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Well, I know that I've been on hiatus for over a year but I haven't disappeared entirely. I'm also well-aware that I have a really silly story that I haven't finished either. But that's okay. I think I'm allowed to do that from time to time. During this last year, I've hardly read and I've made many attempts to write only to come up with a serious case of, "No... That won't do, if I can't buy into it, then chances are that no one else can either."

Anyway, for those that were wondering, I'll make a long story short. I was laid off last August and my father passed away in March. I went through a bit of downtime, for lack of a better word. It didn't take me long to find a new job that pays enough to pay the bills and I've met some amazing people that I really feel I was meant to meet there. In a way, the experience has been like a badly needed medicine for the soul, and I'm slowly returning to the person I used to be. I suppose, in a way, that I finally got in touch with a part of myself that was so lost that I didn't even realise it was missing.

Sometimes I really do believe that we come across certain people (be it good or bad), that we really need to find in order to help ourselves heal and learn with and from.

There are some amazing people out there, and sometimes we only need to open our eyes to see them.

Personal info:

Why is my username kremesch? because that is my name... seriously :)

Location: somewhere in between the lost perils of my mind and a permanent mental vacation.

Education: Of course, do you really think I could spell without one?

Occupation: Yes.

Age: Well that depends on what year it is now, don’t it?

Hobbies: Anything that takes me away from my miserable existence and allows me to express someone else’s instead. Misery loves company.

Interests: Pretty much the same as my hobbies.

Dislikes: Reality and taxes.

Completed Fanfics: can also be found at my personal site located here: My Personal File Storage. The Dance of the Macabre can be found here in a couple of different formats now.

Note about Revisions: Sometimes you’ll see a Revision note at the end of the chapter. This does not mean that anything was particularly changed, since the content remains the same. It just means that upon revisiting earlier chapters, I may sometimes feel it could have used a little more depth, detail, or explanation, particularly when in contrast to the rest of the story.

Current Projects:

Nullified: In Progress. This one is taking some time to write due to limited time. No worries though. I will finish it, but it will be the last one I'll write.

Miscellaneous Adventures of the Absolute Absurd: This story came about after the long haul of writing Void. It's a form ofstress release, completely random. Yet at the same time, it has its own plot. It's not expected to be a very long story and was more or less written for myself because I needed a good laugh and felt like looking at FFVII's characters in a different light for a change--not sure if I'll finish this one.

The Gemini Project: Being revised. GP is under a major revision. There are a lot of awkard phrases and sentences in this one that it almost seems like it's out of sync in a lot of cases. Not to mention that there's a huge formatting issue with this one as well. It's original format was lost when fanfiction did one of its updates and I hadn't gotten around to trying to fix it until now.

I’ll try to keep people posted on the progress by leaving an end-note in the story’s description field. As of the time of this writing, my completed stories have ‘UNDER REVISION’ written at the end if they are in the process of beeing revised, WAITING TO BE REVISED if I haven't gotten around to it yet, and once they’re done, I’ll change it to ‘COMPLETED’ to let people know they’re ready.

I have a thing for Yaoi pairings, mostly Rufus and Reno of FFVII, but I'm not opposed to other male dominated stories, because I like them, and I also like to experiment with different pairngs as well.

Biggest FFVII Fanfic Pet Peeve: RENO DOES NOT SAY YO! It sounds so utterly juvenile, that it makes me want to pull out my hair and sew my eyelids shut with it when I see people make him say that. After being reminded on several occasions, and as an afterthought: Yes, I am aware of the Japanese version ‘zo tot’ (or whatever spelling you prefer), yadda, yadda, yadda, and I don't give a shit either. It still doesn't change the fact that it makes Reno sound like a brain-dead moron, nor does it change the fact that it doesn't actually translate to ANY English word at all, yo.

If you don't like male on male pairings, I strongly recommend staying away from my stories. I like to try and keep it somewhat real, so you’re not going to run into a world that is ALL male on male in anything that I write, but there will always be one or two pairings that are. So don’t get your hopes up that every male is going to be paired with every other male. It will never happen in any of my stories. I simply like to pair people that I think would work well together, regardless of orientation.

I like to take risks and twist things around, and sometimes what I write may border on disturbing, if not insanity... but that’s what makes it fun. I figure, what the hell… I don't really give a care if I disturb anybody or not. It’s much safer for me to bring it out in words than in the actual act. Wouldn’t you agree? Besides, I think there are a lot of sickos out there that love it… erm… -cough- just like me -cough-.

One more thing, my spelling is in the traditional English language and Canadian English for the most part (Not US/American). Therefore, if you come across something that you think is a spelling error, please ensure that it actually is one before correcting me. I’ve been corrected quite a few times on words that were not misspelled, and I don’t mind being corrected when it's an actual mistake (it saves me from embarassment). So please feel free to do so, I just really hate having to PM people to correct them back, it makes me feel like a… I dunno… get creative and fill in the blank for yourself.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Nullified reviews
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