuke!


Haku/Hinata (I don’t dig all this “pairing Hinata up with dark brooding guys” i.e Itachi, Gaara, Neji, Sasuke, she deserves someone pure like her!)

Lee/Hinata (They’d be so happy together!)

Tobi/Hinata (He’s a...good...boy...?)

I like to think of Hinata as innocent and kind, but also brave and strong. I like it when she stands up for herself and fights back, because that shows her true power. It shows that deep down, she’s really not afraid. Sometimes I don’t like all the attention she gets in the filler arcs, but that’s not dislike on her. She’s not one of my favorite characters, but I still like her. I also like to point out that I like all incest in Naruto except the Neji/Hinata pairing. I just really dislike that pairing for some reason.


Lee/Temari (She fell for him during his match with her bro...)

Genma/Temari (He thought she was hot when she fought Shikamaru)

Itachi/Temari (Next to Itachi/Tenten, I like this one)

Sasori/Temari (Uh...they’re from the same village!)

Orochimaru/Temari (She likes...older guys?)

Chouji/Temari (What? It’s cute!)

Tobi/Temari (She’d whoop him around a few times, then give him a little kiss on his cheek and he’d blush...although you really wouldn’t be able to see it...)

Naruto/Temari (He’d be beat up in a day _)

At first I didn’t like Temari, but now she’s one of my favorite characters! She’s smart, daring, powerful, and just plain cool! She can seem a little overconfident to me sometimes, and I really didn’t like how she treated Tenten after hitting her with the Kamaitachi, but other than that she kicks butt!


Kisame/Kurenai (A little common, but it was so obvious he was checking her out when she was fighting Itachi)

Leader-sama/Kurenai (Hm...)

Kurenai seems like a very sensible Kunoichi to me. I liked her tree bind genjutsu a lot, and I liked how she cares about Hinata a lot. Maybe too much...heheheh...avert your attention to my shoujo-ai list


Yondaime/Anko (Total crack...)

Jiraiya/Anko (He can’t help but fall for Orochimaru’s cute student...)

Tobi/Anko (Heh...I like the idea of Tobi’s girlfriends to knock him around and such)

Sasori/Anko (He’s sort of calm and sensible, while Anko’s sort of a wild card. How can they not fall in love?)

Gai/Anko (I just like it, okay?)

Oh yeah! Anko is one of my favorite girls! She’s tough, strong, clever, and a whole bunch of other things. She really can give a beating!


Gai/Shizune (Quite the Casanova, eh Gai?)

Genma/Shizune (All right all right, so I don’t just like crack pairings)

Kisame/Shizune (Er...)

Shizune is so cute, you gotta love her! Plus I liked the part when she rolled back her sleeve and shot all those senbon!


Sasuke/Hanabi (I just like this one)

Sakon/Ukon/Hanabi (It can’t be one or the other, they must share!)

Kisame/Hanabi (...)

Kiba/Hanabi (It’s...cute...)

Shino/Hanabi (Also...cute...)

I think Hanabi is the most overlooked girl in the whole series. Hanabi is one of my favorite characters, because it was said that she was even stronger than Hinata. She also seems like a hard worker and concentrated on her training. I really hope I get to see more of her in the upcoming manga.


Zaku/Kin (It’s sort of canon...I think...well not really)

Itachi/Kin (I don’t know. They’d be a nice couple)

Orochimaru/Kin (Well he posed as her sensei, and if most of the other girls have the teacher/student thing going on then she should too!)

Sasuke/Kin (I don’t know...maybe if she didn’t die, and by some freakish plot line twist they ended up training together, they’d somehow get along really well and fall in love...)

I liked Kin. I wish they hadn’t made her look like one of those dumb girls, because I really thought she was smart! Plus she’s so pretty!


Kiba/Tayuya (loudmouths)

Kankuro/Tayuya (I think they’d like each other)

Kisame/Tayuya (Forget Gai being the Casanova, Kisame’s a real lady-killer!)

Tayuya’s a funny one. I play flute myself, but I don’t think I’ll ever be nearly as good as her...plus I won’t get to control demons... I would quote her but...you know...


Orochimaru/Tsunade (This is probably the most common one on my list)

Okay, Tsunade has to be the most powerful/strong Kunoichi in the whole series! I mean, did you see her fight Orochimaru! He got owned! I could almost feel her punches...I could almost feel the pain! Ouch!


Yugito/Naruto (A Jinchuuriki with a Jinchuuriki)

Hidan/Yugito (Sure he said he wanted to kill her, but we all know what he really meant...)

Leader-sama/Yugito (?)

Itachi/Yugito (Is she older than him? I dunno...it doesn’t matter though...)

I like Yugito. It’s too bad she got captured by the Akatsuki though. I hope she kicks butt in the future manga chapters.


Uh...I can’t name them all! Basically pair up any random two guys, and I’ll go for it _







Hanabi/Hinata (I think Hanabi would be “on top”)

Sakon/Ukon (Sharing a body must have it’s perks, eh boys_)

Hana/Kiba (Cha, Hana is on top!)



Anko/any girl



















Sakura/That one chick from the first Naruto movie

Outside of Naruto, here is other manga that I enjoy:


Fullmetal Alchemist

Witch Hunter Robin

Wolf’s Reign




Demon Diary

Ouran High Host Club

Jing: King of Bandits

Fruits Basket

DN Angel

Death Note

Angel Sanctuary

Narue no Sekai

Tokyo Underground


Ranma 1/2

A little FLCL

A little Eureka 7

Well that’s all! Hope you enjoy my writing!

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