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Author has written 4 stories for Danny Phantom, Chronicles of Narnia, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

[5-15-10] I am not dead! *throws confetti* I'm just in a rather long hiatus. I'm sorry to those of you who actually enjoy my stories, and I'm really trying to get some will to write for for Crystal Waters, but it's slow in coming. *sighs* I will finish it...eventually.

For those who are reading my fanfic, Crystal Waters, here is the link to the pic I told you about:

Hello to anyone reading my profile.

I'm going to talk about some of the fanfics I'm working on.

Crystal Waters

This would be my most recent fanfic. I got the idea from reading a whole bunch of different stories, so you might find some similarities.

Summary: Yugi parents died during a flash storm while the were out on the ocean. A few years later, Yugi is now 15, he had ran away from the orphanage and is now hiding at an aquatic research facility. Not really the best place since he is deathly scared of open water, but it would be the last place anyone would think to look for him.

He never truly recovered from the day his parents died, and he wishes with all his heart to have a family that wouldn' t leave him. But little did he know that his wish would be granted by the most unlikely creature.

I had a friend of mine do some drawings and she has finished a picture of what Yami would look like as a merman.
Here is the link for the pic.:

I might end up revising a couple chapters, I'll let you know if I do.

Status: Temp. hiatus.

The Phantom's Gem: In a last ditch effort to stop Plasmius and his ghost army, Danny sacrifices himself to destroy him. Leaving the town of Amity Park ghost free and short circuiting the ghost portal. And all that is left is a neon green gem.

Decades later, Terry McGinnins is cleaning the bat cave and comes across this weird green gem that seems to be alive. Weird dreams of a black haired blue eyed boy in a dark existence, illuminated only by these strange floating green orbs. The boy is always chasing the orbs.

The dreams are only the beginning of the weird occurrences that are going to happen. Terry tries to help the blue eyed boy find his name, while the ghost zone is about to be opened once again.

Sry if the summary is long and confusing, but I kind of jumped the gun when I posted this story. So I'm stuck with making it up as I go. I think I have decided on a bad guy plot, but it is still in the making. Which is why I haven't updated in awhile.

status: (on hold)

The Ghost of Danny Fenton:

Taylor is determined to prove that the old Fenton's house isn't haunted, but when the very ghost that she is trying to prove doesn't exist saves her from a painful death, what will she believe now?

(background info) There is a story about the old Fenton's house that haunts everyone in Amity Park. The building was the home of a family of ghost hunters. The two parents had been building a ghost portal an were depressed when it didn't work. Their son, Danny, wanted to seen them smile again so he tried to get the portal to work on his own. Unfortunately, the portal back-fired and Danny died from the energy that was released at the time of activation.

The family was devastated, and they soon moved. People say that they were afraid of encountering their son's ghost or the memory of him was to painful. Whatever the reason, they abandoned the house, moved away, and were never heard of again.

Time passed and the house is still empty. No one bought the house, saying that they could feel someone watching them the entire time, others would say that they heard a boy, a teenager, speak from nowhere. Even gangs didn't come anywhere near hear anymore.

This would be my second fic, while Phantom's gem is my first. This story is kind of at a stand still, I can't really think of an ending even if I have a half plot. I'm thinking about putting it on hold.

status: on hold

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