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Hello there. I'm Kira/Kai/Mariah. My roleplay website is: I've been roleplaying for Five years now! yay me. I love to watch anime and i'm a huge Manga Otaku. Anyway please read my storries i post. i know i've started alot of stories and never finished but i am back and ready to finish my newest ones. and even add new storries! Please support me and the pairings that are in my storries. Well here are some other things about myself i would like to share. I'm currently 18. my birthday is on January 29. Send me presents if you want -wink- Haha also i'm a Hetalia and a HUGE Baccano!/Beyblade/Maid-Sama fan. My friends call me Taiwan {or Tai for short} Kaichou (or just Kai). The names i'll more than likely sign my storries with are: Tai,Curi-Sama, Kira, Synthy; Kai. I'm a Big MingMing fan so you can bash her and me if you like. But she is indeed the cutest Beyblade character of them all!
I'm completely in love with Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Well I love Maid-sama and the Usui/Misaki pairing. Please ship that too. Pretty please~ I'm going to also try and cosplay as her at AZ. wish me luck with getting my outfits comissioned. I Love the Chane/Claire pairing in Baccano! too! its just well, there arent enough storries for that anime so i intend to write M Rated storries. wish me luck!! ;o

Since so many have reviewed for 'Sometimes Love Comes Around' and want to see a sequel...
Well i intend on writing one. please be patient with me. i just need to figure out how it should go.
Please read it and tell my your thoughts. Rated M for some sexual content?
*update as of 2011 april 26* Yes in this story Usui has blue eyes; because i wrote this before the
anime and before the manga was published by TokyoPop! in the U.S. Yes i know the mistake; but
im too lazy to change it.

*UPDATED 9/13/10*

I'm going to be writing a fanfiction now for Baccano!
While the inspiration lasts. itll be Chane/Claire and their family.
so i hope you all will like it!

The Untold Truth (Sequel to Three Way Tie by Lamanth)Chapters: 1-2 waiting on chapter 3
and ideas for what you want to see next!

Quote: Episode 38. MingMing:" Will i still be loved if i show no mercy?"
i really love this quote just because i think it matches me. I personally think i match her character personalitly well. i plan to cosplay her this year to the next AZ.
here is a list of animes i ship.
Special A
Vampire Knight
Ouran High School Host Club
...Post more soon. (Thats all i can think of right now since there are so many!)
Here are my Mangas i ship and own. ()
Beauty Pop
(add more. i need to type a list up. i have lots of manga xD)

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Sometimes Love Comes Around reviews
Misaki is preparing for the student council elections and doesn't want Usui around. But Usui wont leave her alone with out a fight. They play a game, and one thing leads to another. ONE-SHOT SONG FIC. Misaki Ayuzawa/Usui Takumi.Based on chapter 37.Spoiler
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