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Author has written 5 stories for M*A*S*H, and Power Rangers.

Hi. My name's Serene. There really isn't much to know about me. I love the Backstreet Boys, Harry Potter(severitus, HP bonding(father-son, mentor, etc), HP finding out about the real world(aka the films) etc), the O.C. (Ryan Angst/drama, Cohen family bonding), MASH, and PRLG--aka Leo Corbett/Danny Slavin (particularly brotheryly bonding stories)

Alot of the one-shots under "Non-Last Stand Universe" are written as my way of creating and seperating characterizations of characters I think fit or don't fit for the characters in Last Stand. Therefore, they are not part of the same universe unless noted.

Last Stand Universe

A side note on one of my stories: A Ranger's Last Stand is inspired solely by, what I feel, was Slavin's really exceptional (for Power Rangers) acting and by a specific scene in Journey's End part 1 when he is watching the father and son (who acted atrociously) and reminded me (as his character and acting often did) that there was much more to Leo Corbett and the Corbett brothers than meet the eyes. I was really touched by how Danny Slavin and Russell Lawrence portrayed the brothers, and I always wanted to see more, so I thought I would try my hand at it. Anyways, Last Stand is my current baby and it will most-likely being terribly angsty and novel-length. I have big plans for these characters. Please read and review. Also, anyone interested in beta reading, please message me. Also, please take a look at the poll. I would appreciate it. Anyways, thanks.

Implicitly is my newest story. I can't say I am very happy with it or particularly pleased with how it turned out, but it was a story I wanted to tell. I would love to improve it, so please read and review. Part of the Last Stand Universe. It's the first of many one-shots taking place in the Last Stand Universe as I flesh out the characters based on what the show gives us while still trying to create them as fully real people.

Not-Last Stand Universe

Happy Birthday (Leo) is my new-newest fic and was written late at night. I'm pretty proud of it! It is a charcterization and background I wrote down for the Corbett brothers that I dismissed from the Last Stand Universe, because it didn't work with what I'm trying to create for the Corbett family. It's not perfect, but I haven't seen anything like it before, so yay!

Of red rangers and little brothers was originally part of the last stand universe, but was discarded because I didn't like the chracterizations. I wanted to look at the power rangers from the outside in, but it was too far-fetched and not feasible enough for my tastes.

Upcoming stories include:

1.) Another Corbett brother bonding fic, taking place during and post-Destined for Greatness. What "Implicitly" was supposed to be :-). Leo seemed so bad to want his brother's approval, yest at the same time warred with himself. A look into the mind of the Corbett brothers.

2.) Another Corbett brother bonding fic. Leo gets injured and Mike does some thinking.

3.) Andros' thoughts on the newest red ranger. Not slash.

4.) During and Post-Trakeena's revenge. The Lightspeed Rescue rangers consider their Lost Galaxy counterparts.

5.) During and Post-Forever Red. The red rangers take a closer look at the heroes that came before. A series of conversations between the men of Forever Red. Not slash.

6.) Kai considers his crush on Leo and Maya does some sleuthing. Slash, ovbiously

If you wanna know more my myspace is

Also, please review my stories. That would mean the world to me.

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