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Author has written 15 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, American Dad, Disney, and Hey Arnold.

Name: Katielight

Age, well its 2013 so i am rather on the downside of twenty...heading toward 26arghh

Hair: auburn with streaks

Eyes: Blue

My penname is Katielight , my real name begins with ...? and i have been witholding it from you all...
I love to read the stories and thought why not become a member and write my own fics...?

sorry for neglecting my readers or those who have been reveiwing cuz i do love all my readers

I do like the name katie hence the alias which i take on...

latest update 2013

BETA writer

If you have any story requests because you do not have the time or energy to write a fanfic about a favorite cartoon, comic or anime with whatever plot line, just PM me and i will write it for your reading pleasure. Right now I am starting a fic for my dear friend J C Rose who is busy with a husband and being a full time mommy to write at the moment. it means she can read it once its done and review, you can too, just ask me.

I will need to obiviously do some internet research into a character pairing or story if i am unaware of the cartoon or anime or comic but other than that just send my a basic idea of what you would like written and how you would like the story to start and ill do the rest, please tell me which characters you want featured and ill do what i can to add them.

So my most recent fic will be a tribute to my friends favorite kids show growing up


I will happily write anything Nickolodeon or Disney but not Jr baby programmes because its morally wrong sorry, especially if u want fics that are rather explicit.

other than that send me a pm :D

Katie light

The drive
By katie
8 august 2007

Its pretty late outside
You're driving fast, on an open road
The front window is pulled down
All you can hear is the sound of the wheels, hitting the road

You think to yourself as the car accelerates
"Maybe I shouldent have yelled so hard?"
"Maybe it was my fault"
"I didnt need that extra shot"
"I could have stopped after three pills"
The cigarette rested between your fingers aids to the chemicals already swimming around inside of your body with its deadly fumes
Your eyes are bloodshot and your lids heavy
Black bags sink beneath them, your lips are dry
You thirst, after all that poison you had just drank
Your mouth is drying up so fast
All you can think about is something cool to quench that dry horror

The drugs start to play games in your mind
Are the trees outside brown or green? Are they singing or is it the wind?
Why are you so focused on the scenery that is only visible through peircing street lights?
Stay on the road, keep your eyes open, drive faster..."you're almost there"
"Almost where?" you ask the voice inside of you
"Dont you know?" it whispers back.

You feel the road start to get bumpy, the trees have disappeared and there are stones on your windscreen
You cant handle the noise from the gravel, its so loud, you have to block one ear
The night sky laughs at you, turning out the light from the stars and the moon, forcing you in a different direction, away from them
"Why cant I see anything?" you ask that voice again?
"Because" It crackles

"You are already dead"

By katielight

Apology August 2010

I am so sorry ihave not finished my stories that you guys have been reviweing

I also love The secret life of the american teenager, Accidentally on purpose, Gossip girl, Punk'd and Desperate housewives XDXD

I am aware that "She seems to have an invisible touch, Only in an alternate universe and Easier to run" all need conclusions

I will be on them and hopefully finish Only in an alternate universe first then Easier to run because I know how I will end both fics.

Favorite shows...

Anime related

Sailor moon
One peice
Death note (manga and the anime -
Full metal alchemist
Dokuro chan


Death note
Ouran high school host club

(Really need to read more)

Movies-Pirates of the carribean-Inyuasha movie-yugioh-batman begins, the twighlight zone, what lies beneath, back to the future

Simpsons movie oh yeah!

"Spider pig, spider pig does whatever a Spider pig does"

Yugioh the abridged movie is pretty awesome!!

Favorite tunes Neyo Usher(loving him right now) Michael jackson, Stacie orrico Busta ryhmes Mariah carey PCD/ PINK,justin timberlake, the rolling stones, stonesour, linkin park, rhianna, snoop dogg, Chingy Mario wynans oh and leona lewis, i am digging her songs at the moment and i hate to admit it but i like chris brown, his mucis not the man himself. I also like Soldier boy, destiny's child, beyonce

Simplicity (Furuba)
My first fruits basket fan fic with a The sohma family and Tohru. After Akito's death, the curse is broken and Kyo is finally able to hug the girl he loves...
All the simple pleasures in life amount to anything but simple as tohru ends up pregnant at 17, with senior year still ahead of her, Yuki in a state, Shigure and Ayame excited and Uo and hana fuming at the father to be..Kyo offcourse -

Noticing a pattern here? Yeah i tend to love preggie fics especially writing them :)


Mai and pegasus

Mai and kaiba

Seto and jonouchi

Bakura and serenity BIG FAN

Yugi and anzu mazaki
Atemu and anzu

Anzu and jonouchi

Anzu and honda

Otagi and rebecca

Mokuba and Rebecca

Atemu and ishizu..(why has noone written about this?)


Inuyasha and Kogame

Inuyasha and Kikyo

Shippo and Rin

Sesshomaru and Kikyo

Sango and Kagome

Kikyo and Kagome


Mr K and Noriko

Shuiichi and Yuki

Yuki and Mr K

Mika and Souma

Shuichi and Ryuichi

Fruits basket

Tohru and Kyo

Hana and Shigure

Ayame and Shigure

Haru and Ou-chan (my two fave characters...aka Yankee and hot boy)

Kisa and Momiji (how kawaii)

Kisa and hiro

Hana and Tohru

Uo and Rin..? lolz

Yuki and Hana

Rin and Haru

Greys anatomy

Izzie and alex

Meredith and Derek sheppard

Addison and george (c,mon u know u love it)

Cristina and burke


Fry and leela ("guh")

Bender and flexo

Amy and zapft brannigan

Sailor moon

Rei x Minako
Makoto x Ami
Usagi x seiya
Usagi x mamoru
Mamoru x ami
Zoisite x kunzite
Galaxia x usagi (was so sweet when they hugged)
Haruka x michiru
Haruka x Makoto


Minako and Mr k (sailor moon and Gravitation)

Rei -san and Bakura

Ami-san and Shizuka


Greys Anatomy

Meredith: "He's married and I'm knitting a sweater"

Dr Bailey: "Dont bother sucking up, I already hate you thats not gonna change"

Derek after having sex with meredith: "What does this mean?"
"I cant find my panties"

Cristina: "I wouldnt be stupid enough to fall in love with a patient"
"You're dating an Attending"
"Thais a completely different situation"

Quotes from Futurama...doh my fave show ever!

Professor Farsnworth: "Oh foff why bother remembering anything?" "You're just going to forget it 5 seconds later"

Fry: "ah I am having one of those things" "You know a headache with pictures?"

Leela: "you mean and idea?" Fry: "Uh huh"

Fry about Morgan: "She loved me because of my tendancy to be a slob and I loved her because of my tendancy to be desperate"

Leela" "We need to go to the beaurocracy and get benders disc back"
(Long pause) Leela
"Those arguments aside, we are still going"
"I am bender, please insert gurter"

Professor: "good news everyone" "the university of mars is having me up on disciplinary charges" "Wait thats not good news"

"If cop a feel i must, then cop a feel i shall"

"Ack the thought of caressing that leathery old hide makes the tapioca rise up in my gullet" (Prof F about Mom)

Mom: "Plan?" "I thought it was a rampant whirlwind of hot dry sex", "My mind is boggling"

Bender: "See ya later losers i have always hated" (2 seconds later) "Come on it will be great"

Uncle Fiadamere: "Come on bender" "you'll like being dead"
"Yeah thats what they said about being alive"

Fry to hermes: "You're Jamaican?" "I always thought you were some freaky out of space potato man"

Bender to Fry about Leela: "Ah she's living every woman's dream" "Worshipping some low life loser"

Bender: "Kiss my shiny metal ass"

Amy in a club: "Ah leela" "me and this guy i have just met are going to the back seat of his car for coffee" "Do you mind?"

Bender (when directing Single Female Lawyer)
"Single female lawyer caring for her client"
"Single female lawyer completely self reliant"
"Single female lawyer havin lots of sex..."

Morga to fry: "Why is there milk in this cap?"
Fry: "
ah it used to be milk but time makes fools of us all"

Morgan in fry's apartment:
"What are you doing here?"
Morgan: "
Well I saw a skunk knock over a garbage bin" "And I thought of you"

Fry: "What are you doing now?" "Stop doing things"

Zapft Brannigan: "Kiff I am sensing a sensual disturbance in the force"

History's greatest villans to Kiff and Amy: "It's another simulation gone mad so murder and mayhem...usual procedure"

Kiff: "Leela must have impregnated me when she touched my ungloved hand"

"Amy is my smizmar"
Capt.Zapft: "
Does that mean the toilet seat is the uncle?"

At Kiffs baby shower:
Fry: "
Check it out, everyone we invited is here"
J Zoidberg:
"Even Zoidberg"

Kiff: "When will women learn to take responsibility for the lives they help create?"

Bender to Kiff on his home planet: "Whats this fat ugly thing?" "a frog?" "a toad?" "Your mama?" "hehe"

Zoidberg: "Aha and now the rubber band is on the other claw"

Bender: "Courts kinda fun when its not my ass thats on the line"

Fry: "Im no good at being a slave"

Leela: "I say we fight"
"but its 10pm"
"You're right" "first thing tommorrow we fight"
Zapft: "
good luck sister" "Modern technology is a useless waste of time"
"I know I am"

John Zoidberg: "You're a nice man Nixon"

Bender: "Im the first one to work...a new low"

Bender to Fry at his own funeral: "Aw you knew my favorite cause of death"

"I'm doomed to live a life of obscurity like you losers especially leela"
(Ah bender..so mean)

Bender trying to be Elzaar: "Amy you're cute so I cooked you a pony"

"My dreams of becoming a chef are as dead as the cat I am sitting on"

Chef Spargle to Bender: "Your training is complete my little dessert spoon"

Bender to Elzaar: "You're going down" "Ah also I had a reservation under Dr Bender"

Bender in chef cook off spetacular: "Helmet Spargle if you can hear me up there in that ditch I left you in" "This is for you"

Leela: "Professor, society is never going to change if we all dont pretend to get along" "Now lets go downstairs and make those hideous strangers feel welcome"

Bender: "When is everyone going to learn that no race is superior to robots?"

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 13,868 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/11/2005 - Published: 11/30/2004 - Mai K./Mai V., Yami Yūgi, Yūgi M., S. Kaiba - Complete
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Please reviews
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